Miles Emery Garner

Miles Emery Garner

Lincoln County, Missouri, USA
Death 1 Feb 1888 (aged 46)
Cando, Towner County, North Dakota, USA
Burial Elsberry, Lincoln County, Missouri, USA
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Obit/Death Notice # 1:

"A dispatch was received here Wednesday by J.M. Gibson stating that M.E. Garner died that day at the home of W. A. K. Elsberry, near Cando, Dakota, and that the corpse would be shipped the next morning for Elsberry. He had been sick with pneumonia". End.

Source: The Elsberry Advance, edition of Thurs. Feb. 9, 1888. This is said to be a condensed version of the original per county historians, but the original is now unavailable or lost. February 1, 1888 was a Wednesday, just as referenced above.
Obit/Death Notice #2:

"M.E. Garner died at the Elsberry Farm in Towner County on Monday, age 46. Deceased leaves a wife and eight children in Missouri." End.

Source: Chronicling America: N.D.
Devils Lake Inter-Ocean, edition of Sat. Feb. 4, 1888
Devils Lake, Ramsey County, Dak., Vol.V-No.45:

[*Contributor Note: W.A.K. Elsberry refers to William Azeil Knapp Elsberry, the son of Robert T. Elsberry, Founder of the Town of Elsberry, Missouri per Clarence Cannon Elsberry Town History. W.A.K.E. and his brother Thomas were business partners who had moved to Towner County and William had a prosperous farm as he and his brother became early day developers of Towner County, N.D. His son George Franklin Elsberry was, as of 1895 the Registrar of Deeds for Towner County. W.A.K.E. had been born in New Hope Twp. near Elsberry just were Miles Garner had lived and apparently they were family friends who had grown up with the town of Elsberry itself. Decades later you see per records that even Miles daughter Missouri Ann (Garner), McLester if found on the 1940 US Census as a widow living with Alma Gleeson, the widow of Benjamin Elsberry Gleeson in Cando, N.D. She is also mentioned in Alton Evening Telegraph articles "motoring" and "dining" with Elsberry/Gleeson/Keyes family members while going back and forth between Alton, IL. and Cando, N.D. visiting family and friends. In another earlier instance, an article was found in the Troy Herald edition of 23 July 1873 related to M.E. Garner "taking up" (buying?) a dark bay horse of about 15 years old with mention of W.A.K. Elsberry and D.F. Foley appraising its value of $15.00 before Justice of the Peace W.N. Gibson. Contributor was unable to find anything suggesting the Elsberry's and the Garner's were related. However is still trying to determine if the Miles, his wife, or his sisters could have been related to any of the Sitton or Gibson families of Hurricane or Elsberry, MO.]
SEEKING: Anyone with a copy, text or access to a potential full length obituary that may have been published on 9 February 1888 in the Bowling Green Times or the Bowling Green Observer in neighboring Pike County as reference to such is made in an collection of records collected at one time by historian Kenneth Weant described on as: "This database is an index to deaths reported in two Pike County newspapers, the Bowling Green Observer and the Bowling Green Times, from 9 August 1878 to 27 December 1917."

Of Research Interest:

Troy Herald, edition of Wednesday June 30, 1875 page 6:
Probate Court Docket:
Administrator: Miles M. Garner - In the Estate of Sitton, Garner & Mays
Troy Herald edition of 1 July 1874:
Probate Court Docket:
Administrator: M.E. Garner - In the Estate of Sitton, Garler & Mayes

[Contributor note: There are three or four Troy Herald articles found with various probable typo errors for the names and initials mentioned above, but all seems to be the same probate case as it moves it's way through the court system for a couple of years. How might farmer Miles Emery Garner be related to the Sitton, Garner and Mays families? Are they all his relatives, thus explaining why he might have been appointed administrator of their estate? Is it multiple estates? Contributor has thus far been unable to find any Sitton, Garner or Mays names listed in the Lincoln County Wills and Probate Collection via whose probate was administered by Miles Garner or a M.E. Garner etc.

