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Famous Graves in Ukraine

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British Light Brigade Monument

unknown – 25 Oct 1854

This monument is dedicated to the men of the British Cavalry...

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Sebastopol)

Birth and death dates unknown.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Sebastopol. Memorial to WWII...

Saint Barbara

303 – 4 Dec 321

Roman Catholic and Orthodox Saint. She is most remembered for...

Memorial to WWII Soldiers

Birth and death dates unknown.

Memorial to WW2 Soldiers, Sebastopol.Sebastopol earned the...

Tomb of the Unknown Ukrainian Soldier

Birth and death dates unknown.

Unveiled on May 8, 1967, at Dniepr Park Kiev, Ukraine, the...

French Cemetery marker

Birth and death dates unknown.

French Cemetery, Crimean War. This marker is all that is left to...

Babi Yar Memorial

Birth and death dates unknown.

This memorial stands at Babi Yar, the ravine then on the city...

Victor Stepanovich Kosenko

23 Sep 1896 – 2 Oct 1938

Composer. An important Russian musician of the early Soviet...

No grave photo

Yevgeni Bauer

22 Jan 1865 – 22 Jun 1917

Motion Picture Director. He and Yakov Protazanov were the most...

Odessa Resistance Memorial

Birth and death dates unknown.

This resistance group was literally 'underground' based in a 1000...

No grave photo

Saint Makarii

unknown – 1 May 1497

Orthodox Saint. He is remembered for being martyred by Tatars, a...

Vera Kholodnaya

30 Aug 1893 – 16 Feb 1919

Actress. Nicknamed "The Queen of the Screen", she was Russia's...

Peter Arkadievich Stolypin

14 Apr 1862 – 18 Sep 1911

Prime Minister of Russia to Tsar Nicholas II. Perhaps the only...

Jewish Memorial at Babi Yar

Birth and death dates unknown.

As the 'official' memorial to the Babi Yar massacre set up by the...

Maria Konopnicka

23 May 1842 – 8 Oct 1910

Author. She was a late 19th Century writer of novels, poetry, and...

Rabbi Nachman

4 Apr 1772 – 16 Oct 1810

Claimed by Martin Buber as 'the last Jewish mystic', Rabbi...

No grave photo

Alexander Khanzhonkov

8 Aug 1877 – 26 Sep 1945

Motion Picture Pioneer. One of the founders of Russian Cinema....

No grave photo

Taras Protsyuk

16 Jan 1968 – 8 Apr 2003

Photojournalist. The Ukranianian born Protsyuk worked as a...

Ukrainian Civil War Student Memorial

unknown – 1918

Memorial to the 300 Ukrainian students killed by the Bolsheviks...

No grave photo

Gytha Of England

c.1053 – 7 May 1107

English and Russian Royalty. Born Gytha Haraldsdóttir of Wessex,...