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YankeeGraver (#47149312)
 member for 8 years, 22 days
RE: Elihu Moon #152516616
Thank you for adding a little history of our county's pioneer.

Added by Anonymous on Apr 28, 2017 5:27 PM

Susan Moskaly
Famous Stranahans
Hi Rob,

Thanks for the explanations on the symbols!

You might find this interesting. Our common "relative", Andrew Stranahan II (son of Andrew I who had come from Ireland) had a brother Alexander. There are a number of notable even famous Stranahans descended from Alexander. First there is Frank Duane Stranahan (#117134412) and Robert Allen Stranahan (#6930776) who founded the Champion Spark Company in the early 1900's in Toledo, Ohio, becoming extremely wealthy in the process. Robert's son, Frank Stranahan (#112915797) was a famous professional golfer in the 1950s. Another Frank Stranahan (#10832038) was the first white settler in Ft. Lauderdale, described as being the founder of that city. Of these four, I see Robert Allen has already earned himself a star on Find-A-Grave!

There is a story in our family that my grandfather Thomas was asked by his cousins, Robert Allen and Frank Duane, if he wanted to be a partner in the spark plug company venture. Don't know why, but my grandfather said no, and thus our branch of the Stranahans lost a chance to become very wealthy!

Wishing a good day,

Added by Susan Moskaly on Apr 27, 2017 12:06 PM

Susan Moskaly
Do you know the answer?
Hi Rob,

I visited the sites of your sister and mother. Such early tragic deaths, and I am sorry you lost your loved ones in this manner.

I do have a quick question you may be able to answer. When I do, say a search, and a listing of memorials is produced, each person listed is suffixed by a symbol, like a little flower or other object. Is this just something that Find-A-Grave does "behind the scenes"? Or is there a way to choose these symbols yourself?

Hope you are having a great day,

Added by Susan Moskaly on Apr 27, 2017 9:35 AM

Susan Moskaly
Never mind, I figured it out!
Never mind, Rob, I figured out the flowers and how to create my own library of flowers. And I see now you have added flowers and notes to my ancestors. Thank you for honoring them!


Added by Susan Moskaly on Apr 26, 2017 5:57 PM

Susan Moskaly
Flowers and stuff
Hi Rob,

Thanks yet again, this time for suggesting the virtual flowers. I saw them on some of the memorials and wondered how they got there. I do just happen to have a picture of a flower that I would like to use, from a painting that friend did for me. I don't see how I can upload my flower photo to Find-A-Grave virtual flowers. Can you tell me?

By the way, I went and added Jeanette Parsons Stranahan and requested a photo. And I acknowledge you transferring to me James A. Stranahan. You did a great job on his biography. By the way, he was somewhat famous, at least in his time. He served as deputy attorney general for the state of Pennsylvania, around the 1880s I believe.


Added by Susan Moskaly on Apr 26, 2017 5:40 PM

Lisa D
RE: photo volunteer
I thought the site said not to do that. If they saw it they would delete the picture. I don't want to do anything that will harm the stones. They are Extremely old here.


Added by Lisa D on Apr 26, 2017 4:50 PM

Lisa D
RE: photo volunteer
Thanks so much for responding.

I believe I have done everything to be signed up as a volunteer. I was able to print out a list of requests from my area. This weekend is supposed to finally be good weather so I'm hoping to get out there and get started.

The cemetery behind me has very old stones and when I first went through there I was only able to tell the name by feel. What would you do? I was thinking using a white board to write the information I could feel and have it next to the headstone. Is that allowed?

I realize that these may sound like silly questions but I learn best by discussions.


Added by Lisa D on Apr 26, 2017 2:29 PM

Lisa D
Help please?
I am brand new to this and haven't even started searching due to bad weather. I JUST noticed the "virtual Cemeteries". Does that mean you take pictures without formal requests of a particular cemetery?
I have a cemetery that I can see from my kitchen and supposedly have family there though have not managed to go through the entire place yet. I printed a list of people with requests. I was wondering if I took a picture of all headstones I would be able to put them up on the site.

