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Famous Graves in Slovenia

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Capt Mihaly Hadik

unknown – 1603

Military Figure. He was the hungarian captain of the castle at...

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Saint Nazarius

Birth and death dates unknown.

Saint. Bishop of Koper in the 6th century and Patron of the town...

Carlos Kleiber

3 Jul 1930 – 13 Jul 2004

German-born Orchestra Director. Son of Musician Erich Kleiber, he...

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Fany Hausmann

15 Apr 1818 – 4 Apr 1853

Slovenia's first woman poet.

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Katarina Of Bosnia

1336 – 1396

Princess of Bosnia. Daughter of King Stephen the Second and his...

Herbard of Auersperg

15 Jun 1528 – 22 Sep 1575

Serbian Nobility. He controlled the Slovenian-Croatian...

Marie-Therese-Charlotte of France

19 Dec 1778 – 19 Oct 1851

French Royalty. Marie-Therese-Charlotte was the oldest and only...

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Diemut Von Walsee

1298 – 14 May 1353

Countess Von Walsee. Wife of Frederick the First Count of Celje.

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Josip Jurcic

4 Mar 1844 – 3 May 1881

Author, Journalist. Born a subject of the Austo-Hungarian Empire...

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Gebhard Von Soune

1130 – unknown

Lord of Sannegg. Ancestor and founder of the Counts of Celje. He...

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Otakar Of Styria

1124 – 31 Dec 1165

He was the margrave of Styria and controlled a large area in what...

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Anna Von Sternberg

1238 – 1285

Countess of Sternberg. Daughter of Heinrich of Sternberg. Wife...

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Dr France Preseren

3 Dec 1800 – 10 Feb 1849

Noted Poet. He was the premier poet of Slovenia. His poem "A...

Frederick of Celje

17 Jan 1379 – 9 Jun 1454

Slovene Folk Figure. He was the son of Herman the Second and his...

Leon Stukelj

12 Nov 1898 – 8 Nov 1999

He was an Olympic gold medalist, winning 2 in 1924 in gymnastics...

Charles X

9 Oct 1757 – 6 Nov 1836

French Nobility. He was the youngest brother of Kings Louis XVI...

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Valentine Vodnik

3 Feb 1758 – 8 Jan 1819

Noted Slovene Poet. His poem "The Alarm Clock of Illyria" was...

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Johann Of Celje

1410 – 15 Nov 1447

Count of Celje. Son of Count Frederick the Second and his first...

Ivan Cankar

10 May 1876 – 11 Dec 1918

Writer, Poet. Among his works are "Na Klancu," "Hlapec Jernej in...

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Ulric Von Sannegg

1222 – 1265

Slovene Nobility. Early member of the Counts of Celje Dynasty. He...