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Snowball Foster

Sharon, Kanawha County, West Virginia, USA
Death 15 Jun 2006 (aged 15–16)
Wayne, Wayne County, Michigan, USA
Burial Unknown
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Snowball, was my beloved cat, who we had for 16 years, who disappeared suddenly, on June 15, 2006.

Snowball was a white, long haired cat, who was born in W.Va .

When my husband, and I were visiting my husbands brother, in West Virginia. My brother-in-law had a litter of cats when we were visiting down there.

So of course, my husband, decided we needed two long haired kittens.

For me, my pets, are not just animals, they are my little children, too.

We also have Snowballs sister, Frisky, who is a long haired Calico cate, who she left behind.

Snowball had her health problems. Snowball had to have her eye removed in the past year because of health problems.She also had a thryoid problem, but she was still doing so good, inspite of her health problems.

When it comes to my pets, I always believe in taking care of them health wise.

I have been told, that they would not spend the money like I have, on the pets that I have had, but they are my "little children."

Snowball liked to have her head rubbed, and if you did not rub her head, she would put her head under my hand, so that she would get her head rubbed , one way or another.

She was a special cat.Snowball normally stayed inside the house all the time, but that night, she decided she wanted to go outside about dark.(9:30pm)and get some fresh air. If she went out, she would just walk outside, and just come back in.

(I don't know if I had a premonition or not , but in the past, I remember thinking, that with a wild animal, could get her, because she was not in the best of health, and she could not fend for her self. )

So who would think that right outside your door, that a grown cat could disappear?

I treated Snowball special, because she had her health problems and I loved her so much.

We have a 6 ft. fenced, large back yard, but on the other side of our back yard, there is woods.So that night when she did not come right back in , my son, went looking for her. I told him that "there was something wrong", " that it is not right", that she was not already back in.I always, keep my door proped open, so that my cat or dog, can come right back in.

All Snowball would do, was to go right outside the door, a few feet away, and then come right back in . I could probably count on one hand the number of times that she ventured outside the door.

Well, when she did not come back in, "I knew there was somthing wrong."My son, looked and looked for her, but we have not found her at all.We kept looking for her, all night and the next 2 days, and we have not found her at all.I believe that a wild animal(such as a raccoon) got her.We had chickens in the back yard, and they were all killed , one by one, no matter how hard we tried to protect them.We knew it was possums, that killed them because they would be right under their pen.We just kept fighting a losing battle with them , (wild animals) until they got them, one by one.We kept the chickens fenced up, housed up. If we let them, out, the animals even got them during the day, too . So they were never safe.

So I hope, and pray, that my beloved Snowball, is at peace and she is running and playing in Heaven with my beloved husband, Mack Foster, and our other pets, who are over there with him.)(Spot, Susie, and Tom (the cat).I just hope that pray that my Snowball did not suffer, if it is a raccoon that got her.

Snowball, you are deeply missed.You will never be forgotten.

Snowball, "You were a special friend to me".

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