Charlie Victor Rossi Hunt

Charlie Victor Rossi Hunt

Death 9 Nov 2009 (aged 1)
Earby, Pendle Borough, Lancashire, England
Burial Cremated
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Charlie's mother, Laura Chapman, met Darren Newton in the early months of 2009 after a moved put her next door to where he lived, with his parents. Laura thought she had found the man who could make her happy. Darren seemed to be a caring, loving man, it was all an act. Months before Charlie died, Darren started abusing and hurting him while filming it on his phone. At one point, Charlie was taken to the doctor because he was having fits. The Doctor thought that Charlie was just clingy and sent him home. Laura should have kept going back or changed doctors. One visit is NOT enough to help a child who is obviously in distress.

Charlie seemed like a happy little boy unless he was being abused by Darren. In the videos, Charlie would be seen in a happy mood, talking or playing by himself and then Darren would walk up on him and for no reason, start the attack. One night he stuck his finger in charlie's ear and twisted it while Charlie cried and tried to push his hand away. Before this attack was over, Charlie would be kicked to the floor. One night after that happened, in November of 2009, there was a need for the ambulance and Darren said that Charlie became sick while he was baby sitting. After being transported to the hospital, Charlie died, an hour later even with the staff attempts to help him.

Darren was arrested and at the beginning of the trial, jurors were shown some of the video he had taken and given names such as "Crying, no toys in pen, ahh", "Squeezing toe in cot", "Two minutes of pain", "Shivering no water" and "Happy slap". Happy slap is the video taken believed to be the attack that killed Charlie. Darren slaps him 12 times on his head while he screams and cries as well as the incident where he pokes him in the ear. Charlie was forced to stay in a tub with no water while he shivered from the cold.

Doctors found bruising, swelling and bleeding to Charlie's brain and his eyes were also bleeding as well as areas of dead brain tissue and injuries that were thought to have been from back when Charlie was taken to the hospital and Laura was told that he was just clingy. At the time of his death, Charlie was almost blind due to optic nerve damage. In December of 2010, Darren Newton was found guilty and sentenced to life with the possibility of parole after 24 years

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