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Bobbi L Boren (#47389797)
 member for 6 years, 3 months, 29 days
Kevin Baase
RE: Fosburgh and Trogstad Memorials
Great, thanks!

Added by Kevin Baase on Jan 20, 2017 9:56 AM

Family Disambiguation
Continued Communication
Just wondering if there's another better way to contact each other that's not through the public medium. Since the detail required makes the messages so long, I could do them some other way if you prefer.


Added by Family Disambiguation on Jul 16, 2016 8:34 AM

Family Disambiguation
RE: Herndon - Hitchcock Corrected Info Available
Good morning, Bobbi, thanks for your reply.

Just want you to know, who runs the memorials is not what is important to me, but having the correct data is. My goal is truth & accuracy. I hope that is also your goal. Since your answers are so short, & incomplete (not responding to all the items I covered), I'm not sure you're understanding the extent of the problem.

The link you asked for Sarah (Hitchcock) Herndon's 1850 enumeration in Stewart Co TN is here:,%20Tennessee,%20USA&msbpn=2799&msbpn_PInfo=7-%7C0%7C1652393%7C0%7C2%7C0%7C45%7C0%7C2799%7C0%7C0%7C0%7C&_83004003-n_xcl=m&cpxt=1&cp=12&catbucket=rstp&uidh=5f1&ssrc=pt_t53440451_p430014427624&pcat=CEN_1850&h=6567128&db=1850usfedcenancestry&indiv=1&ml_rpos=1

Her identity as Philip's widow, and the 1850 misspelling of her surname (the enumerator leaving out the "r") was first identified by researcher Maxine Newton Gibson in 2003.

The 1850 Stewart Co TN: Sarah He[r]ndon misspelling error has been verified by following each of her children through their lifetime documents to their deaths & never again were they miss-labled Hendon, it was always some variant spelling of Herndon.

As far ss burials for the book, "Cemetery Records of Cadiz and Trigg Co KY," being verified as accurate through court records, they are not, not in the sense you think; such a thing does not exist at the courthouse level. I have met two of the four cemetery book compilers (Pam Metts & Kim Fortner) in 2012 when I presented the John L. Street Library with the set of three volumes correcting the errors on these families. I know that the compilers of the county cemetery book are wonderful people and were fastidious in their research to try to get things right. Yet, you should be aware, there is zero documentation in the Trigg Co KY courthouse records for the erroneous Younger-Philip since he does not exist nor the Sarah (Hitchcock) who was in Stewart Co TN, as records for her are non-existent there. If you look at the 2008 Cadiz & Trigg Co KY cemetery book by Sumner-Fortner-Metts-Morris, on pp. 177 & 277, the data source for their burials (no tombstones) was Marilyn Herndon Ladd, an amazing lady with whom I corresponded many years ago (she used family lore handed down to her). I've made many trips to do extensive study on these families in the courthouses of Trigg Co KY, Stewart Co TN, & Marlboro Co SC, so I do know of which I speak. I hope that clears up the confusion on the cemetery book & it's level of reliability: the cemetery names & locations are correct & transcription of the tombstone data was fastidious, but the info for the attributed non-tombstone graves is subject to error since it is only based on family lore, not court documents.

For anyone wanting membership in the lineage societies, it is imperative that the linking info & vital statistics for the correct Younger (not Younger-Philip) & Sarah (possibly Wilson NOT Hitchcock) couple is accurate. Right now their Find A Grave memorials are riddled with error and therefore cannot be trusted by lineage societies. I am trying to help remedy that. The data on the Patriot Benjamin's children & grandchildren are almost completely erroneous since it is full of the Younger-Philip Herndon & Sarah Hitchcock mis-connections & mis-dating (of both spouse & children).

Again, I had hoped your interest in accuracy would put us on the same page.

I do have one memorial that would be defined as a duplicate (in a sense), which I've explained in my previous emails, and I will happily remove. I can leave it up just long enought so you can copy & paste the bio-sketch into yours. Then mine will go away.

