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 Bradley Matthew Gloeckner

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Bradley Matthew Gloeckner

  • Birth 22 Aug 1981 San Francisco County, California, USA
  • Death 8 Nov 2006 California, USA
  • Burial Bakersfield, Kern County, California, USA
  • Plot Garden of resurrection
  • Memorial ID 16698621

My Nephew
25 years old ~Gone Too Soon~

Thank you for your visits ~ Deeply appreciate your remembrance of my beloved nephew

Our son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend was suddenly called home to the Lord on November 8, 2006. Brad was born in San Francisco, California on August 22, 1981 to Dr. B Gloeckner and Mrs. Gloeckner. Brad was a twin to Brian and has an older brother, J. He graduated from El Camino High School in South San Francisco, CA.

As a youth, Brad enjoyed playing AYSO soccer with his twin brother. Enjoyed football, baseball, and excelled in all sports. Brad was gifted in mathematics and had outstanding artistic drawing abilities. He loved all things of nature.

He had a huge and humble heart that never judged people. He always accepted people as they are. That is so Brad. And all who knew him will miss him and his sweet smiling face.

Anyone who had the good fortune of spending time with Brad can attest to the wit and good humor, which he embodied. He loved to laugh and more importantly he loved to make others laugh. He was the type of person who lived his life to the fullest, and took advantage of each and every minute. These were central traits that dominated Brad’s personality.

Brad is survived by his mother; father; 2 brothers, 1 his twin; grandmother; Many aunts, uncles, cousins and many friends.

Undetected heart condition: 25 years old

With great sadness Terrie's son Brian passed away March 18th, 2017. He is Bradley's TWIN brother

EULOGY WRITTEN and ©Copyrighted by G, SaffronWings, Husband, 2006. Eulogy spoken by G.

It is with great sadness that I am here today but with honor that I am able to share with all of you some of mine, V's, and others family and friends memories of Brad. Every one of us here have our own special memories, tucked away in our minds forever.

Brad was always so full of energy and life. The first time I met Brad, we were going to a fast food joint and Brad and Brian were with us. As soon as we went in and sat down, he immediately turned upside down with his head where his feet should be under the table, and of course his legs and feet were at table position. "look at all the used up gum down here!" I think he stayed in this position until our food arrived. This will always be my first impression. And it is a great, funny lasting memory.

This is how Brad was. He looked at life in an extremely energetic way. Being around Brad was a feast for both the senses and the heart. He had a contagious, infectious desire for life. To be around Brad, would always be a fun time. I still don't have the guts to make what I think he called a suicide drink at an AM PM store one time. I looked over and he was putting every kind of fountain soda drink into a cup. This concoction looked terrible, but he slurped it through the straw like it was the nectar of God's. And he said it was GOOD!

He was known to us as Brad. To his mom, Terrie he was Preciee, because he was as precious as can be. He always had a charming child-like sweetness. His 25 years was more like a beginning; and he was certainly not ready to call it the end. No, this is not fair. All of us here, will try to share with his mother Terrie, and brothers J, and B and father B, and all their families the grief they feel, but it is not really in our power to do so. We are compelled to measure the loss of a son, brother, nephew, and friend each in our own way and turn instead to what we can share; the extraordinary life that touched us all.

We have videos to remind us of his joy. We loved to watch Brad swim in our pool. He loved the water as if he were a dolphin. He would dive off the diving board and twist into all sorts of funny positions and poses. So entertaining. So much fun. He was such a ham.

And Dance. V wanted to make a dance video to the song "Pump up the Jam". He danced and danced his funny little dance long after I was weak from holding the gigantic VHS camcorder, and V was tired of moving her feet. But he was still going strong, his energizer batteries never lost power.

His Uncle J has a video of Brad fighting with Brian..just going at it like there's no tomorrow. Such as a cartoon image where the two were blended into one rolling around with arms flailing and legs flying, and a head popping up every once in awhile for air. Yet when asked a few moments later what they were doing, the reply was "Nothing!" And if everything was ok? "Sure" again was the reply. But when shown the video taken only minutes earlier with legs and arms flying, they just laughed it off. It was no big deal. Brad and Brian are the picture of identical twins. Their's is a bond that could never be broken.

One afternoon we went to rent a movie video, and they decided to chase each other around the car. Why? Who knows. It was just the thing to do at this point in time. So around and around they went. Brad and his twin, Brother must have gone in circles at least 100 times. So many, in fact V told me it would be over in a minute and lets just wait in the car. And as quickly as they began, they ended it, by plunking down into the back seat, with not a drop of sweat. Because Brad, along with Brian started as one, they played as one, and will forever be connected as one but now Brad has gone to Heaven.

As I said earlier about Brad looking at something in his own way, there is another memory of Brad on the soccer field in his very early years. While the game is going on around him, he spots a dragonfly, and decides to watch it in lieu of the soccer game. His teammates hollered to get his attention back on the game. He was so mesmerized by the dragonfly that he just sat down on the field in the middle of the game to watch the beauty of nature.

Maybe we should all be more like Brad. Take time from the rush and headache of the game of life, to just put the hub-bub on ignore for a few minutes and look at something nature made. And Oh, how Brads eyes would light up and twinkle when he held a gift of nature. He loved animals, such as rabbits, kittens, cats and dogs. He had an affection for the simpleness of natures life. And in this way, Brad was a master of a thousand small kindnesses. Brad had a huge heart that never judged people. He always accepted people as they are. That is so Brad.

We can’t even imagine the hole that will live on in Terrie’s heart for the rest of her life losing her precious son, Brad. We are here for her and we grieve with her, however we will never know what it is like to lose her precious son, Brad. We can only find comfort knowing that God needed Brad and he is safe in the arms of Jesus. Anyone who had the good fortune of spending time with Brad can attest to the wit and good humor, and love which he embodied. He loved deeply with his heart, he loved his Mother, his Father, his twin and his brother J. His laughter was infectious and more importantly he loved to make others laugh. He was the type of person who lived his life to the fullest, and took advantage of each and every minute. These were central traits that dominated Brad’s personality.

While we mourn this loss, we should not lose sight of these ideals which he found so important. He would want us to laugh again. He would want us to celebrate his life by continuing to live ours.

In the Bible, 1st Corinthians Chapter 13 says:

"Love is patient, Love is kind, love does not envy, love does not boast, love is not puffed up, love does not behave indecently, love does not seek it own way, love is not provoked, love does no evil, love does not rejoice in unrighteousness, love rejoices in truth, love covers all, love believes all, and love expects all, love endures all, loves never fails".

Brad was kind, he was not envious, he didn't boast, he was full of love, and that love he had will never fail, and never end.

To Terrie and B, Brad will always be their son; to J, a brother. To B, his other half. To C, he will always be the one hiding in a coat rack at a sporting store while she panicked. To V and I, he will forever be dancing, swimming and taking time to smell the roses and enjoy nature.

All these memories we have of Brad. These are the delicious images, we all have archived in our minds. They are good memories. Keep these memories alive, and in the forefront of our minds. Let's not let these memories fade, but rather embrace them forever, until we meet him again in Eternity. We will think of your bright smile and joyous laugh.

Helen Keller wrote:

"What we once enjoyed and deeply loved, We can never lose,
For all that we love deeply becomes a part of us"

Brad will always be a part of us all.

♥~created with love and remembrance~♥

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