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 Daniel Lewis “Danny” McCain

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Daniel Lewis “Danny” McCain

  • Birth 24 Mar 1958 Montgomery, Montgomery County, Alabama, USA
  • Death 23 Feb 2014 Montgomery, Montgomery County, Alabama, USA
  • Burial Hope Hull, Montgomery County, Alabama, USA
  • Memorial ID 125808342

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Danny died on Sunday night, February 23, 2014 at his home with his Mom, Aunt Dianne, and his "adopted" son Zach at his bedside. He is survived by his mother, Patricia "Brady" McCain, father, William A. McCain, and two brothers, Matt McCain and Bill McCain. Danny was preceded in death by two brothers, Luke and Mark.

Danny also leaves behind many young friends whom he mentored and loved dearly. They came to be known as "Danny's Kids". They were the central focus of his life and they each knew that he loved them unconditionally. They loved him so much too. At his memorial service, they placed next to him little notes of love, flowers and pictures they had drawn. It was so sweet to watch them all together, but so very heartbreaking too.

Danny's Kids created a memorial page for him on Facebook and some of their posted memories are shown at the end of this memorial. They will break your heart and then mend it again. They are beautiful expressions depicting the innocent love of children.

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The story of Danny’s life is being told in this manner to show what can happen when teens allow drugs to take over and begin to control their lives. Hopefully, Danny’s story may help some other young person who may be at the point of taking the wrong path to not make the same mistakes. It also shows what can happen when you reach the lowest depths of that bottomless pit and see that there is no way to go but up if you really want to change your life. Danny's example became an inspiration for so many kids who came to love him dearly.

Danny was our firstborn, arriving one week after his mother’s seventeenth birthday. How wonderful to finally hold this much longed for and loved baby boy, and in the arms of his mother he was fed and rocked, smelling sweetly of Ivory soap and Johnson’s baby powder. What a joy to finally have this precious little gift from God to love and care for. He was the only child for three years and shared a very special bond with his mother.

Danny had just turned three when the new baby was due and a week after his third birthday his Dad took him to spend the night with his grandparents. He had never been away from his mother, even for one night, and was so traumatized that he spent the first hours crying inconsolably. Never was a little boy as happy as Danny when he got to come to the hospital the next day to see his mother, and also meet his baby brother for the first time. Remarkably, years later he recalled on the ride home from the hospital, asking if his baby brother could play Army Men with him when he got home. When Luke was just a toddler, there they were together playing his favorite game of Army Men in the back yard sand pile. Danny was a very sweet little boy, the perfect son, who loved his baby brother and was his protector.

Danny later told the story about when he was in the second grade, each morning one of his teachers let him walk the three blocks to the donut shop to get her a cup of coffee. He said he would sit at the counter while the lady fixed the coffee and she would give him a free donut to eat. He thought that was a pretty good deal. When he was nine, we bought a big old house across town with a large fenced back yard. After renovations, it was an ideal home in which to raise five boys and a dog, with good neighbors, lots of kids to play with, school was just three blocks away, and the church only a few blocks away.

Danny, a good student, and favored by his teachers, was selected to be a Police School Patrol Guard. At this time, boys were trained by officers of the Montgomery Police Department. They were put through regular drill practice and were well disciplined. Danny proudly wore his new uniform, badge, and whistle. Later, each of his four younger brothers also served at the same school. His mom spent many hours sewing patches on the sleeves of new uniforms at the beginning of each new school year. After the school year ended they were rewarded with a two week trip to a lakeside summer camp. Some of the stories he later told of their fun and games were hair-raising.

Danny, at a young age, inspired by a young minister who conducted a gospel meeting at church, had once expressed his desire to become a minister. Our families had been brought up in homes with a good Christian foundation.

Where does one begin to describe the pain when that little boy you have known and loved since you first held him in your arms as a baby becomes a teenager who begins to take the wrong path? Danny had always been polite, well-mannered and had an engaging personality and made many friends. The change was gradual, so there was no particular thing that was an indication of what was to come. He was arrested for possession of marijuana on school grounds and was suspended from school. At that time he was a senior and a member of the Track Team in high school. It was his passion,and he was their top runner. He spent six months in the Juvenile Detention Center. Danny applied himself during this time to doing things right. His instructors gave him extra privileges for good behavior and he was soon back home.

