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Famous Graves in Vatican City

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Saint Peter

1 – c.64

Catholic Saint. The most prominent of the twelve apostles of...

Vatican City

Saint John Paul II

18 May 1920 – 2 Apr 2005

Roman Catholic Saint, Pope. Born Karol Joseph Wojtyla in...

Vatican City

Saint John XXIII

25 Nov 1881 – 3 Jun 1963

Roman Catholic Saint, Pope. Educated at Bergamo and the Seminario...

Vatican City

Pope John Paul I

17 Oct 1912 – 28 Sep 1978

Roman Catholic Pope. The first Pope to bear two names and, the...

Vatican City

Pope Paul VI

26 Sep 1897 – 6 Aug 1978

Roman Catholic Pope. Born Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria...

Vatican City

Saint Jude the Apostle

unknown – c.65

Roman Catholic Saint. Also known as Jude Thaddaeus, he was one of...

Vatican City

Pope Leo V

unknown – c.Feb 904

Roman Catholic Pope. He is spoken of as a praiseworthy and holy...

Vatican City

Pope John IX

840 – 5 Jan 900

Pope. He called a council which exiled and excommunicated all...

Vatican City

Pope Pius X

2 Jun 1835 – 20 Aug 1914

Roman Catholic Saint, Roman Catholic Pope. Born Giuseppe Sarto,...

Vatican City

Pope Romanus

Birth and death dates unknown.

Pope. Romanus was Pope from August 897 to November 897. He was...

Vatican City

Pope Pius XI

31 May 1857 – 10 Feb 1939

Roman Catholic Pope. Born Achille Ratti in Descio, Italy near...

Vatican City

Pope Boniface VI

unknown – Apr 896

Pope. Born probaly in Rome, elected 112th pope in 896 after a...

Vatican City

Pope Valentine I

800 – 10 Oct 827

Roman Catholic Pope. Born of an upper-class family in the...

Vatican City

Pope Evaristus

unknown – c.108

Roman Catholic Pope. Also known as Aristus, he was the the 5th...

Vatican City

Pope Innocent VIII

1432 – 25 Jul 1492

Roman Catholic Pope. He served as Pope of the Roman Catholic...

Vatican City

Pope Pius XII

2 Mar 1876 – 9 Oct 1958

Roman Catholic Pope. His strong beliefs in the power of the...

Vatican City

Pope Leo IV

unknown – 17 Jul 855

Roman Catholic Pope. As soon as Leo IV, much against his will,...

Vatican City

Pope Clement X

13 Jul 1590 – 22 Jul 1676

Roman Catholic Pope. Born Emilio Bonaventura Altieri of a noble...

Vatican City

Pope Hadrian I

700 – 25 Dec 795

Pope. Hadrian was a great builder, who did much for Rome. Above...

Vatican City

Pope Benedict IV

unknown – 30 Jul 903

Pope. Benedict IV became pope in the first half of 900. His high...

Vatican City