Rev Fr Arthur J Scanlan

Rev Fr Arthur J Scanlan

Death 21 Nov 1974 (aged 93)
Parkchester, Bronx County, New York, USA
Burial Woodside, Queens County, New York, USA
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aka: Rev Monsignor Arthur J Scanlan

Founder and Pastor Of St. Helena's Roman Catholic Church, in Parkchester 1940

Ordained July 21, 1907

Monsignor added on to Our Church, and built the Grammar School, and then Our High School soon after .

Monsignor told all of us Not to Worry, their will always be a spot at the High School for us.

He started the first Fri Night Dances to the Fifties and the Sixties
What a collection of 45 records .
The Priest and Nuns where always there.

Separate for the Holy Ghost in those days, we use to hear from them,
With a Big Smile. They learned Our Rock and Roll Era.

Sat. Afternoon in the Auditorium of our Church, we had roller skating,
Yes, shoe skates with wooden wheels. I still have mine.
On Sunday, it was used for the extra masses.
On the stage, is where they put the altar.

Yearly School Plays, he started, and they still continue to this day.
56 students in a class we had then,taught by one Nun..amazing ..

Father got a School Band started, Fife and Drum, they where great.

When he gave out Our Report Cards every 6 months, in the Auditorium. He would tell all of us Kids, Put it on the Table and run into your Room.

We all, mostly came from Parkchester then, and they where all medium size apartments. Some of us are Still Here.

Monsignor would give his shirt off his back to anyone. He sent more Kids through the High School, than worry about the Money for Tuition and Books

Monsignor's Confession Line in those days went out the church doors. WHY??????????
He would tell you, "Say 1 Our Father and 1 Hail Mary" and I will see you at Mass.

Oh, Those Wonderful Years Here in the N E Bronx


We all Turn Out OK

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Posted here by a Graduate of '57 and '61 H.S.
Monsignor Scanlan was born in Ireland, in Ennis, County Clare, on October 9, 1881. He was brought to this country in his early childhood. He attended Xavier High School and perhaps at that time heard Christ’s call to “Come and follow me.” He attended St. Joseph’s College in Philadelphia and then pursued his studies for the priesthood at St. Joseph’s Seminary, Dunwoodie, a place that was to figure so prominently in his life. Father Scanlan was ordained to the priesthood in St. Stephen’s Church in Manhattan by Bishop Cusack on July 17, 1907. He had summer pastoral assignments in Livingston Manor, St. Cecilia’s in Manhattan, and in Peekskill. After pursuing graduate studies at the Catholic University in Washington, he was assigned in September, 1909 to the faculty of Dunwoodie where (with the exception of a year of graduate studies in Rome from 1911 to 1912) he would remain for the next three decades, first as professor of philosophy for twenty years, then from 1931 to 1940 as Rector of the Seminary. Almost a thousand priests who studied at Dunwoodie during those years came under his priestly influence. As student, as professor, as Rector, Monsignor Scanlan was part of the history of Dunwoodie for almost four decades. He did his job of training priests in the seminary. But he also drew from Dunwoodie the deep spirituality that was to guide him for the rest of his life. In a way, Monsignor lived the life of Dunwoodie not only when he was physically living there, but ever after, as he sang God’s praises with the new people into whose lives he would come in 1940, as he walked in deep meditation praying his priestly office or his rosary, as he rose early each morning to greet Our Lord in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, as he talked to God in the silence of his heart and found in prayer the strength to begin a new phase in his life, the establishment of St. Helena’s Parish.

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Thank You Caroline Panagopulos For Sponsoring Monsignor
You are God's Angel here on Earth For Sure.

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