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Famous Graves in Ontario

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1861 – 15 Sep 1885

Circus Animal. Born in the wild of the French Sudan. Jumbo's...

St. Thomas, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

Gregory Oliver Hines

14 Feb 1946 – 9 Aug 2003

Actor, Dancer. He was born in New York City, New York and became...

Oakville, Halton Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

Jeff Healey

25 Mar 1966 – 2 Mar 2008

Rock Musician. A native of Toronto, he was the lead singer and...

Toronto, Toronto Municipality, Ontario, Canada

Chief Tecumseh

8 Mar 1768 – 5 Oct 1813

Early 19th Century Native American Leader. He is remembered as...

Walpole Island, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada

Émilie Dionne

28 May 1934 – 6 Aug 1954

Folk Figure. She was one of the five Dionne Quintuplets, who...

Corbeil, Nipissing District, Ontario, Canada

Morley Safer

8 Nov 1931 – 19 May 2016

Television Journalist. He was best known for his long tenure on...

Toronto, Toronto Municipality, Ontario, Canada

Oscar Emmanuel Peterson

15 Aug 1925 – 23 Dec 2007

Jazz Musician. Considered by many to be one of the greatest piano...

Erindale, Peel Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

Peter Jennings Cenotaph

29 Jul 1938 – 7 Aug 2005

Television Broadcast Journalist. Born in Toronto, Ontario,...

Ottawa, Ottawa Municipality, Ontario, Canada

Yvonne Dionne

28 May 1934 – 23 Jun 2001

One of the five Dionne Quintuplets who were born on May 28, 1934,...

Corbeil, Nipissing District, Ontario, Canada

Sir John Alexander Macdonald

11 Jan 1815 – 6 Jun 1891

First Prime Minister of Canada. He served in this capacity from...

Kingston, Frontenac County, Ontario, Canada

Northern Dancer

27 May 1961 – 16 Nov 1990

Race Horse. He is considered the 20th Century's Greatest Sire. As...

Oshawa, Durham Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

Mary Wiseman See

16 Sep 1854 – 31 Jul 1939

Candy Maker. Born Mary Wiseman on Howe Island in Ontario, Canada,...

Gananoque, Leeds and Grenville United Counties, Ontario, Canada

Glenn Gould

25 Sep 1932 – 4 Oct 1982

Canadian Pianist. A child prodigy, he is remembered as one of the...

Toronto, Toronto Municipality, Ontario, Canada

Tim Horton

12 Jan 1930 – 21 Feb 1974

Professional Hockey Player. A native of Cochrane, Ontario, Horton...

Toronto, Toronto Municipality, Ontario, Canada

Corey Haim

23 Dec 1971 – 10 Mar 2010

Actor. He is probably best remembered for his role, alongside...

Maple, York Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

Tom Thomson

5 Aug 1877 – 8 Jul 1917

Artist. A master of landscape painting, he sought to capture...

Leith, Grey County, Ontario, Canada

Sir Frederick Grant Banting

14 Nov 1891 – 21 Feb 1941

Nobel Prize Recipient. Frederick Grant Banting received...

Toronto, Toronto Municipality, Ontario, Canada

Empress of Ireland Memorial

Birth and death dates unknown.

Memorial to the sinking of the Empress of Ireland, Mount Pleasant...

Toronto, Toronto Municipality, Ontario, Canada

Oliva Édouard Dionne

27 Aug 1903 – 14 Nov 1979

Canadian Folk Figure. He was the father of the famous Dionne...

Corbeil, Nipissing District, Ontario, Canada

Joseph “Thayendanegea” Brant

c.Mar 1743 – 24 Nov 1807

Mohawk Leader. Born on the banks of the Ohio River to Tehonwagh'...

Brantford, Brant County Municipality, Ontario, Canada