Right now, the three men (your one & my two) are all unique with different data. Regarding when you choose which half of the male you want to represent (Younger or Philip), when yours is corrected, mine will become duplicate & I can remove it, till then it is unique. Just let me know which you choose & I can handle the one for the half you abandon.

Please clarify: I am a bit confused on what you're suggesting now. If I understand you correctly (now over last time), you want me to pick up Philip Herndon & his wife; and you want to go forward with Younger Herndon & his wife? Is that right? Sounds like you want to delete the Philip from Younger-Philip & abandon your memorial Sarah (Hitchcock) Herndon (which is the only real "duplicate" of the four I entered) & take on Sarah Ann (possibly Wilson) which is my unique entry.

If that is what you want, we can work it out, so, let's figure out the best way.

It seems to me, if I understood what you want: to do so, you'll have to delete your memorial for Sarah Hitchcock Herndon & I'll have to transfer my memorial Sarah Ann possibly Wilson to you. If that's the resolution you want, let me know so I don't delete the wrong memorial. You are welcome to copy-and-paste the entirety of my documented biographical sketch (as-is with research attribution) from the Sarah (Hitchcock) Herndon (corrected) into whichever husband & wife you want to keep. Just let me know.

Unfortunately, without a lot of intensive study, it will be extremely difficult for you because there are so many things that need to be corrected (names, dates, relationships, places). I'll help you all I can. If that's what you propose, here's the documentation to help prepare you to carry it out with complete accuracy:

These sources are viewable & searchable online for free---they are the 3 aforementioned volumes donated to the John L. Street Library. (There are only 5 sets in existence and they are not for sale anywhere, they were prepared at great expenditures of time & expense as a public service. They were compiled in sections on each child with all the birth, census, marriage, & death data available in 2011.)


"Herndon's of 1800's Stewart Co. TN: The Herndon Disambiguation Project for Families of Philip AND Younger Herndon, Part A: Tracing the Family of Younger & Sarah (Unknown/Wilson?) Herndon" (294 pages). Younger & wife are on the Federal Censuses of 1820 & 1840 of Stewart Co TN; and of 1830, 1850, with widow S.A. on 1860 Trigg Co KY.


"Herndon's of 1800's Stewart Co. TN: The Herndon Disambiguation Project for Families of Philip AND Younger Herndon, Part B: Tracing the Family of
Philip & Sarah (Hitchcock) Herndon" (221 pages). Philip & wife are on the Federal Censuses of 1830 & 1840 Stewart Co TN, with widow [surnmame misspelled as Hendon) on 1850 Stewart Co TN.

Less needful to the question at hand is the third volume.


"Herndon's of 1800's Stewart Co. TN: The Herndon Disambiguation Project for Families of Philip AND Younger Herndon, Part B: Tracing the Early & (As Yet) Unconnected Individual Herndons of 1820s-1840s Stewart Co & Humphreys Co TN (218 pages). This begins with the data on Ann Newton Herndon, widow of Benjamin Herndon (ca. 1760 VA-1814 SC).

I hope you can readily see I am not against you, I'm trying to help sort this out WITH you.


Added by Family Disambiguation on Jul 16, 2016 8:31 AM

Family Disambiguation
RE: Herndon - Hitchcock Corrected Info Available
Thanks Bobbi,

I hope you had a chance to read all of the documentation on the memorial entries I sent you. And yes, I'd be delighted to work with you in getting this right! Thank you!

I see what you're saying. Please forgive the chronology of this answer. I'm not sure which thing to say first so I keep changing the order.

Hopefully you notice I have NOT DUPLICATED your entries, other than in a sense, Sarah Hitchcock Herndon (corrected), and did so since she is linked to the wrong man (only half his name & half his identity being correct) and to the wrong children, they actually belong with Younger & the other Sarah, NOT to Sarah Hitchcock & Philip). So you see, the other entries are three unique individuals, since there is no such person as Younger Philip---he a mis-merge of two men, NOT just having an erroneous extra name---it's much more mixed-up than that. Philip belongs to Sarah Hitchcock. Younger does not. Younger is the son of Benjamin. Philip is not. There is strong indication that Philip is a grandson of Benjamin, through either Younger (possibly) or William (probably).