Miles Emery Garner of which it appears for the most part went by his middle name of "Emery" was born in Lincoln County, Missouri to Gilford Garner and wife Matilda Collins. Matilda was the eldest child of Alexander and Jane "Jennie" (Turner?), Collins; early pioneers of Lincoln County, who had come by wagon train and riverboat ferry crossing the Mississippi at a time when few boats were yet operating there per article, with her stated brother in-law Sampson Wombles family and Jane's step-father William Turner from Tennessee, reaching Troy, Missouri in 1833. The found 17 May 1876 article (see below) from the Troy Herald also states that it was believed Alexander Collins to have been the first white man to settle in that particular part of Lincoln County. The reporter actually interviewed his widow Mrs. Jane "Jennie" Collins for the article. Miles Emery is seen living with those grandparents on the 1850 US Census in District 49 (Prairie/Ninevah area now listed as Silex for postal and taxation purposes, The Collins farm was situated on what is now Flamm Road closer to what locals still call Ninevah in Lincoln County.)

Emery was the brother of Sarah J.(Garner), Hudson per a recently found family history, presuming Sarah married a Hudson; and Narcissa/ Narcissus G. Garner who later married James Carson and died in Pettis County, MO., but also a half brother to Mariah (Garner), Frolich/Froelich? daughter of Gilfords 2nd wife Mariah Butrain, who went back to her mother's family to be raised following the death of her mother, presumed possibly in childbirth or shortly after; half-brother to Louisa Catherine "Kitty" (Garner), Brammel, later wife of Daniel Hinton Brammel, who was Gilford's daughter from his 3rd wife Mary Rowark/Roark. Notice was taken that Miles sister Narcissa also named a son Gilford Garner Carson and yet another son Emery Carson. His half-sister Louisa also passed on her father Gilford's name as a middle name for her son Oscar Gilford Brammel. Emery's sister Sarah J. Garner is the only one further records were not found for going forward from a 1850 census that found the siblings firstly living in their father and step-mother's household in Warren County, MO., but also appearing on the same census year in the Lincoln County household of their maternal grandfather Alexander Collins, presumably as newer motherless children. Some public family trees list sister Narcissa's parents incorrectly as Stephen Trigg Garner and wife Mary Snoddy, but it can't be ruled out that Stephen Trigg Garner could have been a relative who helped raise Narcissa. This contributor suspects those parents are total error on part of other researchers. We know only that there was somebody else Narcissa lived with as a toddler or young child before returning once again to her grandfather Collins home. Whether she ever lived with her father and either of her step-mothers is unclear. Narcissa's later Pettis County, Death Cert does however list her parents as Gilford Garner and Unknown Collins. Please contact this contributor if you have these answers.

"Emery" came of age and married Mary J. Gray on 21 July 1859 per their Lincoln County Marriage Record which incorrectly lists her as Polley Grayon. She went by the nickname of "Polly". For those unfamiliar, back in the 1700's & 1800's, Polly was a very common nickname for Mary. They are seen as Emery Gamer and Polley Grayon on marriage records online due to multiple transcription errors including where they ran the word GRAY together with ON for Polly's last name, however, when you view the physical old document, her last name easily reads Gray. Her nickname and maiden names were also confirmed one way or the other on her children's death records, with one listing her as Mary and another Polly. A later Cando, N.D. history regarding son Charles Franklin Garner even refers to his mother as Mary Jane Gray.

"Emery" & "Polly" hit the 1860 US Census in Hurricane Twp., just a few miles from current day Elsberry soon after marrying with only their firstborns on that census with them and is listed as James T. Garner, still an infant.