When he was released he went right back to school. It was then he found out that he was barred from the Track Team. He was devastated. He pleaded with the principle to let him back on the team but was denied due to his record. Even so, he stayed in school and attended summer classes, and an extra semester to receive his diploma. His favorite class was psychology, which he put to good use in later years. Being quite artistic, he loved art class too.

Danny’s first job was with UPS loading trucks and he bought his first car, a 1975 silver Trans-AM with the Firebird on the hood. It was his dream car. Never was anyone prouder than he as he washed and polished that car. Unfortunately, at this time he developed a serious lymph gland infection which put him in the hospital and after surgery and several months recovering; he had lost both his job and his car and was absolutely crushed. Years later, he bought a toy model car that was just like his car, which he kept for the rest of his life. More about his model car is told later.

Danny worked at various jobs for the next few years. The City Maintenance Department, where he learned landscaping, which was to become a life-long passion of his. One of his positive attributes was that he was not afraid of hard work and did his best to learn all he could in whatever job he undertook. He learned tree cutting and cut down even the largest trees using a harness, ropes, and climbing gear. Later he went into landscaping on his own. He designed and built a very unique greenhouse in the back yard that was totally automated down to the tiniest detail. He also built a large stone fish pond with a beautiful lighted waterfall flowing into it. Both the greenhouse and fish pond are still there today.

Danny was gone for long periods of time with no one knowing where he was or what he was doing, but he would always return home for Christmas. Brought up in a traditional home was something that he never forgot and is where his heart took him at these times; sometimes not in the best of circumstances himself, but “home” none the less. On one occasion he and his best friend went to Mobile and were there when hurricane Frederick hit. They worked at construction sites which is where he learned how to deck and roof houses. He also became a Disk Jockey at a radio station in Mobile and even went to New York for training. Later, while back in Montgomery, he got a job with the Fred Astaire Dance Studios where he became a professional dance instructor. He loved it and worked there for several years and is where he learned excellent communication skills. After all, he said, being a dance instructor meant also being a good salesman.

Being multi-talented, Danny could have done anything he wanted to do, but he let drugs take control of his life. In his good times he was very good, but in the bad times,it was really bad.This brought untold hardship on his family, especially his brothers who had to deal with all the problems that he created for them. This is when his Mom told him that he was not to come around any of the family again until he was totally clean. Unless a parent has experienced this, there are no words to describe the heartache of not knowing where or what is happening to the son you had loved and cared for since babyhood.To not even know if he is alive or dead, or cold, or hungry, or sick and scared is heart rending but also knowing there is nothing else you can do but wait and worry, and hope and pray that he will make it. Thus began the period of his life where he lived on the streets. Often cold and hungry, no money, no place to sleep, except in homeless shelters, he longed for the comforts of home; a place where he knew he could not go. These are things that his family learned later, when he relayed some of the horrendous details of his life on the streets.

It took three long heartbreaking years for him to make the decision to take back control of his life and face up to his past mistakes. With the help of an uncle, a minister, who knew a detective in law enforcement who researched his records in the courts, he was advised in which direction to go to begin to straighten out the mess he had made of his life. It took him about two years to complete everything but he succeeded in getting his record clean. After making some other changes in his life, he was like a new person.

One of his proudest moments was the day he got his driver’s license back, which had been revoked for years. This was one of the things he never took for granted again, and would often say that no matter how many mad drivers piled up behind him, he would never exceed the speed limit. The kids said this was true too, because it used to drive them crazy when they were with him.

Danny worked the rest of his life in roofing and decking new homes under construction. He had his own home, nothing fancy, with a large fenced front yard. He kept his lawn in immaculate condition. It was always freshly mowed with flowers planted and box wood hedges around his front patio. His neighbors were complimentary, telling him that he had the best looking yard in the neighborhood. That meant a lot to him. He took great pride in keeping it looking good.

