Leon Gutierrez Davis

Shirley, Suffolk County, New York, USA
Death 26 Aug 2008 (aged 20)
Kissimmee, Osceola County, Florida, USA
Burial Douglaston, Queens County, New York, USA
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Born "Leif Jesse Holcombe" on 5 January 1988 in Shirley, New York, the names "Leif" for celebrity "Leif Garrett", "Jesse" in tribute to his Central American Native Indian maternal great grandmother Maria Jesse Alvarez, and "Holcombe" being the surname of his mother's 1st husband (for personal family reasons). However, at the age of 18, he legally changed his name to "Leon Gutierrez Davis" ("Davis" being his father's family name, "Gutierrez" being his mother's maiden name).

Being of Long Island Unkechaug/Shinnecock Native American Indian on his father's maternal side, Virginia plantation slave African on his father's paternal side, Central American Native Indian on his mother's paternal side, and Central European on his mother's maternal side, Leon was the unending victim of brutal bullying and tormenting by both students and teachers at his extremely racist Orlando Florida schools for being "mixed race". Protests to the school board and police from his family fell on deaf ears.

On 26 August 2008, to the devastatingly inconsolable heartbreak of those who loved this kind, inoffensive, smart, handsome and gentle young man, his lifeless body was discovered in a hotel bathtub near the West Gate of Walt Disney World, the result of an alleged suicide (at least, according to the death certificate, though some have questioned that ruling).

His precious remains were sent to his native Long Island in New York, where he is interred at his family plot at the private Zion Episcopal Church Cemetery under a headstone which, as almost a final insult, bears the incorrect spelling of his name - "LEIF GUTIERREZ DAVIS". His death certificate also is incorrectly written "Leon Davis-Gutierrez".

Sharing his headstone, as of this writing, is his uncle Bruce Thomas Wallace, and his grandmother Mrs. Lydia Davis (not to be confused with Leon's mother Lydia Gutierrez Mrs. Gilbert Davis or his Aunt Lydia Davis Jr.).

Leon was a direct paternal descendant of Mary-Mary who was the daughter of the Great Sachem (Chief) Wasanegin of the Wampanoag, and the sister of Chief Massasoit who greeted and aided the Mayflower Pilgrims at Plymouth, and the aunt of Chief Metacomet whom the British called King Philip in the war named for him.

In 2009, a binary star system in the Andromeda Constellation, consisting of a blue star and giant red star, was named "Leon & Lydia" in memory of Leon and in honor of his mother Lydia. The binary star dedication and a memorial poem was launched into space aboard the United States Space Shuttle DISCOVERY which retired in 2011.

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