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Claim To Fame : Crime Fighters and Lawyers

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Allen Welsh Dulles

7 Apr 1893 – 29 Jan 1969

US Diplomat, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director. He was...

Baltimore, Baltimore City, Maryland, USA

Wyatt Earp

19 Mar 1848 – 13 Jan 1929

American Frontier Law Officer. Born in Monmouth, Illinois, he...

Colma, San Mateo County, California, USA

Doc Holliday

14 Aug 1851 – 8 Nov 1887

American Western Frontier Figure. A gunfighter and professional...

Glenwood Springs, Garfield County, Colorado, USA

J. Edgar Hoover

1 Jan 1895 – 2 May 1972

American Law Figure. He served as director of the United States...

Washington, District of Columbia, District of Columbia, USA

Thomas “Tom” Horn Jr.

21 Nov 1861 – 20 Nov 1903

Western Lawman, World Champion Steer Wrestler, Convicted...

Boulder, Boulder County, Colorado, USA

Bat Masterson

26 Nov 1853 – 25 Oct 1921

American Western Frontier Figure, Journalist. Born William...

Bronx, Bronx County, New York, USA

Allan Pinkerton

25 Aug 1819 – 1 Jul 1884

Civil War Union Detective. Born in the Gorbals area of Glasgow,...

Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA

D. M. “Bud” Ballew

1877 – 5 May 1922

Western Lawman. Born David Monticello Ballew, he was a most...

Lone Grove, Carter County, Oklahoma, USA

Temple Lea Houston

12 Aug 1860 – 15 Aug 1905

Frontier Lawyer. At age 13, having lost both parents, he joined a...

Woodward, Woodward County, Oklahoma, USA

Christian “Chris” Madsen

25 Feb 1851 – 9 Jan 1944

Deputy US Marshal and Folk Figure. Little is known of his early...

Yukon, Canadian County, Oklahoma, USA

Roy Bean

1825 – 16 Mar 1903

Western Law Figure. During the Civil War, he ran a blockade by...

Del Rio, Val Verde County, Texas, USA

Sam Bean

18 May 1874 – 5 May 1907

Saloon Keeper, Folk Figure. Sam Bean was raised in Langtry,...

Del Rio, Val Verde County, Texas, USA

William Matthew “Bill” Tilghman Jr.

4 Jul 1854 – 1 Nov 1924

Deputy US Marshall and Folk Figure. As a young man growing up, he...

Chandler, Lincoln County, Oklahoma, USA

Harry Nicholson Morse

22 Feb 1835 – 11 Jan 1912

Western Lawman. Born in New York City, he relocated to California...

Oakland, Alameda County, California, USA

Samuel Sewall

28 Mar 1652 – 1 Jan 1730

Printer, Merchant, Legislator, Judge, Chief Justice. He arrived...

Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA

Virgil Walter Earp

18 Jul 1843 – 19 Oct 1905

Western Lawman. Born in Hartford Kentucky, he was brother to...

Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, USA

Buford Hayse Pusser

12 Dec 1937 – 21 Aug 1974

Folk Figure. He was the Sheriff of McNairy County, Tennessee, and...

Adamsville, McNairy County, Tennessee, USA

Isaac Charles Parker

15 Oct 1838 – 17 Nov 1896

Jurist, American Folk Figure. Born in a log cabin outside of...

Fort Smith, Sebastian County, Arkansas, USA

Clyde Anderson Tolson

22 May 1900 – 14 Apr 1975

Deputy Director Federal Bureau of Investigation. He carried out...

Washington, District of Columbia, District of Columbia, USA

James Cooksey Earp

28 Jun 1841 – 25 Jan 1926

Western Figure. Born in Harford, Kentucky, he was the oldest...

San Bernardino, San Bernardino County, California, USA