It was during this time that the kids in the neighborhood became acquainted with him. Many of them came from dysfunctional families and one by one as they began to know him, they liked to come over and play in his big front yard. They also learned that Danny had rules. If you didn't follow the rules you had to leave. They learned to respect him for that. Danny was their hero. The rest is history.

The rest of Danny’s life story is told more through the kids and the positive effect that he had on those who had come to know and love him. They became known as “Danny’s Kids”. They seemed to be drawn to him. He was caring and compassionate; never too busy to stop and talk and spend time with them. They learned that they could talk to Danny about anything and he would never be judgmental or betray their confidences. He had learned life’s lessons the hard way and could identify with the problems they had. He never told a child what they should do, but taught them how to weigh the pros and cons of their actions and then make their own decisions.

The model Trans AM he had bought was left to one of his boys who wanted it to remember him by. He knew how much Danny had treasured it. Each child was given a choice of something they would like. Danny wrote extensive notes as to what was to be given to each child and it was done as he had wished. Behind the pictures are some stories of Danny and the kids. Below are some examples of the love and affection they had for him.

To My Kids "When You Remember Me"

Talk about the good times, and the ways you showed you cared,
The days we spent together, all the happiness we shared.
Let memories surround you, a word someone may say,
Will suddenly recapture, a time, an hour, a day.

That brings me back as clearly, as though I were still here,
And fills you with the feeling, that I am always near.
For if you keep these moments, we will never be apart,
Because I'll always be here with you, right there in your heart.

Love, Danny


KELSEY – February 25, 2014
This is going to be the hardest year of my life. I lost the person who means the most to me and now I can’t get him back. I’m so happy God put this wonderful man in my life. Even though he’s gone, I know I will never meet someone like him again. I still remember one weekend him picking us up like he did every weekend when we were little and I noticed that he had a perfect smile on his face and it never went away. I asked him why he smiled so much and he said, I only smile when I’m around y’all. Danny, I miss you so much, words can’t even explain my feelings right now and even though you’re gone, I still feel like you’re here. I just want to pick up the phone and have one of our conversations that lasted for hours. You always answered when I called no matter how late it was.

I remember when I was in 2nd grade and you came to my school for my birthday and gave me the prettiest pink ring I ever saw. I recall getting in trouble countless times that day because I couldn’t stop taking it out and just looking at it. I just feel like calling your house and hearing your voice mail. You’ve had Anna’s voice on it for years and at the end I’ll still wait for you to pick up. I wish I could call heaven. I would call every day just to hear you say hello and make me feel so much better.

Everything isn’t clear to me right now. I still feel like you’re here and the worst part is you’re not and I just wish it was me. I remember when we were little and we used to dance in the living room on Saturday when Momma would clean the house. Or when you made my room for me last year at your house and you found our little footprints on your wall from when I was about six. I remember all the times you bought us MacDonald’s.

I remember the day you told me you had cancer but it still wasn’t as bad as the day I lost you. Momma would come in my room many times in the night and just see me crying. She didn’t have to ask why. She already knew I was getting closer every day to losing you. Everyone has to go some day but I just wish yours wasn’t so fast. You left so many people behind who loved you Danny and I just wish you were still here. I called you Saturday and I’m happy I did. I told Ms. Pat to make sure she told you how much I loved you. You were the strongest person I’ve ever known Danny. You put up such a long fight and I’m so happy I was here with you.

I’m going to miss watching Michael Jackson on the big screen and seeing you moon walk across the kitchen floor just like he did. And the times you tap danced like on Riverdance; or when we watched your favorite movie, Water World. I don’t think I can bear watching it now, but when I do I will be thinking of you. I asked Momma to cook for me the other day. I know how much you loved her pork chops. You loved everything about her. I know I shouldn’t be crying like this because I know you’re in a better place and I know you’re not suffering anymore, but I just can’t believe you’re really gone. I’m still waiting to wake up from this nightmare.

I miss you so much! Please wait for me at the gates and save me a place right next to you. I can’t wait to see you again. Every time we came over to your house when you were sick you were still smiling. You never once frowned around us. I don’t think I have ever seen you frown. Remember when you took us on the trip to Florida for a day and I would write in the sand and the waves kept washing it away and I would write it again just to see you laugh. If I had any wish in the world it would be just to hug you one time. Not say a word or anything, just a hug. That’s what I need from you right now, and to see your smile as I walk away just the way you always did. I love you Danny!

