Marlin R. Green


Marlin R. Green

Layton, Davis County, Utah, USA
Death 23 Apr 1991 (aged 77)
Noxon, Sanders County, Montana, USA
Burial Noxon, Sanders County, Montana, USA
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Marlin R. Green

Marlin R was the second son born to Reuben and Mabel Green. He was born 23 September 1913. His brother John was born 20 October 1912 and died 4 days later. So this couple was excited to have a healthy baby boy.

Marlin was raised on a farm so he became a rugged little boy. Marlin attended grade school at Layton, Utah. During his years at grade school he was in many fights. He started school when he was seven and had 3,000 fights that first year. (Marlin's confession). He fought all the kids and teachers. Each year it got a little worse. His worst year was in the fourth grade and he and his teacher and principal were always fighting.

When Marlin was little he was always going over to his grandmother Rushforth's house. He loved listening to her telling him stories. Marlin knew he was his grandmother's favorite grandson. She gave him a huge glass egg and every time he went over to her house, she would let him play with it. But when another one of her grandchildren came over and wanted to play with the egg she would always say no and put it away. When Grandmother Rushforth would water her flowers, Marlin would make little dams all over the garden.

Marlin attended Junior High at Kaysville, Utah. While a eighth grade student, the teachers believed that if the student learned all required and prepared for that year, they could leave school. On April 1st, Marlin left the eight grade and fooled around the rest of the school year. While a freshman Marlin went out for track and placed first in the cross-country run. Marlin attended high school at Kaysville County High school. While in high school he took part in boxing, tract, and football. In his senior year he won first place in the cross country run. Those taking part were college kids and high school kids from all over Utah.

Marlin graduated from high school in May of 1932. The fall of 1934 Marlin started college. Marlin worked his way through college. He participated in boxing and track during college years. Marlin went into college at Utah State with the idea of graduating with a BA degree in Civil Engineering.

When a Junior in college his best friend, Dale Harris, got him a blind date. The blind date was with Iva May Rollins. After many dates Marlin asked Iva to marry him. Iva thinking him a smart aleck college boy, refused. After four months Marlin began dating her again. After dating a few months he again asked her to marry him. She said NO. Then with off and on dates they started dating serious again. After a couple months he asked Iva again to marry him. Remember they say three is a charm….well this time she said YES. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple the evening of May 5, 1928. A wedding supper was held at the home of the bride after which they drove to their new home in Coleville, Utah. Marlin was stationed there as a hydrographer on the Weber River. They lived at this place during the summer of 1938.

In September they moved to Logan, Utah where Marlin finished his Senior year at Utah State College and graduated with a BA degree in Civil Engineer in June 1939. During this time their first child, son Marlin K Green was born on January 26, 1939. After graduating the little family moved back to Coleville, Utah where Marlin continued work on the Weber River as a hydrographer.

In September 1939, the couple moved to Provo, Utah where Marlin took a job with the City engineer of Provo. Their second son Phillip Carl Green was born June 17, 1940 at Spanish Fork, Utah. He enjoyed his work very much but the thought of advancement in mind, he accepted a position with the Bonneville Power Administration in Portland, Oregon. The family then moved in November 1940, to Portland, Oregon.

The family traveled throughout Oregon and Washington for two years living in the towns of Cathlamet, Washington; Longview, Washington; Corvallis, Oregon; Portland Oregon; Mosses Lake and Wenatchee Washington; Klamath Falls, Oregon; and Lake Church View, Oregon. They lived about 2-4 months in each town. While living in Wenatchee, Washington, their third son, Charles Dee Green was born February 28, 1943.

From Moses Lake, Washington the family moved to Seattle, Washington in 1944 where Marlin gook a position with the US Army Engineers. The couple resided at Renton, Washington for twelve years. During these twelve years daughters Karen Larane born March 1, 1946; Judy Ann born October 23, 1947; Marlene Green born 26 April 1950; and Iva Janet born July 18, 1953 became part of the family. The boys were excited of the thought of girls being in the family to now relieve them of washing dishes. Now the family was complete…3 boys and 4 girls.

Twelve years later in 1956, the family moved to Helena, Montana where Marlin accepted a position as Supt at Helena Sand and Gravel. Marlin and family got in lots of fishing time in Helena. After four years living in Helena and enjoying it very much, the family then moved to Lewiston, Montana. They lived in Lewistown for 4 years. Lewistown was such a beautiful area. Marlin worked for Central Construction and was gone most week days and would be home just for the weekend. He worked for a company that put down asphalt roads. His two sons, Charles and Phillip worked with their dad during the summer time and earned money to pay for their college education.

After 4 years the family consisting of Marlin, Iva, Judy, Marlene, and Janet moved to Great Falls, Montana. They lived in Great Falls, Montana for about 3 years and then the family moved to Richland, Washington. Marlin was city engineer for this community. While living in Richland Marlin bought his dream retirement property in Noxon, Montana. He dreamed of moving closer to his new property he had purchased.

In June of 1969, one morning army military personnel knocked on their door there in Richland. They had come to notify Marlin and Iva that their son, Charles Dee Green had died on June 11, 1969, in Vietnam. It took about 10 days for Chick's body to be returned to the states. A funeral was held and Chick was buried there in Richland, Washington. This was a extremely hard time for Marlin & Iva. Nothing could compensate for the loss of their son. Marlin never really got over the death of his youngest son.

The family lived in Richland for about 3 years and then moved to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Marlin again was city engineer for the town. The family had changed, Janet was only child left at home and she was single. It seemed each town Marlin and Iva moved to, Marlin and Iva gained a son-in-law or daughter-in-law. They enjoyed living in Coeur d'Alene….only 2 hours away from their retirement property. They would drive up each weekend and work on their property.

Marlin and Iva lived in Coeur d'Alene for about 4 years and then Marlin quit his job and they moved to Sandpoint, Idaho….only 1 hour away from Noxon. Marlin was city engineer there in Sandpoint. He enjoy his years in Sandpoint working for the city.

About 1980 Marlin quit his job in Sandpoint and retired and moved to Noxon, Montana. He was now retired. He loved being retired and working on his dream farm all week long. He raised cows, horses, sheep, and pigs. Marlin loved everything about his 40 acre farm. It had a beautiful view of the countryside there in Montana. He worked hard everyday building the farm. He had a reputation for buying all available lumber to add on a new barn or shed.

About 1981, Marlin's wife Iva was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Marlin had a very hard time accepting this illness. This was very hard for Marlin seeing his wife that he dearly loved changing so. Iva was slowly losing her ability to do most everything. She was slowly forgetting who we all were. Iva went to live with her daughters.

On April 23, 1991, Marlin was out cutting down a dead tree near the upper pond. It appeared that he had run out of gas for the chain saw. He was walking back to house to get more gas (we assume) when a sudden burst of wind came through. The partially cut down tree was hit by the wind and the tree fell and hit Marlin on the head. He died instantly. The neighbor at the end of driveway had invited Marlin to lunch. When Marlin didn't come on time, the neighbor became concerned and came up to the farm to look for him. The concerned neighbor saw that the truck and car were there in the driveway. So be began to walk around farm to look for Marlin. He found Marlin laying on the ground….dead.

His funeral has held in Noxon, Montana on 27th April 1991. The blessing of it all…Marlin never went through his wife's death and Iva never experience her husband's death. Iva died 6 months later on 3 October 1991. Marlin did suffer greatly seeing all the changes in his wife's mind and loosing her slowly. But he didn't have to grieve her physical death. He was a good father that loved his wife dearly and dearly loved his children too. He always provided for them and taught them many things of life. Marlin and Iva have been greatly missed.

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