Hans Jacob Schaaf

Hans Jacob Schaaf

Keffenach, Departement du Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France
Death 1724 (aged 43–44)
St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, USA
Burial Destrehan, St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, USA
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Hans Jacob Schaaf was the son of Adam Schaaf and Eve. He was born abt. 1680 Keffenach, in the present day department of Bas-Rhin, France.

Schaf [Chauffe]. Then there was the family of Schaf, of Weissenburg. Jacob Schaf and his wife Marianne sailed with five children for Louisiana on the pest ship "La Garonne" on the 24th of January, 1721. From church records it appears that the wife of Ambros Heidel [Haydel], Anna Margarethe, was a daughter of Schaf. Ambros Heidel had also a brother-in-law with him. Another dauhter of Schaf Anna Marie Schaff married one CLAIREAUX, [CLERO] and later, as her second husband, Franz Anton STEIGER, from the Diocese of Constance, Baden, while Anton Schaaf, the eldest son, became the son-in-law of Andreas SCHENICK in 1737 [ see census of 1724, NO. 35]. Yet no census mentions the SCHAAF family.

Apparently two brothers, Hans Caspar and Hans Jacob Schaaf, married two sisters, Gertrude and Anna Maria Foltzloger; however, the marriage of Hans Jacob Schaaf and Anna Marie Foltzloger was not found. Perhaps, the family left Keffenach for Wurttemberg in an uprising in 1702 and did not return until 1708.

The origin of the SCHAFF family of the German Coast is disputed by two documents which refer to the same individual, Anna Marie SCHAAF. On July 12, 1743, a marriage contract was signed between Antoine Francois STEYGRE and Anne Marie CHAUFE, widow of Pierre CLERO, a native of Wurttemberg in Germany. Eleven days later, on July 23, 1743, the religious ceremony occurred in the parish church of St. Charles of the post of the Germans; however, the priest recorded that the bride, Anne Marie SCHOFF, was a native of Kevenach.

Initially, it was assume that the SCHAAF family was from Kemnat in Wurttemberg; however, an examination of the Lutheran Registers failed to provide a single clue. In reality, the family of Jacob SCHAAF and Anne Marie FOLTZENLOGER were from Keffenach, in the present-day department of Bas-Rhin in France.

Originally, the SCHAAF family was protestant, an records were found in the Lutheran church of Birlenbach, fo which Keffenach was a filial parish prior to 1685. After the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, the Lutheran pastor, Michel Steck, departed and left the Protestant church in a state of disorganization. In November 1685, the entire congregation converted to Catholicism and was include in the parish of Schoenbourg.
The earliest SCHAAF entry is found in the registers of Sunbourg on May 9, 1961 when Hans Jorg SCHAAF married Maria PALMAT [IN]. Between 1669 an 1674,Adam SCHAAF, of Keffenach, was mentioned several times as a witness, as well as were his wife, Catharina, and son, Hana Michel SCHAAF.

From 1674 to 1683, the name, SCHAAF, was not mentioned at Schoenenbourg; however, after that date, the baptisms of three children of Adam SCHAAF and Eve, his wife, were recorded.

1. Johannes SCHAAF was baptize on June 24, 1683. The witnesses were Hans Jacob PFENNER, Johann HOCKNDORN, and Margaretha KLEIN, daughter of Gorg KLIEN of Rottschwyler.

2 Andreas SCHAAF was baptize on December 28, 1685. The goparents were Jorg Friderich SUCHIN of Birlenbach, Andreas EICHON, and Catharina, wife of Michael BLATTNER.

3 Hans Caspar SCHAAF was baptized on March 16, 1687. The Godparents were Caspar REICHART, Hans Ulrich MULLE, and Veronica, wife of MULLE, Hans Caspar SCHAAF married on October 21, 1714 to Gertrud FOLTZLOGER, daughter of Johann Michael FOLTZLOGER of MEMMELSHOFEN.

