Anna Gertrud <I>Hauben</I> Hutmacher


Anna Gertrud Hauben Hutmacher

Birgden, Landkreis Heinsberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Death 26 Jul 1874 (aged 43)
Wheeler, Jasper County, Illinois, USA
Burial Teutopolis, Effingham County, Illinois, USA
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Births Register

Municipality Gangelt District Geilenkirchen Government-Section Aachen

In the year 1831, on the 25th in the month May in the morning hour, there appeared before me, Andreas Hutmacher, the Mayor of Ganglet, a public official of here, the family status of the persons Anton Joseph Hauben 28 years old, Occupation linen weaver resident of Birgden, Government-Section Aachen, presented me a child of female gender for civil registration and I declare that this child was born on the twenty-fourth day of the month of May in the year 1831, and is born at the eighth hour of Anton Joseph Hauben and of Maria Josephus Jacobi, his wife, Her occupation linen weaver, resident of Birgden, on ? street in house number ? declare further this child was given the forename, Anna Maria. This presentation and declaration had taken place in the presence of Franz Hauben twenty-four years old, occupation linen weaver, inhabitant of Bridgen and of Gerhard Dreissen, thirty eight years old, occupation linen weaver, inhabitant of Brigden, and both of the aforesaid have declared as witnesses of the birth in accordance with their presence, the event took place, given attention to the register by my signature below

(Marriage Certificate)

Mayor's Office: Geilenkirchen County: Geilenkirchen Governmental District: Aachen

In the year eighteen hundred fifty-one, the fifth day of the month February, forenoon at eleven o'clock, appeared to me, Johann Peter …(*), provisional mayor of Geilenkirchen, as registrar, in the local community-hall:

O n t h e o n e s i d e: The Peter Joseph Hutmacher

born at Tripsrath on ninth September eighteen hundred eighteen, age thirty-two years, profession innkeeper, resident at Tripsrath, governmental district Aachen, son of the late Peter Hutmacher, profession ….(*), resident at Tripsrath and his wife Anna Gertrud Hutmacher, profession none, resident at Tripsrath, the latter being present and consenting,

O n t h e o t h e r s i d e: The Anna Maria Houben,

born at Birgden on twenty-fourth of May in the year eighteen hundred thirty-one, age nineteen years, profession maid servant, resident at Tripsrath governmental district Aachen, daughter of Anton Joseph Hauben, profession day labourer, resident at Birgden, and his wife Maria Josepha Jakobi, profession none, resident at Birgden, both of them already deceased,

and entreated me to legally unite them in matrimony, as agreed upon between both of them,

Considering that the necessary two public announcements of this marriage at the front doors of the community halls at Geilenkirchen and Waldenrath have taken place, namely the first one on Sunday the nineteenth and twenty-sixth January and the other one on Sunday the twenty-sixth and second February, and, furthermore, that the documents concerning the announcement of this betrothal have been attached properly and in public, and that no objection against this marriage has been presented to me,

and after I had inspected the rest of documents, which were to be submitted by the applicants to evidence their respective age and their legal authority to contract this marriage, namely:
1) The birth certificate of the bride,
The death certificates of the parents,
The death certificates of the grandparents on the mother's side,
and the death certificate of the grandfather on the father's side
are attached …….(*)
2) The death certificate of the grandmother on the father's side
and certificate concerning …….(*) ..... are attached ….(*)

The birth certificate of the bridegroom and the death certificate of the father of same, dated eighth November eighteen hundred forty-four are not attached and are filed in the registers deposited at this office,

I have asked, in order to comply with the said request, after reading aloud and clearly all documents stated above, as well as the sixth chapter of that article of the code of civil law, which concerns the matrimonial state, the bridegroom, stated above, and the bride, stated above, whether they are willing to get married.

Since each of them two replied positively to especially this question, I herewith declare, by act of law, that the Peter Joseph Hutmacher and the Anna Maria Houben are legally married.

Hereupon, I have drawn-up immediately the present certificate, covering all details, in the presence of the four witnesses, stated hereafter, namely:

1) Leonhard (?) Kuppers, sixty years old, profession saddler, resident at Geilenkirchen, cousin of the husband,

2) Carl Rade…..(*).. fifty-eight years old, profession …(*) –servant, resident at Geilenkirchen, not related

3) Johann Peter Hubert Reinartz……(*) …, thirty-six years old, profession ….(*), resident at …Cunshaven [Cuxhaven], not related

4) William Esser….(*), twenty-three years old, profession commercial servant, resident at Geilenkirchen, not related,

twice in original and, after reading it loud, have signed it together with the new married couple and the witnesses. The mother of the husband explained…… (*)…

(various signatures, Illegible)

(*) = illegible
William Esser
Olivia M…
Johann Peter Hubert Reinartz
Carl Rade
Leonard Kuppers

Source: Yearbook: Notes from Revision 7, 1 November 1979 of the Hutmacher Family tree

Anna Marie was born November 1, 1828 at Tripsrath, Germany and died at age 45 on July 26, 1874 at Teutopolis, Teutopolis, Effingham, Illinois, USA She is buried in the "Old Part" of St Francis Catholic Cemetery, N. Green Street, Teutopolis, Teutopolis, Effingham, Illinois, USA, the grave site from south bridge abutment, 64 feet west (uphill), 193 feet south, and 27 feet east (first row from east).

She was called "Gertrude." Anna M. G., a striking beauty, was a lady-in-waiting in one of the homes of the Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, to whom she was distantly related. Anna M.G.'s tombstone was broken in half many years ago. William Bryan Lumpkin, Anna M. G.'s great grandson, replaced the old tombstone at the grave site in July 1979. Both pieces of the old stone were buried under the new tombstone.

Her son, Joseph Anton, was born aboard ship while she was traveling to the United States in May, 1863. See Joseph Anton Hutmacher for the details.

NOTEs by Ronald J Repking: The birth date shown above in the Yearbook is incorrect. She was born on May 24, 1831. The list of births for Geilichkirchen shows that Anton Joseph was born there on May 16, 1863. The ship landing manifest for the Ship "Johann", dated May 1, 1864, has the name "Joseph" with an age of 1/2 year. This means the story contained in the citation shown above is incorrect. Anton was born prior to the ship sailing.


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