Where you had two entries to cover two people, they are actually four people. And the two you have, are married to the wrong people (not your fault, it has been repeatedly published in error).

Sarah Hitchcock Herndon is NOT the mother of any of Younger Herndon's children, not even the 1850-set you mentioned.

You asked about just deleting the middle name Philip from the Younger Herndon & Sarah Hitchcock couple. That won't work since it was Philip who was married to Sarah Hitchcock, and Younger who was married to Sarah Ann ____ possibly Wilson.

Younger Herndon (1785 VA-1859 KY) was NOT married to Sarah Hitchcock (1807 TN-aft. 1850). Philip Herndon (1801/10 TN-1848 TN) is the husband of Sarah Hitchcock. My entry was to separate the mis-merged two men and their two wives & two sets of children. There is no such person as Younger Philip Herndon (although it's been published erroneously in numerous ways, that's why I contacted you (and I believe you well may be a cousin---glad to meet you). So just erasing Philip from the name does not correct it---the dates & locations are also incorrect. If you erase Younger then it would be correct, but you have the wrong set of children attached. That's why my explanation was lengthy, yet as concise as I could make it, to show the documented sources.

In the bio-sketches, I also posted the lists of children for each couple which can be verified by the censuses of 1850 Stewart Co TN for Philip's widow Sarah Hitchcock (along with the 1850 Trigg Co KY census for Younger & the other Sarah Ann). The children you mention from 1850 belong only to Younger & Sarah Ann (possibly Wilson) Herndon, NOT to Philip & Sarah (Hitchcock) Herndon---I hope you can see the problem, & how difficult it is going to be to correct the profusion of error sprinkled through numerous memorials on Find A Grave.

I made these entries to begin correction of the tidal wave of nearly a half-century of error, which has created an unnecessary genealogical brick-wall.

I think your proposal is a good one. Since you offer a solution, and you want to continue with Sarah Hitchcock Herndon as you have indicated, her husband is Philip Herndon NOT Younger Herndon (so the Younger needs to be dropped). Philip & Sarah Hitchcock Herndon have a completely different set of children. (You can refer back to my bio-sketches for that detailed info.)

And I will work with Younger Herndon & his wife the Sarah Ann (possibly Wilson), since I have all decades of documentation, and have entered the first memorials for his unique wife and his unique father and mother. (I've compiled 3 volumes of over 700 pages toward correcting this mis-merged family.)

One problem is, as I mentioned in the first email, if you Just drop the second name from Younger Philip Herndon, someone else will just re-enter it, that's why it needs to stay as a redirector in some form; and is why, somehow, the correction needs to stand on its own.

But we still have a huge difficulty in using the info already posted for the children, since the children are connected to the wrong parents: right father wrong mother. And some of the existing Find A Grave entries are even connecting wrong children to both wrong parents. It really is a mess (an inherited one which progressed over decades). This is my best attempt to get the word out, with documentation, to set the record straight.

I can erase my entry on Sarah Hitchcock Herndon (corrected), and yes, I'd love to work with you on straightening it out.

And I can see why it's difficult to comprehend, if you haven't been immersed in the research for decades as I have.

Just so you understand, that's why I immediately contacted you as soon as I made my entries & got them past the rough drafts. I am trying to do the right thing!


Added by Family Disambiguation on Jul 15, 2016 11:14 PM

Family Disambiguation
Herndon - Hitchcock Corrected Info Available
Hi Bobbi, you've done an amazing service!

You don't know me but I am a die-hard 30+year genealogical researcher for the Herndon family, working on this line intensely & pretty-well exclusively since 2010, having corresponded over two decades with Dudley Herndon (1926-2015), heir researcher & publisher of the multi-volume series "The Herndons of the American Revolution."

Hope this is exciting news for you. I've worked many years in compiling it, placing it in self-published copies for three libraries & sharing it online.

Regarding Find A Grave Memorial# 103084047, Younger Phillip Herndon (1783 - 1850)
& Find A Grave Memorial# 103084650,
Sarah Hitchcock Herndon (1801 - 1860).

