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Claim To Fame : Native Americans

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Chief John Matowatakpe “Charging Bear” Grass

1837 – 10 May 1918

Lakota Chief. Born to the Blackfeet Teton band of the Lakota...

Fort Yates, Sioux County, North Dakota, USA


16 Jun 1829 – 17 Feb 1909

Native American Indian Leader. Apache Shaman; Geronimo was the...

Lawton, Comanche County, Oklahoma, USA


1595 – 21 Mar 1617

Native American Colonial Figure. She was most likely born in...

Gravesend, Gravesham Borough, Kent, England

Chief Push-Ma-Ta-Ha

1764 – 24 Dec 1824

Choctaw Chief. Born Apushamatahahubi, probably around 1764 on the...

Washington, District of Columbia, District of Columbia, USA

Sitting Bull

1831 – 15 Dec 1890

Sioux Indian Leader. His parents named him "Slow" because they...

Corson County, South Dakota, USA

Jim Thorpe

28 May 1888 – 28 Mar 1953

Olympic Games Gold Medalist Athlete, Major League Baseball...

Jim Thorpe, Carbon County, Pennsylvania, USA

Elias Boudinot

1802 – 22 Jun 1839

Cherokee leader. Editor of the Cherokee Phoenix. Born Gallegina...

Park Hill, Cherokee County, Oklahoma, USA


1847 – 1927

Kiowa sub-chief. Born about 1847 in what is today Kansas, he was...

Mountain View, Kiowa County, Oklahoma, USA

No grave photo

Black Kettle Cenotaph

1803 – 27 Nov 1868

Southern Cheyenne Chieftain. Born near the Black Hills in present...

Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma, USA

Quanah Parker

1845 – 23 Feb 1911

Native American Folk Figure. He is often referred to as the last...

Fort Sill, Comanche County, Oklahoma, USA


c.1840 – 26 Sep 1876

Chiricahua Chief. Born the eldest son of Cochise, he succeeded to...

Washington, District of Columbia, District of Columbia, USA

Louis Francis Sockalexis

24 Oct 1871 – 24 Dec 1913

Major League Baseball Player. Louis Sockalexis was born on the...

Old Town, Penobscot County, Maine, USA

Nancy “Nanye'hi” Ward

1738 – 1822

Cherokee Beloved Woman. Born Nanye'hi, which roughly translates...

Benton, Polk County, Tennessee, USA


1787 – 20 Dec 1812

Native American Explorer. She was born a Shoshone around the year...

Fort Washakie, Fremont County, Wyoming, USA


1787 – 20 Dec 1812

Folk Figure. Born to the Lemhi Shoshone people between 1787 and...

Corson County, South Dakota, USA

Chief Seattle

Aug 1786 – 7 Jun 1866

Native American Leader. Chief Seattle's name in his native...

Suquamish, Kitsap County, Washington, USA

Chief Blackhawk Cenotaph

1743 – 3 Oct 1838

American Sauk Indian Leader. Born at Saukenuk, Illinois, he was...

Selma, Van Buren County, Iowa, USA


1820 – 11 Oct 1878

Kiowa Sub-chief. Born Set-tain-te which roughly translates to...

Fort Sill, Comanche County, Oklahoma, USA


unknown – 16 Sep 1878

Arapaho Scout. Attached to the Fourth Cavalry stationed at Fort...

El Reno, Canadian County, Oklahoma, USA

Chief Joseph

3 Mar 1840 – 21 Sep 1904

Nez Percé Chieftain. Born in the Wallowa Valley in what is now...

Nespelem, Okanogan County, Washington, USA