Johann Daniel <I>Dinkle</I> Dunckel Sr.


Johann Daniel Dinkle Dunckel Sr.

Landkreis Vorpommern-Greifswald, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
Death 7 Nov 1755 (aged 41–42)
York, York County, Pennsylvania, USA
Burial Shrewsbury, York County, Pennsylvania, USA
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Johann Daniel Dunckel (Dinkle)

NOTE* The surname Dinkel has also been spelled Dinkle, Dinkel, Dunkle and Dunkel (the correct German spelling places an umlaut [two small dots] over the "u").

Born Strasbourg,Vorpommern-Greifswalder Landkreis
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany on 1713. Johann Daniel married Maria Ursula Von Ernest and had 6 children. He passed away on 7th of November, 1755 in York, York County, Pennsylvania.

In the German Bible (Ed. 1776) of Reverend David Contler is written the following: "David Contler, born April 28, 1740, in Schlotterdam, on Hackensack River, New Jersey.
Married October 30th, 1763, Maria Catherina Dinkel, daughter of Honorable Johann Daniel Dunkel, deceased and Ursula, his wife. My wife was born June 22, 1746, in Alsace, Bruhm, Germany, Europe." Mrs. Contler died March 22, 1831, aged 84 years and 9 months. Both rest in Zion's Lutheran churchyard, York Pa.

His will,Will dated April 6, 1754; proven November 7, 1755, as quite recently discovered by the writer, was written,signed, and witnessed in York, dated April the 6th, 1754, probated November 7th, 1755. It showed that he
had six children, including a son, Daniel.

Surname: Dinkle
Given Name: Daniel
Description: Decedent
Residence: York Town
Date: 6th April, 1754
Prove Date: 7th November 1755
Remarks: Dinkle, Daniel. April 6, 1754. Executor: Anshilla Dinkel. York Town. Wife: Mary Dinkle.
Children: Daniel, Peter, Margaret, Anna, Mary, and Dorothea.

*Johann Daniel Dinkle, Junior 1734-1812
**Anna Margaret Salome Dinkle 1736-1813
***Anna Maria Dinkle 1738-1797
****Peter Dinkle 1742-1827
Mary (Maria) Catharina Dinkle 1746-1831
Dorothea Dinkle 1748-1835


1.)Johann Daniel Dinkle, Junior 1734-1812

2.)Anna Margaret Salome Dinkle 1736-1813

Born in Strassburg, Germany on April the 6th,1736 to Johann Daniel Dunckel, Senior and Maria Ursula Von Ernest.

Miss Anna Margaret Salome married Philip Caspar Spangler and had 10 children.
She passed away on Died June 29, 1813 in York, York, Pennsylvania.
Burial:?Pigeon Hill (Paradise Twp), York County
Pennsylvania, US
? Zion's Lutheran, York, York, Pennsylvania,

Philip Caspar Spangler 1733-1786

Charles (Carl) Spangler 1756-1832
Birthdate: 1756
Birthplace: York, York, Pennsylvania
Death: Died September 1832 in Botetourt County, Virginia


Susanna Spangler
MARRIAGE: About 1780
Birthdate: 1759
Birthplace: Dover Township, York, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: Died 1790 in Botetourt, Virginia

Mary Spangler
Birthdate: 1780
Birthplace: Rockingham, Virginia

John Spangler
Birthdate: 1780

Charles "C.W." Spangler, Jr.
Birthdate: 1783
Birthplace: York, Pennsylvania
DEATH: 17 Jan 1878, Peterstown, Monroe Co., WV
BURIAL: 1878, Peterstown Cem., Peterstown, Giles Co., VA

Rhoda Peters Spangler 3 Aug 1798 - 31 Jul 1866
MARRIAGE: 13 Nov 1816, Monroe, WV
3 Aug 1798 - 31 Jul 1866
BIRTH: 3 Aug 1798, Peterstown, Monroe Co., WV
It was then::Greenbriar Co., Va.
DEATH: 31 Jul 1866, Giles Co., VA
BURIAL: Jul 1866, Peterstown Cem., Peterstown, Giles Co., VA
Father: Christian PETERS
Mother: Anna Katherine FUDGE

Christian Lewis Spangler

John Allen Spangler, Sr.