A Enrolled Missouri Militia (Union) Civil War record listed as Garner, Emery M. was found on the Missouri Digital Heritage Website by the Lincoln County Genealogy Society that states he enrolled on 4 August 1862 in New Hope Twp. and was ordered into active service on 28 August 1962 at Troy, Lincoln County. He was a private in the 37th Reg't, Company E. Commander Captain Thomas R Reid. (Edit note: As the commanders name and initials were somewhat hard to read research found Capt. Thomas R. Reid aka Reide commanded that Union 37th. Regiment, Company E.) "Emery" was relieved of his duties on 30 April 1863 and the record says: No. of days of active service: 16.

By the 1870 US Census, they are enumerated at the New Hope Post Office, Hurricane Township, incorrectly as the "Garnet" household of Miles E. & Mary J., and their family has grown to five children.

Polly and Emery appear to have remained in the New Hope, Hurricane and Elsberry area as farmers, essentially for their entire lives. The last census they appeared on all together with their children was the 1880 US Census in Hurricane, Lincoln, Missouri, listed as M.E. Garner and M.J. Garner. They were still there in Elsberry when their daughter Missouri Ann was wed in their home in 1884 per a notation on Missouri and Glenn McLester's marriage certificate. All records and mention of them come up in those small villages and townships that are all only about 3-4 miles apart and are situated on the most eastern side of Lincoln County along the west bank of the Mississippi River which divides Missouri from Illinois. Going forward, future generations show much activity across the river in Alton, Illinois, including Garner's, McLester's and Roach relatives. Many working at the quickly growing Owens-Illinois Glassworks plant there, other's employed at Electric Power companies.

Lincoln County is forty miles north of St. Louis. In the late 1800's and early 1900's leading commerce was agriculture, live stock and horticulture, flour being the leading manufactured product at that time. There were mills in Troy, Winfield, Moscow and Silex, all within just a few miles of the above mentioned Elsberry. It was also one of Missouri's leading wheat producing counties and also a high producer of corn. New Hope Township appears to have gotten it's start as a post office where folks were found being enumerated on census. Hurricane Township was the location of a train station on the St. Louis, Keokuk & Northwestern Railroad, between Elsberry and Foley of which would be near where this cemetery is located if correct. Lincoln Counties main towns are Troy, Elsberry, Winfield, Silex, Moscow, Truxton, Foley, Olney (formerly Ninevah), Whiteside and New Hope; all supported by agriculture back then. It would then come as no surprise that records found our ancestors to be farmers (likely wheat) and owners of grist and flour mills, with some later descendants heading off to work in the Owens-Illinois Glass factory across the river in Alton, Illinois and later some dispersing to Cando, North Dakota and Minneapolis.

Of the children that record of their lives could be found, research indicated that they did not stray too far from their parents. Emery & Polly were the parents of James T. Garner of whom no records found can be positively confirmed, Missouri Ann Garner who married Glenn Clayton McLester, Alonzo Garner who married Susan Elizabeth "Lizzie" Roach, Charles Franklin Garner who married Catherine Alvina Dickhoff, William E. "Pete" Garner,confirmed to go by "Pete or Peter" at times, who married Lucy A. Sadewhite, Edward Huston Garner, and lastly Wesley, possibly named Henry "Wesley" Garner of whom nothing can be found beyond his name on his mother Mrs. Polly Garner's probate record found filed in Lincoln County, listed as Wesley Garner, but seen evidenced as Henry Wesley on a family history worksheet passed down to this contributor, but of which source is unknown. His name also appears as Wesley per census. That family worksheet also stated son James full name as James Thomas, but research showed there were two James Thomas Garner's in Hurricane Township in that era and can not definitively prove or disprove which one ties to these Garners. There was a Wesley Garner found in St. Louis, MO city directories working as a barber, but unconfirmed. Please notify this contributor if you have any information on James or Wesley. Both were still alive at the time Mrs. Pally Garner's probate records were filed at the Lincoln County Courthouse as they appear named along with Alonzo and William aka Pete as heirs.

