Richard Addis

Churchville, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 16 Jun 1842 (aged 93)
Union, Union County, South Carolina, USA
Burial Non-Cemetery Burial
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In 1840 living with Andrew Culbertson family
From Union District. Served under Capt. Thomas Brandon. 1776, served under Capt. Benjamin Jolly, Col. John Thomas. 1779, served under Capt. Alexander Gaston, Col. Thomas Brandon (2nd Spartan Regiment). Under Capt. Benjamin Jolly again. Then under Capt. Joseph Hughes at the Battle of Cowpens (2nd Spartan Regiment).

A South Carolina, Union District: To Wit
On the 11th day of October 1832 personally appeared in open court before the Judge of the Court of common Pleas & Sessions now sitting for said District Richard Addis a resident of Union District aged Eighty-Four years the fourth day of next February who being first duly sworn on his oath doth make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832 that he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated. "I entered the service in the month of October 1775 as a volunteer in Captain Brandon's [Thomas Brandon's] Company in the Regiment commanded by Colonel John Thomas and Major Henderson [William Henderson] and served in the Tour known by the name of the "Snow Camps" about four months. In May 1776 I [was] drafted and Joined the company commanded by Captain Jolly [Benjamin Jolley] in Colonel Thomas's Regiment and marched to Prince's Fort and thence pursued the Indians to the neighboring town and having destroyed them returned to the Seneca Fort and after joining with other forces crossed the mountains and had one engagement with the Indians and then returned by way of the Chota Town to the Seneca Fort where we were discharged in October by Colonel Thomas. I was then drafted under Captain Gaton [sic, Alexander Gaston] in Colonel Thomas Brandon's Regiment we then marched into Georgia and destroyed a great deal of corn and had a skirmish with a Party of Indians Major Ross [Francis Ross] was wounded and died shortly afterwards I served three months in this Tour – the time I was discharged I do not precisely recollect. In 1779 I was drafted under Captain Gaston in Colonel Brandon's Regiment and marched to Inaquaw [?] Swamp and thence to Stono but was discharged before the battle [Stono Ferry, June 20, 1779] was fought I was drafted three months which time I served in the last tour. I was then drafted to go to Charleston in 1780 in Captain Jolly's Company in Colonel Brandon's Regiment I served three months and was then discharged a few days before Charleston fell into the hands of the British [Charleston South Carolina fell to the British on May 12, 1780]. I then returned home and served as a volunteer in several expeditions against the Tories under no particular officers the time and length of time I do not recollect. I was at length volunteered in Colonel Joseph Hughes' Company in Colonel Brandon's Regiment and was at the battle of the Cowpens [January 17, 1781] where Morgan [Daniel Morgan] defeated Tarleton [Banastre Tarleton] after the battle I continued in an irregular Scouting service until the entire cessation of Hostilities. I have no documentary evidence of my services and refer to Captain Joshua Palmer who knew me throughout the war. I do hereby relinquish every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declare that my name is not on the Pension Roll of the Agency of any State. In answer to the Interrogatories proposed by the court I answer:
1st & 2nd – I was born Bucks County Pennsylvania on the 4 February 1749 as I have it

recorded at home and my Parents moved to Union District in South Carolina when I was quite small. rd
3 – I lived in Union District South Carolina when I entered the service and have lived here ever since.
4th – I first served as a volunteer and then was drafted, and once went as a Substitute. 5th & 6th – see within
7th --I refer to the Reverend Isaac McKissick a clergyman of Union District William
Palmer and William Morehead to prove my character for truth and moral deportment. Sworn to & subscribed the day and year aforesaid.
S/ Richard Addis
[p 23: Isaac McKissick, a clergyman, William Moorhead and William Palmer gave a standard supporting affidavit.]
[p 13]
State of South Carolina, Union District
Richard Addis appeared personally before me and deposeth as follows in order to explain & make more explicit his application for a pension under the Act of Congress of the 7 of June 1832 --& Saith that he entered the Service of the United States in behalf of his County during the Revolutionary War against the British, Tories & Indians. I entered the Service as a Volunteer under Captain Brandon and Served a Tour of four months to Granby, Rabun's Creek [sic, Rayborn Creek] &c. in May 1776 I was drafted in the Company of Captain Jolly and served a tour against the Indians of five months – I was again drafted under Captain Gastin and served another Tour against the Indians of three months – I was again drafted in 1779 under Captain Gaston my Tour was for three months which Tour I served. I was again drafted 1780 in Captain Jolly's Company, and served another Tour of three months. I again Volunteered so repeatedly and was out so often until the Close of the War, in an engagement at Stallions – Battle of the Cowpens, &c. who by reason of old age & consequent loss of memory cannot state positively as to the precise length of time, but believes was out at least nine months-- which would make in all during the Revolutionary [war] two years & three months from the best recollection this deponent now has of his Services. And the deponent further saith that Captain Joshua Palmer can certify as to the services of this deponent being out repeatedly together.
S/ Richard Addis
Sworn to & subscribed before me this 20 May 1833. S/ John Parham, JP
[p 22]
South Carolina, Union District 1
Personally appeared before me Joshua Palmer
directs saith he is well acquainted with the aforesaid Richard Addis who he saw subscribe to and swear to the foregoing declaration and that he was acquainted with the said Richard Addis through the War of the revolution and this deponent does very [sic] believe all the declarations of
1 Joshua Palmer S21912
– who after being Sworn as the law

th the said Richard Addis is just and true. Sworn to and subscribed before [me] this August 20 ,
S/ L. Whitlock, JP
S/ Joshua Palmer
[The veteran was pensioned at the rate of $60 per annum commencing March 4 , 1831, for
service as a private for 18 months in the South Carolina militia.] [A note in the file indicates the veteran died June 16, 1842]
South Carolina Audited Accounts2 relating to Richard Addis AA8 Audited Account Microfilm file No. 41
[p 2]
No. 2333 Book X
7 April 1786 Richard Addis
For 93 days duty as a horseman from 13 November 1779 to 13 February 1780 – inclusive in Captain Benjamin Jolly's Company at 20/, 348 days as a do from 7 May 1782 the 25th June 1781 alternating the in ditto at ditto, 31 days as private of foot from 1 April to 1 May 1782 – inclusive in Captain Hughes Company at 10/& 31 days as ditto from 29 May 229 June 1782 inclusive in
ditto at 10/ Charged
[p 3]
The State of South Carolina
Stg [Sterling]
£472.10 £67.10
348 15.10
15.10 £472 £67.8.6 3⁄4
To Richard Addis Dr.
To 93 Days Duty done as Horseman from
the 13 November 1779 to 13th February 1780 both Days Included per pay Bill of Captain Benjamin Jolly – Certified per Colonel Brandon @ 20/
To 348 Days Duty as do from the 7th May
1782 the 25th of June 1781 Jolly
Per pay Bill of do Cert. per do
To 31 Days Duty as private of foot from
the 1st April 21 May 1782 th
To 31 days Duty as do from the 29
To 29th June 1782 Inclusive per pay Bill
of do Cert. per do
[SC curr

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