Charles W. Spangler

Gordon G. Spangler

Elizabeth Jane Spangler

Conrad Madison Spangler

Isabel Spangler

Eliza Ann Spangler

Martha Katherine Spangler

William H. Spangler

Joseph Hodson Spangler

Sarah Spangler
Birthdate: 1785

George Spangler
Birthdate: 1787

Polly Spangler

Anna Spengler (Welsh)
Birthdate: 1761
Birthplace: York, York, Pennsylvania
Death: Died 1849 in Botrtourt, Virginia

Daniel Spangler

Jacob Spangler 1805-1870
Birthdate: 1805
Birthplace: Springwood, Botetourt, Virginia, USA
Death: Died 1870 in Giles, Virginia, USA
Place of Burial: Peterstown, Giles, Virginia, USA

Polly Stever Spangler
1st. wife
: Polly STEVER

MARRIAGE 1: 3 Dec 1829, Botetourt County, VA

Elizabeth L. Craft Spangler
2nd. wife
MARRIAGE 2: 4th of September, 1836

Jacob Spangler was the son of Charles "Carl" Spangler and Anna Welsh. Lived in Springwood, Botetourt County., Virginia.
He married Miss Elizabeth Craft.

Children of Jacob Spangler and Elizabeth Craft

Clifton Spangler

Charles Spangler

Hester Spangler

Martha Spangler

Judith Spangler

Thomas Spangler

George I. Spangler Reverend

Mollie Spangler

Elizabeth Spangler

Allie Spangler

Katie Spangler


Spangler, Clifton Hill Capt.

Spangler, Charles D.

Spangler, Hester A.

Spangler, Martha T.

Spangler, Ulysses J.

Birth : 24 Apr 1842 Botetourt, VA

Gender: Male

Spangler, Judith

Birth : 26 Dec 1844 Botetourt, VA

Gender: Female

Spangler, Paschal

Birth : ABT 1846 Botetourt, VA

Gender: Male

Spangler, Thomas

Birth : ABT 1846 Botetourt, VA

Gender: Male

Spangler, George J. Rev.

Spangler, Mary Margaret

Birth : 13 Sep 1850 Botetourt, VA

Death : 19 Dec 1931

Gender: Female

Spangler, Elizabeth

Birth : ABT 1852 Botetourt, VA

Gender: Female

Spangler, Allie

Birth : ABT 1854 Botetourt, VA

Gender: Female

Spangler, Katie

Birth : ABT 1856 Botetourt, VA

Adam Spangler 1815-
BIRTH: 1815, Botetourt County, Va.
DEATH: Botetourt County., Va.

MARRIAGE: 12th April, 1842, Botetourt County, VA



Michael Spangler 1758-1834
October 13, 1758
Birthplace: York, York County, Pennsylvania, United States
Death: Died May 2, 1834 in Paradise, York, Pennsylvania

Margaret Catherine Schweisgood

Philip Davis Spangler
Michael Spangler, Jr.
Elizabeth Spangler
Benjamin Spangler
Zacharias Spangler
Rebecca Spangler
Jesse Spangler
George Spangler

Colonel Johann Philip Spengler 1761-1823

Birthdate: March 17, 1761
Birthplace: York, York, Pennsylvania,
Death: Died 1823 in Strasburg, Shenandoah, Virginia
Regina Spengler (Stover)
Birthdate: 1763

Johann Philip SPENGLER Col.Jr.
CHRISTENING: 28 Mar 1761, Christ Luth. Ch., York, York Co., Pa.

DEATH: 1823, Strasburg, Shenandoah Co., VA
BURIAL: 1823, Mt. Zion Ch. Cem, Strasburg, Shenandoah Co., VA

Frederick Spangler 1763-1812

Elizabeth Spangler Herbach 1767-1812

Solomon Spangler 1770-1836

David Spengler 1772-1800

Daniel Spangler 1772-1817

Anthony Spangler 1774-1834

Ann Mary Spangler 1777-1811


1850 York Borough, York County, Pennsylvania
Living with her sons Hamilton and Samuel.
Age 67

Anna Maria Dinkle (born Dunckel)1738-1797
Born about 1738 in Strasbourg,Alsace, Germany
Died February 23, 1797 in York, York County, Pennsylvania

Samuel Spangler
Born August 2, 1773 in York, York County, Pennsylvania
Died June 28 1839 in Springfield Township, York County, Pennsylvania
Married April 15, 1802 to

Anna Maria Dinkle.

His parents are listed as Baltzer Spangler and Christina Messerschmidt.
(Son of Baltzer, Jr.)

Born August 2, 1773, baptized December 26, 1773; married, April 15, 1802, Anna Maria, daughter
of Peter Dinkle, son of Maria Ursula ("Shiny Cap") Dinkel.2 Peter Dinkel kept a hardware store
where the National House now stands. Anna Maria died July 19, 1852, aged 68 years, 8 months and
19 days.

