Nathaniel Dickinson

Nathaniel Dickinson

Billingborough, South Kesteven District, Lincolnshire, England
Death 16 Jun 1676 (aged 75)
Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, USA
Burial Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, USA
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Nathaniel was likely born 1599 in Cambridgeshire, England.
Son of John Dickinson(1564-1637) & Elizabeth----(??-1609)
He was the 5th great grandfather of poet EMILY DICKINSON.

Source: The Dickinson Family Association, "Descendants of Nathaniel Dickinson," 1955.
Clifford L. Stott, "The Correct English Origins of Nathaniel Dickinson and William Gull, Settlers of Wethersfield and Hadley," New England Historical and Genealogical Register (April 1998), 152: 159-178.
b. 1600; Ely, Cambridgeshire, England.
d. June 16, 1676; Hadley, Massachusetts; bur. Hadley, Massachusetts cem.

mo. Sarah (Stacey) Dickinson. f. William Dickinson.

m. to Anna (?) (Gull) Dickinson;
b. c. 1600, England;
m. her January, 1630, East Bergholdt, Suffolkshire, England.

Children of Nathaniel Dickinson and Anna (Bench?) (Gull) Dickinson were:
John Dickinson. b. 1630; d. May 19, 1676.
Joseph Dickinson. b. 1632; d. September 5, 1675.
Thomas Dickinson. b. 1633/34; d. 1712/13.
Anna or Hannah Dickinson. b. 1636.
Samuel Dickinson. b. 1638; d. November 30, 1711.
Obadiah Dickinson. b. 1641; d. June 10, 1698.
Nathaniel Dickinson. b. August 16, 1643; d. October 11, 1710.
Nehemiah Dickinson. b. 1643/44; d. September 9, 1723.
Hezekiah Dickinson. b. February 28, 1645; d. June 14, 1707.**
Azariah Dickinson. b. 1648; d. August 25, 1675. 1600 - 1634/35 Ely, Cambridge, England.

Nathaniel Dickinson was one of three sons of William Dickinson and Sarah (Stacey) Dickinson of Ely, Cambridgeshire, England. Source: rootsweb

There is history tracing the family to the early Earls of Norway.
Walter de Caen, accompanied William the Conquerer to England where his name was later Walter de Kenson-- named after his Yorkshire manor, and where the name becomes Dykonson, Dykenson, Dykensonne to Dickinson. Source: "To the Descendants of Thomas Dickinson, son of Nathaniel and Anna Gull Dickinson, of Wethersfield, CT and Hadley, MA." Pub 1897, Lib of NEHGS.
Nathaniel married Anna/Annis GULL, aka Bench, Bincks (dau. of ?? on 1629/30/January, in East Bergholat, Suffolk, England.
Nathaniel DICKINSON, born in 1600 in Ely, Cambridge, England, died in 1676 in Hadley, Massachusetts. The immigrant ancestor of the family settled with his wife in Wethersfield, CT,(1636). He was one a member of the Board of Selectmen, Representative to the General Assembly (1645-1656); Recorder at Wethersfield; Church Deacon. In 1659, he/his family moved to Hadley, MA to plan the town. He was town Assessor, Magistrate, Hadley's first Recorder, one of the first Hopkins' Academy Board of Trustees, and Hampshire Troop member.

