Join us for Community Days October 4–6, 2019.

Do your part for history. Help preserve your local cemetery.

Attend this special event or plan one of your own. Visit a cemetery in need to take photographs and videos of headstones, explore the grounds, and share stories and discoveries with others who want to make a difference. With your thoughtful contributions, history will never be forgotten.

Use #FGDay to post your pictures and videos to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

How to Participate

*In order to add events to our global calendar, you will need to be a member of Find a Grave. It's free and you can sign up here. Then, you need to sign up for the Find a Grave Forums, which is also free. Once you are logged into the Forums, just register for an existing event or add your own. Simply fill out the registration form and submit it, we'll add it to the global calendar!

Cemetery photo

Cemetery Guide

Learn the dos and don’ts of finding and photographing headstones.

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More Things You Can Do