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photo 2009 Keith #46875326 Find A Grave

Providing free labor to a corporate conglomerate since 2006.

Do not post a graphic stating "no gravestone" or similar language.

All photographs and digital images are granted copyright protection as soon as they are created and all works created after 1978 are protected automatically. A work does not need to bear a copyright notice to be protected.
--copyright law may NOT scan an obituary and add it as a photograph to a memorial record.
No obituary photographs.
No scans of obituaries or newspaper articles.
Refrain from adding information about living people.

The name [on the memorial] should always match the gravemarker... the reason for this rule is to avoid having the listing duplicated. It is fine to replace the middle initial with the name if you know it. If you have the middle initial, be sure to use a period after it.
If the interred had more than one marriage or other possible spellings please place this information in the bio.
--forum 3/24/2014

Always use a period after a middle initial.
--rules & AJ 1/11/2014

Use "Mrs" where the first name of the married woman is not known, as in "Mrs. John A. Baxter" for example.
"Mrs" should not be used as a prefix for listings of every married woman.
--AJ 6/30/2016

...if the tombstone has the person's rank on it or that is the way the person was "known" in day to day life, it should be added to their name on the memorial. Otherwise, it can be mentioned in the bio.

Children cannot be linked from the page of the parent. They can only be linked from the page of the child.

Do not ask for transfers if you are merely "COLLECTING" (IE you have 344 entries, but are "managing" 1250, particularly if you can't even link husband and wives between the memorials that you are managing!) That's what virtual cemeteries are for. Please state your relationship in the SAC when requesting a transfer. If you can't put the relationship in words, perhaps I should retain management of the memorial until someone more closely related requests it. I'm looking for an exact relationship, not "my great-grandmother was a Smith". (If you want management simply to consolidate your relatives, take a look at Virtual Cemeteries as a way to do this.) PLEASE DON'T INSULT ME BY SAYING THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADD DATA!
--#47349869 (and #47313371)

"Determine if you really need the memorial transferred to you for management. Transferring of management should only be requested if you have extensive changes to make to a memorial."

Memorials are complete as long as they are in the correct cemetery with the correct name and dates as on the marker.
--forum 1/19/2014

Nothing has divided this site and made more problems then when they added the transfer option. It has been nothing but a headache from the day it was introduced. How do other cemetery sites deal with it? They don't have a transfer option. They see what a boondoggle it is here. This site would run much smoother if they just did away with transfers. It was a good idea on paper, but in reality it stinks.
--forum 3/15/2014

When a person is entering memorials in a specific cemetery they aren't required to search the whole site. So if this is [a duplicate memorial], that memorial should stay.
--forum 11/6/2014

Naming... We generally default to the marker... If the way you enter the memorial is sufficiently different from the marker, you increase the chances a row mower [a person taking a picture of every marker, row by row] will create a duplicate memorial.
--forum 12/2/2014

The first [photo] was unreadable, small resolution and added years ago... After all someone cared enough to take their time to take the photo and add it. Having two does no harm. I think asking someone to remove their photo because you don't like is insulting. If you need the space to add more photos sponsor the memorial.
--forum 1/31/2015

This is a collaborative site. Photos by "not the manager" are not only acceptable, they're ACTIVELY encouraged.
Some managers want to prevent others from posting things to "their" memorials. This is unacceptable, and if it happens a lot, it's a bannable offense.
--forum 3/23/2015

"One of the big flaws... is the assumption you can please everybody. You simply cannot. That is simply a fact of life....
A deceased person may have been a relative to many people. What do you do when SOME family members like it public, and others do not? You cannot split a memorial in half. I think the better attitude is to take the high ground. If someone did not do anything disrespectful in the memorial, then I would suggest that the family see it for what it is -- giving a final voice to someone who has past. I don't care if someone does a memorial for me after I die within 24 hours of my demise -- just as long as they do one some day. I hope I don't have relatives bickering between a private memorial or not. If so, then what should trump is not who is the closer relative, but which one appreciates that others can reach my memorial. Yes I want it public."
--excerpt from anonymous 3/15/2015, taken from internet

I have been yelled at for not including a person's name/giving credit. I have also been yelled at for the opposite. You can't win.
--forum 5/13/2015

I wonder if those contributors have had a bad experience in the past where they have been lambasted for having wrong info that they accepted in good faith from a third party. Being sneered at stings, even when you know it is unjustified. Perhaps they just want to avoid that happening again. When I see a lot of prohibitions listed on a profile I think that person must have had some bad experiences with other contributors.
--forum 5/14/2015

To you folks that complain about Photo Volunteers... if you drove to each and every grave of your family (perhaps all over the country), how much gas and time would you spend? Most of you would never visit those graves. Get over it, the Photo Volunteers have helped you.
To you folks that complain about Volunteers "stalking" in cemeteries... a cemetery is not a Country Club. Anyone can walk in a cemetery even if a funeral service is occurring.
To you folks who do not like to read obits on the created memorials... why did you post the memorial in the newspaper in the first place? You must have wanted the public to know this information. The volunteer who posted the obit on a memorial was just helping you reach more of the public.
You folks that do not like the ads around memorials -- then spend a crummy $5.00 and sponsor the memorial yourself.
You folks that don't want a photo of your family grave on this website... then don't bury them in a cemetery with a stone for all to see.
You folks that don't like this site... get over it. If you don't like it just don't visit. Get over it and leave the rest of us useful volunteers alone. We are doing a service for the World for generations to come.
--Anonymous, taken from internet [edited]

Remember this is a free service that has grown thanks to a lot of free work by people who make mistakes sometimes. Patience goes a long ways and if you don't have it, perhaps it times to just watch and not take part.

Added by: Keith

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