Rev Richard Blewett Edwards I

Rev Richard Blewett Edwards I

Death 31 Oct 1566 (aged 41)
Cardiff, Wales
Burial Burial Details Unknown, Specifically: Lost to time
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Alternate surname name spelling is Edwardes. Husband of Helen (Griffith) Edwards ~ married 1562, England

Richard (I) and Helen (Griffith) Edwards children were:

1. Elizabeth Edwards (m. Rev. Robert Hunt)
2. Richard Edwards, II (m. Eleanor Thomas)

He was not Thomas Edwards son. Thomas Edwards, did not pay for his education, Henry VIII did, Thomas Edwards also did not include Richard in his will when he died, Henry VIII provided a position for Richard as Choir Masters in the Royal Chapel, where Henry attended.

Informant: D. Tumlinson (#47092783) ~ 2019

Originally records were showing Thomas Edwards as marring Agens Blewett. According to D. Tumlinson, Thomas Edwards was "not" Richard Edwards' father.

His Mother was "AGNES BLEWETT" (1509 ENG.--1575 ENG.) Agnes was the Daughter of: "Richard Blewett & Mary St. Aubyn".

AGNES married "WILLIAM THOMAS EDWARDS" (1500-1547) & had 1 son "when" she became a mistress to "KING HENRY VIII TUDOR" (1491-1547).

Agnes & Edwards had 2 more sons after Richard's birth so they "did" stay married even after her bastard son Richard was born. They had 3 Edwards Sons of their own + raised Richard. So, Agnes had all 4 of her sons in her husband's household to raise.

The King bestowed upon Agnes Edwards the ability/privilege to display The Tudor Rose on her coat-of-arms after Richard's birth...this honor was reserved only for the Royal Tudor Family. (That spoke volumes!)

"RICHARD BLEWETT EDWARDS, I" was raised by his mother, step-father Edwards. He was raised alongside his 3 Edwards half-brothers. Legally, he was Edwards' son but not biologically because The King refused for him to be christened or baptised with Edwards listed as his father...thus, no "Christian" records of his mother joined to Edwards & Richard as "their" son exist. He was also known as RICHARD TUDOR, far-&-wide.

Richard was educated at Oxford at the expense of The King. Richard received a bachelor's & master's degree there. He was a member of The Honorable Society of Lincoln's Inn which was made-up of lawyers, but he chose "not" to practice law. Instead, he became a Rev. of The Church of England, had a post at Christ Church College at Oxford, & was Master of the Children of The Chapel Royal in 1561 (church where The Royal Family attended).

Richard was a published & acknowledged & applauded: reverand, poet, playwright, & musical composer. He was a favorite of his 1/2 sister, Queen Elizabeth I.

Richard first married "MARGARET BABB" in 1560. Two yrs. later, he married "HELEN GRIFFITH". Helen's father was "Thomas Griffith" (1501-1609).

RICHARD & HELEN GRIFFITH had 8 Children: Marie, Gwen, Elizabeth, John, Thomas, Abigail, Judith, & Richard Blewett II who was born 3 weeks "after" his father (Richard I)'s death.

Richard & Helen lived at EDWARDS HALL in Wales. It was originally a Norman castle in the time of William-the-Conqueror. The castle had been owned by a French-origin Knight named "de Pomeroi". There are 2 theories of how it became named Edwards Hall = 1. marriage brought the castle into the EDWARDS family & 2. that King Henry VIII gave his bastard son Richard the castle.

"RICHARD BLEWETT EDWARDS, I" died at Edwards Hall, Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales. His 1/2 sister, Queen Elizabeth I, was in the process of giving him an award for one of his plays when she learned of his death. He, his wife, & children were included in gatherings of The Royal Family.

Richard's mother, AGNES BLEWETT EDWARDS, has had her lineage proven back to The Plantagenet Kings. They "proceeded" the reign of The Tudor Kings/Queen...which Richard's biological paternal-grandfather started (King Henry VII Tudor).

So, "Richard Blewett Edwards I" was born on the wrong-side-of-the-sheets but had lots of royal blood within him! His Descendants have the surname EDWARDS but really should have the surname TUDOR.
Quite an interesting life Richard must have had!
~Lynda (LABG).

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