*Generation Four

6. Nathaniel Dickinson (John3, Waters2, ___1); baptized 3 May 1601 at
Billingborough, Lincolnshire, England; m. Ann 27 Nov 1623 at
Billingborough, Lincolnshire, England; 2nd husband; d. 16 Jun 1676 at
Hadley, MA, at age 75.
He immigrated circa 1637 to Wethersfield, CT. He resided at
Hatfield, MA. He resided in 1659 at Hadley, MA. He left a will on 29
May 1676; proved 26 Sep 1676.
Ann married John Gull, son of William Gull and Elizabeth
Dickinson, circa 1620; 1st husband.
Children of Nathaniel Dickinson and Ann were as follows:
i. John; baptized 22 Aug 1624 at Billingborough,
Lincolnshire, England; m. Frances Foote, daughter
of Nathaniel Foote and Elizabeth, circa 1647/48;
1st husband; d. 19 May 1676 at Turner's Fall, MA,
at age 51; killed by Indians in King Phillip's
He resided at Hadley, MA.
ii. Nathaniel; baptized 18 Mar 1626/27 at
Billingborough, Lincolnshire, England; m. Hannah
Beardsley, daughter of William Beardsley and Mary,
25 Dec 1662 at Hatfield, MA; 1st wife; m.
Elizabeth Hawks, daughter of John Hawks and
Elizabeth Browne, 16 Dec 1680 at Hatfield, MA; 2nd
wife, 2nd husband; m. Elizabeth Burt, daughter of
Henry Burt and Eulalia March, 26 Sep 1684 at
Northampton, MA; 3rd wife, 2nd husband; d. 11 Oct
1710 at Hatfield, MA, at age 83; bur. at Hatfield,
He resided at Hatfield, MA.
iii. Elizabeth; baptized 14 Dec 1628 at Billingborough,
Lincolnshire, England; bur. 8 Jul 1631 at
Billingborough, Lincolnshire, England.
iv. Joseph; baptized 10 Oct 1630 at Billingborough,
Lincolnshire, England; m. Phebe Bracey, daughter
of Thomas Bracey and Phebe Bisby, before 26 Apr
1661; d. 4 Sep 1675 at Northfield, MA, at age 44;
killed by Indians in King Philip's War.
v. Thomas; baptized 21 Oct 1632 at Billingborough,
Lincolnshire, England; m. Hannah Crow, daughter of
John Crow and Elizabeth Goodwin, 7 Mar 1667/68 at
Hadley, MA; d. 17 Jan 1712/13 at Wethersfield, CT,
at age 80.
He resided at Hadley, MA. He resided at
Wethersfield, CT.
vi. Samuel; baptized 7 Dec 1634 at Billingborough,
Lincolnshire, England; d. probably bef 1638.
vii. Ann; baptized 26 Jun 1636 at Billingborough,
Lincolnshire, England; m. John Clary, son of John
Clary and Sarah Cassell, 16 Jun 1670 at Hadley,
MA; 1st husband; m. Enos Kingsley; 2nd husband;
d. 16 Jul 1723 at Northampton, MA, at age 87.
She was also known as Hannah Dickinson.
viii. Samuel; b. Jul 1638 at Wethersfield, CT; m.
Martha Bridgman, daughter of James Bridgman and
Sarah, 4 Jan 1668 at Hadley, MA; d. 30 Nov
1711 at Hatfield, MA, at age 73.
He resided at Hatfield, MA.
ix. Obadiah; b. 15 Apr 1641 at Wethersfield, CT; m.
Sarah Beardsley, daughter of William Beardsley and
Mary, 8 Jan 1668/69 at Hadley, MA; 1st wife; m.
Mehitable, possibly daughter of Samuel Hinsdale
and Mehitable Johnson, before 20 Sep 1692; 2nd
wife; d. 10 Jun 1698 at Wethersfield, CT, at age
He resided at Hatfield, MA. He resided at
Wethersfield, CT.
x. Nehemiah; b. Aug 1644 at Wethersfield, CT; m. Mary
Cowles, daughter of John Cowles and Hannah, circa
1671; d. 9 Sep 1723 at Hadley, CT, at age 79; bur.
at Hadley, MA.
7. xi. Hezekiah, b. Feb 1645/46 at Wethersfield, CT; m.
Abigail Blackman.
xii. Azariah; b. 4 Oct 1648 at Wethersfield, CT; b. 10
Oct 1648 at Wethersfield, CT; m. Dorcas; 1st
husband; d. 25 Aug 1675 at Swamp Fight, 10 miles
north of Hatfield, MA, at age 26; killed by
Indians in King Philip's War.
Source is family at: homepages, rootsweb, Condict Family genealogy, Dickinson family genealogy.

Bio is written/edited by a direct descendant* of Nathaniel of Hezekiah, whose lines go to Jonathan DICKINSON, to Temperance Dickinson ODELL, to Eunice ODELL FORD. No transfer.
Suggested edit: William Dickinson and Sarah Ellen Stacey were the parents of Nathaniel but there is a brother of his that has a connection that quite a few people are looking for. His brother John Dickinson (1692-1682) married as his second wife Elizabeth Howland. She was the daughter of John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley and is ,of course, the connection to the Mayflower.
It should also be noted that with this connection to the Howland and Tilley lines it also connects to the Cooper and Samson lines as they were cousins and traveled in the Mayflower together. The Dickinsons, the Tilleys, the Coopers and the Sampsons have intermarried for many centuries and the Dickinson and Tilley families have been traced back to William the Conqueror in 1066 as these two families came with him when he came from Caen.
I have been researching genealogies for 50 years and my grandmother was a Tilley. The Tilleys and the Dickinsons continued to intermarry at least thru the late 1800's.

The John Dickinson that married Elizabeth Howland was my 11th great granduncle and Elizabeth was my 8th great grandmother….I continue to be amazed at how many connections I have found to the Mayflower passengers…41 as of the last count
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