Sheba (Cat)

Sheba (Cat)

Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 15 Jun 2013 (aged 16)
Burholme, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA
Burial Animal/Pet
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Our 3rd Cat

Our daughter wanted to go to Petsmart to buy some giraffe figurines for her room. In Petsmart was a section from the S.P.C.A. with dogs and cats up for adoption. In cages were 2 dogs and on top of the dogs were 3 cats. Two were adult cats and a smaller gray tabby leaning up against the bars trying to get our attention. My daughter told me that the cat is looking straight at me and when I looked, the cat was trying to get pass the bars to us. I thought that was rather cute. Plus her name was Sheba. A name I always wanted for a cat. My daughter wanted me to take her home. I told Sandy that her dad wouldn't take in another animal since we had 1 dog and 2 cats. My daughter called home and I was surprised that my husband said sure, why not. So we took Sheba home on January 12, 1997. A very friendly, not afraid of nothing type of cat. Sheba had a nice personality and was a handful. She was about 3 to 4 months old.

When we released Sheba in our house, the cat was so wired up she ran to explore everything. Up the stairs, down the basement, you name it. Sheba hit all bases in our house. I guess she was cooped up in a cage too long. But I let her have the run of the house. Sheba came right up to Shaggy and licked her face. Now the 2 adult cats I had there was another story. Misty swatted her and Tammy growled. It didn't stop Sheba from making friends with them. She won them over after a few days. I took her to the vets when she was old enough to get spayed. The S.P.C.A. gave me a voucher to have her fixed. And she was declawed at the same time. But the vet messed up her front claws while removing them. Sheba had trouble with her front paws for the next 16 years. They were very tender. So we knew not to touch her front paws.

Sheba was my favorite cat and she was always with me. I could be on the computer, Sheba would lay across the desk. I go to bed with her by my side or Sheba would sleep across the pillow at the top of my head. If I move from one room to another, she followed. She was my shadow. In my eyes, Sheba was a very unique cat. NO other cat can match her personality or ways.

The last year or so Sheba was starting to show her age. Misty, our Florida cat, was 3 1/2 years older and was doing a lot better than Sheba. Up to about April of 2013, Misty was much heavier and more active than her. Sheba was really having a hard time walking plus she lost her ability to jump the year before. I think she had arthritis in her front legs. But in May 2013, Misty went downhill rather fast and died May 16th. It really shocked us since the cat was doing so good. Especially at 20 years old.

Sheba started to get depressed after Misty's death but we had Ginger who is my daughters cat at our house. Ginger was some company for our cat. But I saw such a change in Sheba after Misty's death it was frightening. Sheba wanted me to hold her around the clock. (and I did) I put her down and she cried. I think Sheba knew it's her turn now and wanted me to be with her. It broke my heart watching her slip so fast when we were still grieving over Misty. Thirty days after Misty's death, Sheba was dying. She had me up all night wanting to be held. She had a strange angle to her head. I think Sheba had a mini stroke and she had that dead look now. I called my daughter and she came down to go to the vets with me. Sandy took one look at Sheba and knew she was not going to make it. The vet saw the same thing. Sheba was going and fast. She was put to sleep and I can't believe we lost our two long time cats 30 days apart. Merlin died 2 years prior. We lost all 3 of our cats in less than 2 years. Sheba died at 10:57 a.m. on Saturday, June 15, 2013, from old age. She was cremated at the Evercare Veterinary Crematory in Warminster Pennsylvania and have her ashes.

Rest in peace Baby Girl. I miss you so much!

Sheba aged 16 years, 8 months, 3 days

(In human years she would have been 83 yrs old)

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