Misty (Cat)

Misty (Cat)

Orlando, Orange County, Florida, USA
Death 16 May 2013 (aged 19–20)
Burholme, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA
Burial Animal/Pet
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Our 1st Cat

Misty came into our lives down in Florida while we were on vacation the summer of 1994. Not knowing my kids were feeding her, Misty hung around our condo the entire week. Misty had a skinny body from starving attached to a big head. She went through 3 cans of cat food per day. This went on until she started to maintain some weight. The last time I had a cat was Boots back in 1964 and we had to get rid of him because my mom was allergic to cats. It triggered her asthma. So it's been 30 years since I had a cat.

We promised the kids if Misty stayed with us when it was time to leave for Daytona, we'll adopt her. O' course she did stay with us for the next 19 years. We had to find a motel that took animals. After some looking we found a place and the owners waived the $25 fee when they found out we're taking this stray home up North.

Misty took that long drive home very nicely. The drive was over 1,000 miles. She wouldn't eat or drink and only used the litter box once. As soon as we got home, Misty had to be introduced to two dogs. Sam was the brave one to go first and sniffed this new arrival. Misty looked at these two enemies, hissed and when Sam came close to her, she swiped the poor dog across his nose which left 3 large gashes. Shaggy saw what happened to her friend and backed off. Misty has already established her place as 'Queen'. She kept that title to the day she died.

Misty went to the vet for a complete check-up, declawed and spayed. Since she was 'Queen' and the only cat, she kept our two dogs at bay. And o' course she was checking out the guinea pig we had. But all were friends. If Misty didn't like what was going on, she would use her front paws and slap. She had a hard slap. When Tammy and Sheba came into our home, Misty made sure they knew who was boss. Sheba took a little longer to learn this and was swatted many times by Misty. Nobody messed with 'The Misty'. She was always calm, nothing scared her.

Misty started showing signs of decline the last two weeks of her life. More so the last week. You could see she was getting weaker. She was losing control of her bowels. She couldn't step into the litter box. She wanted to jump and was missing her target. The last day she had a bowel movement in the middle of the living room. She would just lay in the front bay window with her eyes slit open and had that dead look. When I took her to the water dish, she just sniffed it and wanted no food. The end is approaching. I've seen that dead look before. I called the vet. She was down to 5 pounds. She lost 2 pounds since the last time I weighed her. The vet felt her stomach and he detected a mass near her bowels and lower intestines. The mass wasn't as large as Merlin's tumor, our other cat who died 2 years prior, but it was a tumor. We had a choice. The vet can give us pain medicine and pills to increase appetite, but Misty would have to be force fed and forced with the drinking. It would buy her a little more time. I was not going to let this happen. I did that with Merlin and he suffered 10 days and still had to be put down.

Misty was born sometime in 1993. When we first got her, the vet told us she was between 10 to 18 months old. My son Mike made her birthday September 1, 1993 but I pushed her birthday back to at least Spring of that year. The Sept 1st date is ten months prior to when we found her in July 1994. Misty lived a full and care free life with us. We're going to miss 'The Boss' around the house. Misty died at 5:35 p.m. on Thursday, May 16, 2013. She was cremated at the Evercare Veterinary Crematory in Warminster Pennsylvania and have her ashes.

Rest in Peace Misty. We all miss you dearly!!

Misty aged to at least 20 years. (Give or take a few months) She outlived 3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 Guinea Pigs. (In human years she would have been around 96 to 100 yrs old)

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