Beginning in 1708, the same name SCHAAF, returned to the Catholic registers of Schoenbourg, of which Keffenach waas a filial parish since 1685. The following baptisms of children of Hans Jacob SCHAAF and Anna Maria FOLTZLOGER were found in the registers of Schoenenbourg.

1 Catharina SCHAF was baptized on November 20, 1708. The godparents were Jacob Kreuder and Catharina, wife of Martin Ma...Donn, citizen of Hermersweiler.

2 Joannes Antoni SCHAAF was baptized on May 1, 1712. The godparents were Antoni ACKER, OF Rettschweiller, and Anne Maria FALIETO, of Rettschweiller.

3 Anna Maris SCHAAF was baptized on April 12, 1714. The godparents were Joannes Georgius REICHARD OF Keffenach and Anna Maria KNABLIN OF Schoneburg.

4 Joannis Jacobus SCHAAF was baptized on August 7, 1716. The godparents were Joannis Jacob [illegible] and Maria KNABLIN.

5 Maria Eva SCHAAF was baptized on July 3, 1718. The godparents were Johannes Georguis FRIDERICH and Catherine, wife of Joannis SCHAAF, of Keffenach.

6 Marie Madeleine SCHAAF Due to illness, the ship " La Garonne' docked at Brest, where Marie Madeleine SCHAAF was baptized on Jan. 21, 1721. The god parents were Jean HERARD and Anne Marie RAUCHIN, both embarled on the ship "La Garonne" Commanded by Monsieu BURAT.

Immigration: Sometimes in 1720, Johann Jacob SCHAAF, his wife and six children left Keffenach for Lorient where they boarded the ship " La. Garonne" for passage to Louisiana. Aboard "La Garonne", a seventh child was born on Jan. 21, 1721 to Johann Jacon SCHAAF and Anne Marie FOTZILOGER , and was named Marie Madelaine SCHAAF

Included in a list of Germans who were at Lannion on February 25, 1721 awaiting transport to Louisiana in 1721 we find: Jacob CHAUFF Anne Marie, his wife, Antoine CHAUFF, Ansiacop CHAUFF, Anne Marguerite CHAUFF, Catherine CHAUFF, Anna Marie CHAUFF.

The family of Johann Jacob SCHAAF reboarded La Garonne, commanded by Captain Burat, and arrived in Louisiana in the spring of 1721.

Bfore 1724, it is probable that Johann Jacob SCHAAF and Anna Maria FOLTZLOGER died, as they are not mentioned in the Census. The children of Johann Jacob SCHAFF were not mentioned in the censuses of 1724, 1726, 1727 or 1731, as they were residing with their spouses or in-laws.

[source "THE SETTLEMENT OF THE GERMAN COAST" by J. Hanno Deiler.
and GERMAN COAST FAMILIES" by Albert J. Robichaux Jr.


Contributor: Bobbie Hymel Wade

I want to share a letter I received from Frederique Genevieve Viala [ Esperluette@gmx.de ]

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 I received a letter from Frederique :

Hello Bobbie,
Thank you very much for your message. I've read the new information about the Schaaf family on "Find a Grave". It completes my own research.

At the moment I am writing about the emigration of the Schaaf family to Louisiana 1721. Grandparents Hans Peter Adam Schaaf [70] an Marie Eve [appox. 62], accompanied by the families of two of their children. . Their son Johannes Kakob [ 38 years], his wife Anne Marie Volzenlogel [35 years] and their children Anna Margaretha [14 years], Catherine Perrine [12 years], Johannes Anton [8 years], Anna Maria [6 years], Johannes Jakob [4 years] and Maria Eva [2 years]. Anne Marie Barbe [30], her husband Jakob Huber [46] and their son Johann Christof [11]. Another son Johannes [35], may have emigrated with them. I would like to send you my manuscript about 12-15 pages---when I finished writing it - but it is in French.


He was born and raised in Africa as the 6th generation and he states his ancestors come from France, Belgium/Flanders, Spain, Italy and more.