Younger Herndon

Virginia, USA
Death May 1859 (aged 73–74)
Trigg County, Kentucky, USA
Burial Unknown
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ALERT: Younger Herndon AND Philip Herndon ARE NOT to be confused with YOUNGER PHILIP HERNDON, the non-existent hypothetical mis-merged conglomerate of nearly three-quarters-of-a-century---over 30+ years of research has confirmed there was NO SUCH PERSON!!! Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is the tragic mis-merger of two men, along with their two wives and their two sets of children: Younger Herndon (1785 VA-1859 KY) with wife Sarah Ann possibly Wilson (1801 VA/KY-1860 KY) vs. Philip Herndon (1801/10 TN-1848 TN) with wife Sarah Hitchcock (1807 unknown-after 1850).

Find A Grave Memorials were created for this documented family history correction, separating & disambiguating the following men (correcting the misnomer Younger Philip Herndon). See YOUNGER HERNDON FIND A GRAVE MEMORIAL # 166553946. (vs.) PHILIP HERNDON FIND A GRAVE MEMORIAL # 166677991. And SARAH ANN possibly WILSON HERNDON, FIND A GRAVE MEMORIAL # 166714909. (vs.) SARAH HITCHCOCK HERNDON (Correction), FIND A GRAVE MEMORIAL # 166715088.

Younger Herndon (misspelled H/a/e/rrington, in 3 records: “a” on one census & “e” on two court roadwork lists) was enumerated on US Federal Census in 1820 & 1840 Stewart Co TN, and 1830 & 1850 in Trigg Co KY. On 13 Sep 1836, Younger (misspelled Herrington) was tasked with creating a road between Cadiz Trigg KY and Dover Stewart TN, with surveyor Alexander Harrell. This work on the state line may explain why his enumeration fluctuated back & forth, hopping between the two census locations.

Fortunately for us, Philip Herndon gave a deposition, 28 May 1832, stating both his age & his residency in a court case in Hardeman County, Tennessee, USA. His age, specified as about 24 (= birth calculation 1808), & his residency, specified as Stewart Co TN & Hardeman Co TN, were proven in his deposition taken for "Case of Murray, William B. vs. Brigham, John - 1834 partial." (He gave testimony about one man's ownership of slaves.)

Philip Herndon was enumerated on US Federal Censuses of 1830 Humphreys Co TN & 1840 Stewart Co TN. (Philip's first place of enumeration in 1830 Humphreys Co TN occurred when Younger was enumerated a further county away, putting him two counties north in 1830 Trigg Co KY---which could signify they were not father & son, but uncle & nephew, further borne out by the fact that Younger is absent from any mention in Philip's intestate probate documents. However they were in the same county in 1840.)

These men, Younger Herndon AND Philip Herndon, were BOTH enumerated on the 1840 US Federal Census of Stewart Co TN. Neither Younger nor Philip ever used a middle name or initial in any extant lifetime documents---exclusively using a single given name! (The use of double given names was only applied to him, actually them, post-mortem!) So, to be clear, Younger was not Younger Philip Herndon AND Philip was not Philip Younger Herndon. There was only Younger Herndon (1785 VA-1859 KY) AND Philip Herndon (1801/10 TN-1848 TN)!

Younger & wife Sarah Ann (possibly Wilson) Herndon were alive and well for the 1850 US Federal Census of Trigg Co KY, while Philip's widow Sarah (Hitchcock) He[r]ndon was alive and well for the 1850 US Federal Census of Stewart Co TN. I am indebted to Maxine Newton Gibson, author of "Descendants of Giles Newton 1" (2003), learning in 2010 that she generously thanked me for the second-party sharing of my research (okay by me as a public service). It was her sharing of info, that was my wake-up call & the catalyst that it was up to me to correct the mixed-up mess---and she provided the crucial missing clue! Each of us, knowing where our own ancestor was (hers, Philip's widow Sarah in 1850 Stewart Co TN, and mine, Younger & wife Sarah Ann in 1850 Trigg Co KY), neither of us had reason to search further for a simultaneous second-half of the equation---and it was her willingness to share her research, prior to having everything proven "in concrete" which provided the long-sought answer to this "brick-wall" problem!

