Find A Grave Help


You can download the data you have added to a cemetery or data stored in one of your virtual cemeteries by going to Account Settings and then selecting 'Download Data'.


A person's grave (virtual or real) is not an appropriate place to express negative sentiments or your own personal opinions. Unfortunately, a very small minority do not share that opinion. Filtering is used to assist in preventing this abuse. If you see ‘under review’ next to the flower, then the flower will be reviewed by a moderator before it will appear on the memorial.

The 'My Scrapbook' feature serves two purposes. First, it lets you upload 'Custom Flowers' that can then be added to memorials, just like the standard virtual flowers. These Custom Flowers can be photos or animated GIFs. Second, the 'My Scrapbook' feature lets you collect and store the flowers and graphics you use most often in one convenient place.

Virtual Cemeteries

A Virtual Cemetery is a collection of names found on Find A Grave grouped by any specification the member wishes. Memorials listed in Virtual Cemeteries can be buried in multiple different cemeteries. Virtual Cemeteries may be public or private.

From your profile select the +Add button next to 'My Virtual Cemeteries'. Add the Virtual Cemetery Name, short description, and whether it will be public or private. Then Save.

From a memorial, click the +Save To button at the top right, select 'Virtual Cemetery' and click the + Create a Virtual Cemetery button.

From the memorial, select the +Save To button in the upper center of the memorial. Select the virtual cemetery to add or remove the memorial and Save. If you do not currently have a virtual cemetery, you can also create one here.

From your profile select Virtual Cemetery. From here you can select Edit to edit the virtual cemetery or the trash can to delete the virtual cemetery.