Not sure how you are connected to this couple, but there is a great deal more documented info available on them & THEIR SEPARATE FAMILIES & children.

"Younger Philip" & his wife Sarah (Hitchcock) Herndon were mis-merged, generations ago, with another couple. I've compiled three volumes separating them & their children. I'm a four-way descendant (3x Great-granddaughter via Missouri Jane, 4x through her siblings Alfred C., Younger N. & Nancy A.) of the separate man Younger, who was almost twenty year's older than Philip, and they died eleven years apart just across the state line from each other; possibly father & son, probably uncle & nephew, (most likely Philip was the son of Younger's brother William), therefore Philip is a grandson of Benjamin Herndon (ca. 1760 VA-1814 SC) Rev War Patriot.

I have prepared four entries to separate the individuals of these two couples. A rather extensive, but abbreviated, bio-sketch is duplicated for all four, with source data for the documentation.

* Find A Grave Memorial# 166553946: Younger Herndon (1785 - 1859).

* Find A Grave Memorial# 166714909: Sarah Ann possibly Wilson Herndon (1801 - 1860).

* Find A Grave Memorial# 166677991: Philip Herndon ([ca.] 1805 - 1848).

* Find A Grave Memorial# 166715088: Sarah Hitchcock Herndon (1807 - 1851).

Could you please review those entries to see the new proofs?

I've also added memorials for the parents of Younger Herndon, whose father served in the Revolutionary War, from Caroline Co VA, entering the service by 1 May 1777, participating in the Philadelphia Campaign & entering Valley Forge, joining the Horse Service (30 Dec 1777) of Col. George Baylor's regiment of 3rd Continental Dragoons. Descendants are eligible for membership in SAR, DAR, & CAR societies.

* Find A Grave Memorial# 166738704: (PVT) Benjamin Herndon ([ca.] 1760 - 1814).

* Find A Grave Memorial# 166825324: Ann Newton Herndon ([ca.] 1763 - 1831).

I'm wondering if you are also a relative (of the so-called "Younger Philip" Herndon) and want to continue managing this couple? If so, because they have made their way into prolifically mass-copied, mass-disseminated internet trees, and into the 2008 cemetery book for Cadiz, Trigg Co KY, I think it's important to maintain the name, because if erased, someone without the updated info may just re-enter it again. For best results, it would be beneficial to leave the name up and link the correction somehow.

If you would rather not continue managing the memorials for that couple, I would be willing to do so. Could you please let me know?


Added by Family Disambiguation on Jul 13, 2016 9:11 PM

Ashley Scott
Hello! I am looking for ancestry information for a Thomas Van Boren, buried in Livingston County KY. Father is possibly George Boren. Hope you can help me

Added by Ashley Scott on May 01, 2016 9:53 PM

Barbara Battoe Fitch
My Thanks and gratitude for all you do
Thank you for your eye for detail in trying to deliver pics and bios of individuals that mean soo much to those of us that are trying to capture the genealogy of our loved ones to pass down to future generations..your hard work and diligence to capture all you do is very..very much appreciated...I also have many Borens in my family...I. Know I speak also for others too

Added by Barbara Battoe Fitch on Mar 08, 2016 11:03 PM

Thank you for the transfer of Narcissi Dyer. I appreciate it very much

Added by cjgriffith on Jan 19, 2016 9:48 PM

Mrs Fenton
RE: 107679238 Finous Hargrove
You are very welcome! It's a beautiful monument & a beautiful graveyard. Many old stones. I did not even know it was that close to me! I have learned so much while taking these pictures. Gosh it needed to be wiped off! Sorry about that...I usually wipe them off.

Added by Mrs Fenton on Jan 19, 2016 12:50 PM

Mary Ellen Boteler Simmons

Thanks for the updates!
Randy O'Guin, ranny Find A Grave 47208269

Added by ranny on Sep 09, 2015 1:41 PM

Rose Defoe
David Ball
Bobbi, I was wondering if you would transfer my Fathers page to me #87217409. I have a different picture my family would like to add. Thanks Rose

Added by Rose Defoe on Jul 28, 2015 11:20 PM

Robin Belt
RE: Leighton Johnson
Thank you anyway...since you are related to Caledonia does this make us cousins?