Younger Herndon died in Trigg Co KY after the 15 May 1856 sale of most of his land (115 of 140 acres) on Little River, and before the 25 May 1859 sale of his estate (the chronology is a little counter-intuitive since letters of administration weren't applied for & granted until 13 Jun 1859, inventory was 25 Jun 1859, yet sale bill is dated 25 May [sic] 1859), therefore likely dying just prior to 25 May 1859, certainly by 13 Jun 1859. Narrowed death date (calculation): May 1859.

Younger Herndon's wife, Sarah Ann possibly Wilson, died in Trigg Co KY, her will dated 15 Aug 1860, after census enumeration on 18 Sep 1860, before will was proven on 8 Oct 1860---between 18 Sep 1860 & 8 Oct 1860. Narrowed death date (calculation): Oct 1860.

The sole source of Younger's wife Sarah Ann's maiden name as Wilson is from 1963 communication by mail (to grandson Jerry Herndon) by Maggie Lee Dawson Herndon, Great-granddaughter & simultaneous granddaughter-in-law married to widower 1 C 1 R (first cousin once removed) Nickodemus Herndon. Interestingly, the 1850 family enumerated next-door to Younger & Sarah Herndon is a Wilson family, and the head is of age to have been her brother. This is why I merely list her surname as "possibly" because there is no other documentary proof yet found.

Following all of Sarah (Hitchcock) He[r]ndon's 1850-set of children through the censuses, their marriages and deaths proves them to be Herndon's, all using spelling variants of Herndon but never again erroneously-listed as Hendon.

Sarah (Hitchcock) Herndon's spouse, Philip Herndon, died suddenly in 1848, after being newly-elected to a six-year term as Justice of the Peace, requiring a special election to replace him. Philip's death occurred in the tiny window between his election (after it on 4 Mar 1848 & entering into bond for it on 3 Apr 1848) & the granting of letters of administration on his estate (5 Jun 1848, followed by the special election of 16 Jun 1848 to fill his unexpired term): ---thus dying between 3 Apr 1848 and 5 Jun 1848! Narrowed death date (calculation): Jun 1848.

Philip's widow, Sarah (Hitchcock) Herndon, died sometime after the 1850 census---likely dying before the 1860 census, since according to Goodspeed's mention of them in the "History of Tennessee" (1886) in a biographical sketch of their son, "Lewis Herndon"---"neither lived to be old.” One document raises the possibility she may have remarried to a Harrel, due to “Sallie Harrel” being listed as mother (with Philip Herndon listed as father) on death certificate of their son, (misspelled "Louis Herndon"), unfortunately the informant line is empty, so Harrel may be an error since it conflicts with the parental info published in the biographical sketch of their son Lewis during his lifetime. (Older death certificates are notorious for incomplete or incorrect data because surviving informants---assorted successive wives, grandchildren, in-laws, neighbors---often didn't know exact birth data or parentage.)

(Philip's & Sarah's son, Lewis Herndon (of the 1886 biographical sketch), indeed followed in his father's footsteps, also serving as "magistrate," in Stewart Co TN. Identified in 1852 court & 1910 census as Lewis Y. Herndon, he served as an official in Stewart Co TN in various capacities from 1852-1894; (1) as estate administrator for relatives in 1852-53, 1857-58, 1865-67; (2) on Constable bond for District # 9 between 1 Nov 1858-1 Nov 1859; (3) from 1865 through 1894, Lewis was also Justice of the Peace, served as county poorhouse overseer, then county trustee, & tax collector. Before him, his father Philip Herndon had been Justice of the Peace for at least one earlier term in Stewart Co TN, performing marriages between 1846-1848, and being re-elected in 1848 prior to his sudden death.)