Samuel Spangler was a member of the military company that marched from York to aid in
suppressing the Whiskey Insurrection in the western part of the State during the administration of
George Washington.

He succeeded his mother as iunkeeper at No. 5 West Market street, known as the Black Horse Inn.
In 1822 he built the house No. 4 West Market street, now owned by Lafean Brothers, where he kept
a tavern, the "York House."

He afterwards moved on his farm, near Shrewsbury, where he conducted a tannery. He died in Springfield township June 28, 1839, aged 65-10-6. He and his brother-in-law, William McClellan aforesaid, conducted a stage line from York to Lancaster and York to Baltimore.

From "The Pennsylvania Herald and York Advertiser" of 1797:

"A Stage will start from the house of William Ferree in Lancaster, on every Monday at 4 o'clock in
the morning, arrive in York at the House of Baltzer Spengler at 12 o'clock, set out at 1 o'clock and
arrive at Baltimore on Tuesday evening; the same Stage will start from the house of Abraham
Kauffman on Gay Street Baltimore on Monday at 10 o'clock, and arrive at York on Thursday
evening, so that passengers may proceed to Lancaster or Philadelphia the next day without being
detained. Passengers will find it to their interest to encourage this Line as it will be run through from
Lancaster to Baltimore in two days, the route being ten miles nearer than any at present run.

Fare of Passengers from Lancaster to York ?0, 11s., 0d.
Fare of Passengers from York to Baltimore ?1, 6s., 3d.
Way passengers 5 1/2 per mile.
WILLIAM McCLELLAN, YORK, August 15, 1797.
The fare by stage from York to Baltimore in 1779, was ?1, 6s., 3d.


The Stage was succeeded by the primitive Locomotive, Coaches and Canal Packets.

In 1836 Samuel Spangler advertised for sale his Inn (two doors West of Centre Square) "through
which the York and Baltimore railroad now making is expected to pass."

From this it appears that the railroad projectors originally intended to run this railroad through Mr.
Spangler's property and down North George street through the very centre of York. Fortunately their
intention was changed.

The railroad from Baltimore to York was completed in 1838.

The railroad from York to Wrightsville was finished in 1840.

There was then a continuous line from Baltimore to Philadelphia by way of York and Columbia,
joining the Philadelphia and Columbia at the latter town. At Columbia the road communicated with the
Canal, giving a complete route of traffic from Baltimore to Pittsburg. Samuel Spangler's children were:

1. SAMUEL D. SPANGLER, died April 10, 1859, aged 45 years.


1850 York Borough, York County, Pennsylvania
Living with her sons Hamilton and Samuel.
Age 67

Peter Dinkle 1742-1827

PETER DINKLE was (born Dunckel) July 11, 1742 in Strasburg, Alsace, Germany, and died December 22, 1827 in York County, Pennsylvania.
He married ANNA ELIZABETH WOLF February 15, 1767 in First Reformed Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She was born Abt. 1748 in York, York County, Pennsylvania, and died 1830.

Notes **for PETER DINKLE:
Noted in 1820 Dover Township, York County, Pennsylvania census
Burial: Christian Lutheran Cemetery.
Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots: Volume 1

DINKLE Peter Christ Luth Ch Cem, York PA 51
Served as a private in Captain Peter Forte's company of York County, Pa. militia from 1777-1780 and in Captain John Ehrman's 1st Battalion from 1780-1783. He also furnished supplies to the Colonial Army.

Maria Catharina Dinkle 1746-1831

Born in Alsace, Bruhm, Germany on 22 Jun 1746 to Johann Daniel Dunckel and Maria Ursula Von Ernest. Maria Catharina married David Cantler. She passed away on 1831 in York, York, Pennsylvania
Becomes Mrs. Maria Catherine Dinkle Cantler (born Dunckel)
Maria married David Cantler on month day 1763, at age 17 at marriage place, Pennsylvania.
David was born on April 28 1740, in Schlotterdam, NJ, USA.
Maria passed away on month day 1831, at age 84 at death place, Pennsylvania

Maria Dorothea Dinkle 1748-1835

Maria Dorothea Spangler (born Dunkel) was born in 1748.
Maria married Rudolf Spangler 1767, at age 19 at marriage place, Pennsylvania.
Rudolf was born on August 8 1738, in Cambria, Pennsylvania, United States.
They had 10 children: John Jacob Spangler, Maria Catherine Spangler and 8 other children.
Maria passed away 1835, at age 87 at death place, Pennsylvania.


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