Added by Robin Belt on Jul 23, 2015 9:04 AM

Robin Belt
Leighton Johnson
Hello Bobbi,
I am the eldest granddaughter of Lucy Allen Hart. In my research I have discovered that Lucy is the granddaughter of Leighton Johnson. I "think"Leighton is the son of Henry Johnson and Lucinda Virginia Boaz. Do you or anyone else know anything about Henry Johnson? I strongly suspect he was an African American former slave. My mother has told us we are descended from a former slave. I want to confirm that slave was Henry. Thank you. I appreciate any information you may have.

Added by Robin Belt on Jul 23, 2015 8:43 AM

RE: Error
I want to apologize to you. I was looking for info about Brady's grandfather and happened upon this website. I sort of feel like the Casey Kasem dilemma, an unrecognized child and no control to change the situation. I know that I put you in a difficult situation and should not have. I just hurt for my child that he was dismissed as if he does not exist. Thank you for considering the information that I sent you. Frank and my son, Brady, is such a fine person, a software engineer that has had the love of my husband, his "Dad". I so cherish my son. I wish I could have messaged you privately, but wanted to send my thanks.
Joy A. Price

Added by joy on Sep 15, 2014 9:44 AM

So sorry, but I just reread my post and Brady Allen Cunningham was born September 18, 1985. Frank and I were married from 1/12/1984 until July, 1989. Brady iis the legal, legtimate son of that union. The woman he was married to at his death and he had no children and why she seeks to deny that Brady is Frank's son is beyond me.
Thank you,
Joy Allen Price

Added by joy on Sep 13, 2014 10:04 AM

Inaccurate info for Franklin Dwight Cunningham
The family information for Franklin Dwight Cunningham is incorrect. He has a son, Brady Allen Cunningham, born September 19, 1985, in Maury County, TN.

Thank you,
Joy Allen Price, Brady's mother

Added by joy on Sep 11, 2014 6:40 PM

RE: Willard Mitchell

Thank you for taking care of the links so quickly. I appreciate your work.


Added by Sharla on Feb 17, 2014 7:53 AM

Rose Defoe
Franklin Dwight Cunningham
Please change info on Franks death. He didn't die in Huntsville, Madison Co. He died at Parkway Hosp. which is Decatur, Morgan Co. Ala. Franks' wife Rose Cunningham. Thanks

Added by Rose Defoe on Feb 16, 2014 4:46 PM

Pat Harmatuk Baker
James MarcusTaylor
Would you grant me permission to use your obit for James Taylor? I am researching the Nunn Family in Trigg Co. for our friends. Marcus married Anna Mae Nunn, his aunt.

Nice job on the memorials. I love seeing obits...


Added by Pat Harmatuk Baker on Jan 23, 2014 8:02 PM

Shawnese Sullivan
RE: Florence Askew
I have a family tree on I don't know how involved you are in genealogy but if you are interested I can add you to the family tree. Maybe you have your own tree going, if not I would be happy to add another family member.

Added by Shawnese Sullivan on Sep 29, 2013 3:18 PM

Shawnese Sullivan
Florence Askew
Florence Wallace Askew was my grandmother. Her daughter Violet Louise is my Mother.

Added by Shawnese Sullivan on Sep 29, 2013 1:36 PM

Shawnese Sullivan
Florence Askew
Florence Wallace Askew was my grandmother. Her daughter Violet Louise is my Mother.

Added by Shawnese Sullivan on Sep 29, 2013 1:36 PM

RE: John Frank Herndon
Thanks so much for the color photo. I did not like the one I had, but the best I could do with the obit copy. I deleted my BAD copy of a photo.


Added by Sujava on Sep 20, 2013 7:36 PM

Our Family History
Robert Fosburgh
Hi Bobbi,

Thank You for making the links.

Donna Cain

Added by Our Family History on Sep 18, 2013 11:31 AM

Mike H
RE: Linda Faye Sewell #89711104
Thanks for correcting. Apologies accepted.

Added by Mike H on May 30, 2013 2:32 PM


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