The unfortunate Younger-Philip mis-merged amalgamation originated in in the 1940s-50's working hypothesis of an excellent family genealogist, Dr. John Goodwin Herndon (1888-1957), postulating that the given name "Younger" may have been a nickname used in the sense of "Junior"---but what he didn't know was that Younger Herndon was named after his maternal uncle, his mother's brother Younger Newton (1761/3 VA-1847 SC). Dr. John Goodwin, Herndon (JGH) was creator of the series: "The Herndon Family of Virginia, Vol. One: The First Three Generations," and "Vol. Two: Herndons of the American Revolution, presented in parts," & whose research notes survive on microfilm at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City (US/CAN Film #875,138 "A full account of all known Herndons who had revolutionary records:..."), and his cross-outs and over-writes illustrate that he hadn't yet proven Younger's correct name to his own satisfaction (hard copy provided by Ruth Herndon Shields to Dr. Clarence Goodwin Herndon to Dr. Jerry Allen Herndon). Dr. John Goodwin Herndon's publications on the family included such wording as "inconclusive," "suggests,"--- he had the pre-internet, research-requiring-travel, handicap of working from the immigrant William Herndon (1649 ENG-1722 VA) downward, and he understandably struggled with the post-Rev-War-pre-Civil-War generation with it's incomplete records, yet he blazed the trail for us and it's upon his shoulders that we gratefully build. It is the miracle of modern digitization & indexing of records for viewing on internet which has finally made disambiguation & clarification possible.

Sadly, like a two-edged-sword, the internet has enabled mass-copying and mass-proliferation of erroneous info which is now, tragically, making its way into endless internet family trees, tombstone databases, and even the amazing 2008 county reference book, "Cemeteries of Cadiz and Trigg County, Kentucky" by Sumner, Fortner, Metts, and Morris.

The exact relationship between Younger Herndon (1785 VA-1859 KY) AND Philip (1801/10 TN-1848 TN) has yet to be proven, but leans toward being uncle and nephew since Philip first appears as his own householder in the 1830 US Federal Census of Humphreys Co TN (where Younger's brother William owned land in the mid-1820s) while Younger (surname misspelled Harrington) was enumerated two counties away in 1830 Trigg Co KY. Yet, leaning toward the possible relationship of father and son, is the name “Younger” being passed down. Philip and Sarah (Hitchcock) Herndon, (who are listed as parents of Lewis Herndon in his biographical sketch in "History of Tennessee" published by Goodspeed in 1886, pages 1305-1306), are Great-grandparents of Louis Younger Nolin. Lewis Herndon served in various capacities in Stewart Co TN from 1852, 1854, 1857-58, then continuously from 1865-68, 1870-1890, 1892-94, his first court entry in 1852 is as Lewis Y. Herndon, and is confirmed in the 1910 US Federal Census of Stewart Co TN. His daughter Sarah Anne "Sallie" Herndon was thrice married, twice widowed: 1st to Iredill Phillips (1867), 2nd to Allen "Ale" Nolin (1881) and last to James C. Lyons (1889). By Nolin she had a son named Louis Younger Nolin (1882-1951) confirmed by his WWI Draft Registration card. Significant, but not conclusive, because both Younger Herndon (1785 VA-1859 KY) and brother William (ca. 1782 VA-1831 TN) were nephews of Younger Newton (1761/63 VA-1847 SC), their mother's brother. The name Younger and the middle initial Y. has been handed down on many branches of the family, showing up as middle names or initial for many of Younger's grandchildren. Yet Younger's brother William also had a large 1820 & 1830 household of children whose names have not yet been identified. Therefore, Philip could be son of either Younger or William, who could equally have passed down the name “Younger.” At any rate, it seems certain, due to the family naming pattern, that Philip was a grandson of Benjamin Herndon & Ann Newton, parents of both William & Younger.

Younger Herndon (1785 VA-1859 KY) is an elder son of Benjamin Herndon (ca. 1760 VA-1814 SC) & wife Ann (Nancy) Newton (ca. 1763 VA-aft. 1830 TN).

Benjamin Herndon served in the Rev War, Benjamin Herndon (ca. 1760 VA-1814 SC) DAR Ancestor # A054146, Valley Forge Muster Roll (Dec 1777) Soldier ID: VA07343.