HANNAH – February 25, 2014
It hurts, but I just remember how much he loved us and everything he taught us. All we can do is live our lives in a way that he would be proud of us. I think that day he took us to Florida for a day when we were younger is one of the happiest memories I have.

REGAN – February 25, 2014
R. I P. Danny, you will be missed. I know you’re in a better place, but it just now hit me you’re gone. I love you Danny.

SAVANNAH - March 5, 2014
I’m crying because the one I loved the most died and in 19 days it will be his birthday. I want to visit his grave and get down on my knees and tell him about all he taught me in life and that I will always remember him in my heart. I love you Danny. You will be gone forever but not gone to me. You will always be in my heart and never forgotten by me.

SKYE – March 19, 2014
I miss my Wedgewood peeps, and can’t wait to see them. I wish that none of us moved. We would still be together always. It is so much different without Danny because we miss him so much. Why couldn’t God take someone else but he just had to take the only person that we all loved and all would miss. I wish that I could just bring him back and take me out cause Danny is better than me. He made everybody happier than we were before. I can’t say anything else I’m crying too much, but I love all of y’all and miss all of y’all. I love you and miss you Danny.

LACY – March 24, 2014
Pawpaw, it’s your birthday and I can’t stop missing you. I love you more than anything on this earth. I’m very happy we shared all those memories. I love you!

ALEXIS – March 24, 2014
Happy Birthday Danny. I love and miss you! I still remember all the lessons you taught me and all the fun weird facts you smashed into our heads 24/7 and all the games and excitement and laughter you always kept us occupied with. Anyways, save me a spot! I love you and miss you lots and lots.

HANNAH – March 24, 2014
Happy Birthday, Danny. I miss you so much. I wish I could call and talk to you one more time. You understood me like no one else. I’ll always remember your last words to me were, I love you, when you were lying in bed before you left this world. I’ll always remember and love you Danny.

SAVANNAH – April 16, 2014
Can’t Get This Off My Mind!
Why did he have to get lung cancer?
Why isn’t there a cure for every sickness?
Why did God have to take him?
Why wasn’t he able to see me grow up and be amazing?
Why didn’t he get to see my children born and grow up too?
Why did God take the one I loved a bunch?
Heaven must be amazing since he’s there!
I hope I get to see him for the rest of my RIP days when it’s my time to be in Heaven!

KELSEY – June 4, 2014
Just thought I would come give your Facebook page a little love. I still think about you every day. Every time something happens I just want to pick up the phone and give you a call. I wish it was still that easy. I had a dream about you the other night, and ever since I can't get you out my head. When I called you that night if only I had just let Ms. Pat put the phone to your ear so I could tell you how much I loved you one last time. I miss you so much Daddy. Please, please, please save me a place in heaven right next to you. I miss all your stories and all the times we put movies on at one o'clock in the morning. The list can go on for hours!!! I promise I'm going to come visit you one day at the cemetery and bring you flowers. And bring you some sweet tea! You always asked for that! Gosh I miss you Daddy!!!

APRIL – November 27, 2014
I wish you were here. I could tell you how well I did in school. I made honor roll in AP classes. I know you’d be so proud of me. Sometimes I’ll see people who look just like you out in public and it shocks me and just kills me inside because I know that it’s not you. I miss you every day Danny, especially days like these. You have no idea how hard it is trying to write this post but you can’t find the words to say. I just wish you were here Danny. I miss you so much Danny. I wish I could call you every day once in a while and let you know how I am doing. I wish I could tell you how thankful I was for you while you were in my life. You made an impact on me I’ll never forget. You taught me that I should really try hard in school. That I should try to be the smartest that I can be. You taught Kelsey and me to be responsible. You’ll never know how important you were to us, but we love you so much Danny.

Danny now rests beside two of his brothers Luke and Mark with his grandparents Lewis Brady and Thelma "Burke" Brady and other family members in the Brady Cemetery at the old "Home Place".

Cause of death: Small Cell Lung Cancer that metastasized to his liver and spine.

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