1888: A Cando, Towner County, N.D. Surname Compilation mentions that son Charles Franklin Garner arrived in Cando in 1888 as an employee of the Canfield Company before moving much later to Maza to manage a farm, so there is evidence the father and son may have been in Cando together or rather that there was a Garner presence there in 1888 which may explain how Miles Emery came to die in Cando that same year, see below.

On 31 January 1888, Emery died for whatever reason while in Cando and son Charles was there that same year. It is unclear if he was simply visiting or working for his old friend Wm. Elsberry there. Research could not place any of their children there that early until Charles was found recently to have been in the area. The Lincoln County Genealogical society was able to find the above posted death notice, staff mentioned that it had been longer originally and a historian at one time burned the shortened versions to CD.

It is assumed because it is known that Mary "Polly" Garner, died 1 May 1894 in Elsberry, after her husband and was buried in the Star Hope Cemetery per her obituary, that Miles "Emery" Garner is buried there as well. It is also noted, that in the same cemetery with his wife are newer burials of Garner descendants carrying down his name. The headstones of those descendants show that Miles name has been carried down to a grandson and a great-grandson as both have middle names of "Miles". Those Garner's are descendants of Miles son Alonzo Garner and wife Sarah Eliz. (Roach), Garner lastly of Alton, Illiois. This contributor is aware of yet another 2nd great-grandson who had been named Miles Douglas Cook and a great-grandson who had been named Garner Charles Reedy in Washington State. At least one of Miles maternal aunts is buried at Star Hope Cemetery as well, she being Mildred Metty/Meddy (Collins) Palmer, is there with a headstone beside her husband John William Palmer.


Additional Reading:

1876: The Troy Herald (Troy, Mo.), 17 May 1876 edition, Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Library of Congress features an article telling of the pioneer life of Miles Emery Garner's maternal grandparents Alexander and Jane Collins in early day Lincoln County by interviewing Jane herself.


"Portraits & Biographical Sketches of St. Charles, Lincoln & Warren Counties, Missouri" under biography of John William Palmer, page 338-339 whereby it tells that John Palmer's wife was Mettie Collins and that her sister was Matilda Collins who had married Gilford Garner. Thus proving who this Miles Emery Garner's mother and father were. It also gives a brief accounting of all of Mr. Palmer's wife's parents, Alexander & Jane "Jennie" (Turner), Collins and their children" Matilda, Green, Margaret, John B., Casper etc. Further proof of the above is found in the Lincoln County probate records of both Alexander Collins and his widow listed in probate as Mrs. Jennie Collins, whereby they each left provision to the "heirs" of their "now deceased" daughter Matilda Garner. Conceivably referring to Miles Emery Garner and sisters Sarah and Narcissus.


SEEKING: This contributor is a direct descendant of "Emery" & "Polly" Garner and is seeking any contact with descendants including those of this Miles Emery Garner's grandson and great grandson Arthur Miles Garner and William Miles Garner buried in this cemetery who may have been passed down any family information pertaining to any of our shared great-grandparents. The burial places of Alexander and Jane Collins, Matilda Collins or Gilford Garner are sought as well as the names of Mary J. "Polly" Gray's parents. Also wondering if anyone knows what became of Miles sister Sarah Jane Garner referenced in sister Narcissa Carson's circa 1950's family history as Sarah (Garner), Hudson. Contributor is also interested in finding information regarding Miles Emery and Mary J. "Polly's Garner's sons Wesley or James. In the aforementioned circa 1950's family history it also tells that Narcissa, meaning it would apply to Miles as well is said to have been partially raised by an uncle Jacob Coyle, a slave owner in Franklin County, before she returned to "Grandfather Collins" household, seeking info on who Uncle Jacob Coyle/Coil was. Miles half-sister by step-mother Mariah Burtrain is also therein referenced as Aunt Mariah (Garner), Frolich/Froelich? Thank You. pc


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