State of Service: Virginia (from May/June 1777 Caroline Co VA in 2d VA Regiment, commanded by Col Alexander Spotswood & Capt Samuel Hawes / succeeded by Col Christian Febigar & Capt James Upshaw / then on 30 Dec 1777 in Valley Forge enlisted in Horse Service of Col George Baylor's Regiment of Light Dragoons / succeeded by Col William Washington), proofs: W.T.R. Saffell's 1894 book, "Records of the Rev War" page 275, W8585 pension of Obadiah Carter, & Library of Virginia (LVA) Acc # 22547, (Baylor's Returns, specifically 17 Jan 1779).

Relative already a member: very distant cousin, DAR Member
# 288090: Juliet Halliburton Burnett Davis (1914-2011) died at age 97, twice widowed, aka Mrs. Oscar Weaver Burnett, then Mrs. Walter Burke Davis Jr. (See Find A Grave Memorial # 121325020).

Younger Herndon seems very likely to have been previously married, since 1820-30-40 census age-spans of wife seem too big a stretch to be the same woman---(although the 1850 census does list her birthplace as Virginia, matching Younger's)---with a likely birth-gap between 1820-30, and five as-yet unidentified children. Those children may have included possibly Philip (1801/10/abt. 1805-1848), and probably Mary N[elson?] Herndon (Mrs. Orville) Champion (1813 KY/TN-1860 TN)---both of whom had descendants with the middle intial Y. or a given name of "Younger"---but remember, equal candidates for their fathers were Younger Herndon (1785 VA-1859 KY) & brother William Herndon (ca. 1782 VA-1831 TN) who shared the same beloved uncle, Younger Newton (1761/3 VA-1847 SC), so this isn't necessarily a tie-breaker for determining paternity between the two. (FYI NAMING PATTERNS: significantly Philip & Sarah's son Lewis Y. had a grandson named Louis Younger Nolin (1882-1951), while Orville & Mary's son Thomas Y. Champion (1841-1863) died young of smallpox during enlistment in the Civil War.) Also significant is that Orville Champion is among the buyers listed in Philip Herndon's intestate probate, for a razor.).

Younger and Sarah Ann (possibly Wilson) Herndon were the parents of these children:
(1) Alfred C. Herndon (1825) md. Martha Frances Vinson.
(2) Ann S. Herndon (1828) md. Riley Vinson (siblings marrying siblings).
(3) David D. Herndon (1831) md. Elizabeth M. Gream/Graham.
(4) Susannah "Susan" Herndon (1834) md. widower John S. Son.
(5) Younger Newton Herndon (1836) md. Mary Jane Curry.
(6) Missouri Jane Herndon (1840) never wed; mother of 3.
(7) Nancy A. Herndon (1843) md. Bradley Boren/Edmonds, died before Feb. 1874 and all her children stayed with Bradley when he remarried to Melinda McCarver.

Philip and Sarah Hitchcock were the parents of these remaining children (per research sparked by the 2003 book by Maxine Newton Gibson):
(1) Lewis/Louis Y. Herndon (1824/5) md. Mary Futrill.
(2) Nancy Herndon (1827), no further info, died after 1850.
(3) Robert Herndon (1833) md. Nancy Shaw & Mariah Barrett.
(4) James Herndon (1835) md. Missouri Shaw.
(5) George Herndon (1837) md. Mary E. McClannahan.
(6) Ellen/er] "Elender" Herndon (1838) md. Richard Burn[e]s.
(7) William Herndon (1843); md. Seregorda [sic] Manning.
ALERT for children 6-7: The 1850 enumerator transposed the lines for William and Elender, saying William, 12, was female and Elender, 7, was male; likely he also transposed the ages making Ellen/er age 12 born 1838 and William age 7 born 1843, which fits with later research on their lives.

This is why there's been such a dead-end & zero original records for the mythical Younger Philip Herndon---he is TWO separate men---not one!!! Hope that helps clear up the messy tidal wave of mass-proliferated misinformation! In behalf of Dr. John Goodwin Herndon (1888-1957), Lillian Ruth Herndon Shields (1896-1983), and Dudley LeRoy Herndon Jr (1926-2015)---my correspondent of 20+ years, the Herndon researchers before me, on whose work I build, blessings to all in your research and quest for truth and accuracy.

