Capt Parker Caswell “Mack” Peedin

Capt Parker Caswell “Mack” Peedin

Smithfield, Johnston County, North Carolina, USA
Death 30 Oct 2009 (aged 74)
Burial Cremated, Location of ashes is unknown
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Grandson of:
Levi Parker Stout 1888-1960
Ethel A Bundy Stout 1890-1998

Son of:
Raymond Peedin
Velma Stout Peedin

Sibling of:
Merilee Peedin Bunce
Ruth Peedin Field

Husband of:
Dianne Britton (m. 4.16.1955 Johnston NC; d. 9.1967 Pinellas, FL)
Mary Josephine Mackie Vance Peedin

Step-Father of:
Jane M Mackie
Linda K Mackie

In 1956 Mack was employed in the Research Department at the State College in Raleigh and Dianne was working in the personnel Department. In 1956 both he and Dianne are Research Engineers at NCSC.

Known addresses:
1986 - Selma NC
1995 - 112 W Riverside Dr, Smithfifeld, NC
- 278 RR 4, Selma, NC
1994 - Hwy 70, Smithfield, NC

Mack Peedin was the co-pilot of the ill-fated 52, Buzz One Four that crashed into Big Savage Mountain in Maryland when a known structural defect caused the tail section to break off in severe turbulence. He and the pilot survived. The other three crew members perished.

Main article: 1964 Cumberland B-52 crash
A USAF Boeing B-52D-10-BW Stratofortress, 55-060, Buzz One Four, of the 484th Bomb Wing, Turner AFB, Georgia, suffers structural failure in turbulence of winter storm as blizzard socks the East Coast, crashes approximately 17 miles SW of Cumberland, Maryland. The bomber comes down in a small valley on Elbow Mountain in a state park. Pilot, co-pilot, eject, survive. Navigator, tail gunner, eject, die of exposure. Radar nav fails to eject, rides airframe in with two nuclear weapons on board. The pilot, Maj. Thomas W. McCormick, 42, of Hawkey, West Virginia, telephoned the Air Force in Washington, D.C. from a farmhouse near Grantsville, Maryland, saying that he was apparently the last of his crew to bail out, having heard the other seats leave the aircraft before he ejected. The US Army sends a 15-man team of bomb disposal experts from Fort Meade, Maryland, and the USAF dispatches a 35-man rescue team from Andrews AFB, Maryland. Both bombs survive intact and are recovered. The Stratofortress was also carrying two AGM-28 Hound Dog air-to-ground missiles. The aircraft was returning from a 24 Hour Airborne Alert mission (referred to a "Chrome Dome" mission diverted to Westover AFB in Massachusetts for repair of inflight maintenance issues, spending the night at Westover before returning to Turner AFB. (See also 1964 Savage Mountain B-52 crash, linked below).

A video with Parker, a story of survival can be viewed at Nuclear Weapon Accident - Story of Survival

Crew of Buzz One Four
Pilot: Major Thomas W. McCormick 1921-1997
Co-Pilot: Captain Parker C Peedin
Radar Bombardier: Major Robert E Townley 1922-1964
Navigator: Major Robert Lee Payne 1922-1964
Tail Gunner: TSgt Melvin F Wooten 1936-1964

The following links are to .pdf articles about the Crash of Air Force Buzz One Four and it's crewmen.

Historical Marker Database
A Night To Remember
B-52 Crash (This is five pages full of photos and newspaper articles.)
1964 Savage Mountain B-52 Crash (An easy to read (with lots of details)Wikipedia source.)
The Rush to Cover the Crash of B52
Inmates to Clear Trail to B-52

Almost 50 years later this is still in the current news
Debris from 1964 crash still litters West Maryland- VideoSept 26, 2013

Cumberland Times Letter to the Editor
(This link is defunct, so with permission from the author, it is copied below in full.)

August 2013
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 9:39 PM
Subject: B 52 crash 1964

I, recently, guided family members of one of the victims of the B 52 crash in 1964, on a tour of the monuments in memory of the servicemen who lost their lives in the crash. We were in agreement that more recognition is due for these men who gave their lives in the service of their country.

Navigator, Robert Payne, who perished on the Poplar Lick ORV Trail, is memorialized by a monument that is 2 1/2 miles down the ORV trail from New Germany Road. The closing of the road, and the consequent reduction in the number of people in that area, has left the memory of Robert Payne nearly as isolated as he was, himself, in the winter of 1964. A sign at the top of the trail, on New Germany Road, explaining the story of the crash, and informing the public of the location of Payne's memorial, is a small price to pay to preserve the memory of this fallen hero.

Bombardier, Robert Townley, whose family was in the area, recently, is memorialized by a monument that is on private ground, on Pine Swamp Road, near Barton. Again, a parking area for several cars, on public property along Westernport Road, a sign with the story of the crash, and a monument to Robert Townley, is minor compensation compared to the sacrifice that Major Townley made. Perhaps, there could even be a letter box at the monument in Grantsville, with directions to the monuments for the three servicemen who perished in the crash. Time should not diminish the appreciation for the sacrifice that these men made. They died for their country the same as if they were fighting on foreign soil.

The monument for Melvin Wooten, the tailgunner on the B 52, in West Salisbury, Pa., should be the standard for all of the monuments. It's inspiring to see the beautiful stone, the American flags, and the well kept flower bed that surrounds the monument. A sign at the site lists all of the organizations who contributed to the creation and maintenance of the site. Congratulations to all. It restores my faith. The two servicemen who perished in Garrett County deserve the same recognition.

2014 will mark the 50th anniversary of the crash. In recogniton of this milestone, let us make more effort to preserve the memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice, when they fell from the crippled plane into our area, in the snowy darkness of January 13th of 1964. This is no way to treat our veterans.

Melvin Schriver, Jr.
19806 Big Lane SW
Midland, Md. 21532
(301) 463-5245

  Jan 9th, 2014, 5 days prior to the 50th anniversary, John Josselyn debuted this new website to honor the crew
         Buzz One Four
This is a very comprehensive website and contains not only the previously noted web pages but new information, documentation, and photos as well.

2014, Jan 19; 6 days after B-52 Crew Honored by Maryland General Assembly

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