DETAILED EXPANATION & SOURCES & ADDITIONAL EXTENSIVE PROOFS (viewable online for free): (1) https://books.familysearch.
org/primo_library/libweb/action/ THEN, in the search box TYPE: rose bonnell (and it will bring up 3 volumes of over 700 pages of research "Herndons of 1800's Stewart Co., TN : the Herndon disambiguation project for families of Philip and Younger Herndon Part[s] A, ... B, ... C); AND (2) https://familydisambiguation. This will help answer many of your questions. If you have further proofs, please send a message. Blessings!

BURIAL LOCATION ALERT (DISCLAIMER): Definite places of burial for these men (Younger and Philip), as well as Philip's wife, (possibly even Younger's wife although hers is more credible only since other Herndons are buried in that cemetery), are unknown & unprovable. It is likely they were buried in proximity to other close family members, possibly on family-owned land which is how all early family cemeteries started in this region---on the edges of family farms.

The Herndon Cemetery, a.k.a. Alfred Herndon Cemetery, was not included in the 1961 "Statistical Handbook of Trigg County [KY]..." by Eurie Pearl Wilford Neel. It was first included in the 1980 book, "Trigg County [KY] Cemeteries, 1811-1979" by Judith Ann [(Bergen) Beam] Maupin (research assisted by Vera White). The Maupin book enumerates this Herndon Cemetery having several burials with missing stones, unfortunately without giving attribution to her source of info, although it may be inferred that her data could have come from an adjacent or nearby resident. In Maupin's book on pages 124-125, in the Herndon Cemetery, she lists eleven burials of people who were Herndons at birth or death (FYI: Mrs. Riley Vinson, Anna S. was a daughter of Younger & Sarah Ann Herndon), five of whom are said to be without stones, this includes Alfred Herndon born 1825 & wife Martha. Significantly, there's no mention at all of the purported burial of Sarah Ann (possibly Wilson) Herndon who died 1860, leaving the earliest Herndon burial with a surviving tombstone there as Bob L. Herndon, son of Alfred & Martha (Vinson) Herndon (1867-1885). The earliest burials with tombstones are John T. Johnson in 1857; then skipping 27 years to Ethel B. Johnson & Myra B. Williams in 1884. Likewise, in Maupin's book on page 211, in the Pitts Cemetery, she lists only eight burials, for Pitts & Rogers-Pitts, Futrell, & McCawley, only five having surviving tombstones, the three of the four Pitts lacking them, and the earliest burial with tombstone being 1866 for John M. McCawley (1838-1866). Significantly, again, there's no mention of any Herndon, particularly not Younger Herndon. Sadly, the Pitts Cemetery was also not recorded in the Neel book (1961). Altogether, this sheds doubt on accuracy of the published beliefs of the burial locations which lack tombstones.

BURIAL LOCATION(S) FOR YOUNGER & WIFE: As for Younger Herndon (lifespan 1785 VA-1859 KY; enumerated on 1840 Stewart Co TN U.S. Federal Census), in his erroneous conflated identity (Younger Philip Herndon) he is purportedly buried in a cemetery of only twelve interments, no others being Herndons, and apart from his wife who died only a year later and was purportedly buried elsewhere. Although not mentioned in county cemetery books of Neel (1961) or Maupin (1980), yet according to the 2008 county cemetery book by Sumner, Fortner, Metts & Morris (info supplied by Marilyn Herndon Ladd for him & wife, pp. 177 & 277): his burial is recorded as an unmarked grave, no headstone, located at Pitts Cemetery, Trigg Co KY, with zero other Herndons (one Askew) buried there, yet his wife, who died only a year later, is purported to have been buried, again no headstone, at Alfred Herndon Cemetery, Canton, Trigg Co KY---this seems very strange. Of the two cemeteries, the purported Alfred Herndon Cemetery seems a far more likely place for Younger as well, since NO other Herndon family members were buried at Pitts Cemetery. Sadly, however, there is no surviving proof that even his son Alfred Herndon or wife Martha Frances Vinson are buried there either, although it is provable that this graveyard was on land formerly belonging to Alfred. (Also, there are two large trees at the Alfred Herndon Cemetery, near all the tombstones within the cemetery itself, contained within the burial perimeter, which makes me wonder if the two trees were planted to mark significant spots, perhaps favored graves.) So, IF Sarah is buried there it seems highly likely that Younger would have been also---since he preceded her in death by only a year. This needs future verification. Tracking the source of this belief, going back through family records, I find an early source for identifying Pitts Cemetery on Dry Creek, as the burial place of Younger Herndon: it was stated in an undated 1960s letter to Dad, Jerry Herndon, by Jennie Ora "Ora" Williams Calhoun, wife of John Madison Calhoun, and Great-granddaughter of Younger, granddaughter of Alfred Herndon & Martha Frances Vinson, via daughter Martha Emerson Herndon (Mrs. Joseph) Williams. (The 1960s letter would have been written between 1963 when my Dad started genealogical research & her death in 1971. ALERT: Ms. Ora did not mention a burial place for Alfred's mother Sarah Ann.) So, although it doesn't make sense, Pitts Cemetery location MAY be true for Younger ONLY IF Ms. Ora had genuine knowledge or accurate documentation. SUPPORTIVE COUNTER-EVIDENCE: The 140 (later reduced to 25) acres of land owned by Younger & Sarah in the 1850s (1850-till deaths in 1859 & 1860, purchased in 1850 from Alfred Boyd & mostly sold in 1856 to Chesley D. Lewis) was on Little River and was linked to a 3-acre parcel of land sold in 1822 by Jacob Torian to the Methodist Episcopal Church which later became the Bethel Methodist Church. That land therefore apparently includes the McKinney Cemetery on Cliffwood Drive off 272. Using logic it seems counter-intuitive that Younger & Sarah would be buried so far away from their own land. Therefore, it seems the burial location is not actually provable.

BURIAL LOCATION FOR PHILIP: In the case of Philip Herndon (lifespan 1801/10 TN-1848 TN; enumerated on 1840 Stewart Co TN U.S. Federal Census), his exact burial location within Stewart Co TN is completely unknown. I have some theories, but that's all they are. For Philip, I find only three organized places to be possibilities: (1) minimally possible, where his son Lewis Herndon was later buried: at the Boyd Memorial Cemetery in Tharpe, Stewart Co TN, yet it's highly iffy since his son outlived him by 62 years, dying in 1914; so, (2) perhaps forgotten among unmarked graves of only 8 listed at Herndon Cemetery in Stewart Co TN---again doubtful, since the earliest Herndon buried there was in 1928, or (3) least likely, inasmuch as neither he nor any other Herndons are listed, maybe at the Herndon Cemetery (no longer used)---due to Kentucky Lake causing relocation to St. Mary's # 2 [listed Saint Mary's Cemetery # 02]. So I conclude, he likely was buried on family land prior to establishment of full-scale cemeteries.

BURIAL LOCATION FOR PHILIP'S WIFE: The time & place of burial for Philip's wife Sarah (Hitchcock) Herndon is completely unknown, but likely in Stewart Co TN, (1) if she indeed died young & did not live to be old as her son's biographical sketch stated, & (2) if she did not remarry & died near the time of her husband, on this basis therefore, I postulate she may have been buried near her husband, wherever that was within Stewart Co TN.

These calculated places of burial I am registering are for the purpose of correcting the mis-merged identities & families, and is an approximation based on the best research deduction available to me.

FYI: Training for the Genealogical Proof Standard & other research methodologies is available online for free via tutorials by Crista Cowan on their YouTube playlist under Desktop Education and under Genealogical Proof Standard. I highly recommend them, Crista (the "Barefoot Genealogist") is highly-knowledgeable, fluent, articulate & concise with prepared PowerPoint illustations averaging 25-30 minutes.

This research summary, condensed for bio sketch, was written by Rose Herndon Bonnell, 6 July 2016, updated 13 January 2017.

Blessings in your research to accurately identify and link your ancestors!

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