Thank you in advance
Lisa D

Added by Lisa D on Apr 25, 2017 10:02 PM

Susan Moskaly
RE: Stranahan Gravestones in Mercer
P.S Margaret is already in the database, she is one of the folks you transferred to me.

Added by Susan Moskaly on Apr 25, 2017 5:43 PM

Susan Moskaly
RE: Stranahan Gravestones in Mercer
Hi Rob,

So I just added the following Stranahans to Find-A-Grave, Mercer Citizens Cemetery: Andrew I, Andrew's wife Elizabeth Halliday, Thomas Stranahan, and Thomas' wife Estella Schriner. I did submit photo requests for the four of them also, even though I do already have photos for everyone's graves here, except for Elizabeth. This is just to make sure we have the correct cemetery. I went ahead and added Elizabeth (Andrew I's wife) because our family records which have been in the family for ages say Elizabeth was buried in Mercer.

So you think I should add Andrew II's first wife, Jeanette Parsons? I don't have any notes or photos that indicate where she was buried, although one would think she would be buried where everyone else is.

Whew...thanks again for all the help and encouragement.


Added by Susan Moskaly on Apr 25, 2017 5:41 PM

Susan Moskaly
Stranahan Gravestones in Mercer
Hi Rob,

OK, I will do as you suggest and try to add listings for Thomas and Estella to Find-A-Grave, Citizens Cemetery. It will be good practice for me! I might as well add Andrew I, too, because there is probably a 99% chance his grave is at the same cemetery. I will hold off on Andrew II's first wife, Jeanette Parsons, since I don't even have a photo of her grave. Someday I do plan on traveling back to Pennsylvania, and at that time I can look for Jeanette's grave. By the way, almost everybody on Ancestry has made the same error as you -- listing only Margaret as Andrew II's wife and having the three boys listed as Margaret's children. I really need to send these folks an email asking them to make corrections.

I had to chuckle at your roundabout relationship with the Stranahans'. "Very, very distantly related" is an understatement! But I know very well how tempting it is to keep on growing a family tree. Mine is ever so much bigger than I thought it would be when I started.

I've really enjoyed working with you. Thanks for your generosity in helping me out!

Susan M.

Added by Susan Moskaly on Apr 25, 2017 3:39 PM

Pam Shenefield Long
RE: Thomas Dillard Stephenson
Can we email direct ?? my email is rplong at comcast dot net.
It would be easier to show you where I am at with this info.
I believe that Thomas may have had a brother named Nicholas that lived in Montgomery Co, MO.
Ref. A History of Pioneer Families of Missouri by Bryan and Rose, Page 180 states:
"Mary I. Pitman married Thomas D. Stephenson, of Kentucky."
Page 276 states:
"Mildred, daughter of Edward Leavell, Sr., married Nicholas H. Stephenson, of Kentucky, and is now a widow in her 86th year. Mr. Stephenson and his family started to Missouri in 1813, on horseback, but after crossing the Ohio river they purchased a wagon and traveled in that some distance, where the roads became so bad that they could use it no longer. They then sold the wagon and performed the rest of the journey on horseback, arriving in St. Charles county in 1814, having been on the road one year. Mr. Stephenson settled first in Howell's Prairie, where he built a tanyard, and in 1818 he removed to Montgomery county. He had two children, James and Mildred A.
--Thomas D. Stephenson, a brother of Nicholas, settled in Howell's Prairie, St. Charles county, where he died. He was a County Judge and Justice of the Peace for some time, and was an influential citizen."
I have a potential will as to the parents of Nicholas and Thomas, but, am seeking to prove that we have the right family.
Pam Long rplong at comcast dot net

Added by Pam Shenefield Long on Apr 25, 2017 3:07 PM

Susan Moskaly
Gravestones of Thomas and Estella Stranahan
Hi Rob,

I just talked to someone in Mercer County's Recorder Office. She didn't have any information on who is the caretaker for Citizens Cemetery, but she was kind enough to see if the cemetery was listed in Mercer Yellow Pages. It isn't. I started to ask her about looking at the White Pages, but I could tell she really didn't want to do this!

She gave me the number of the Mercer Chamber of Commerce, which I will try later.

In the meantime, I found another picture my dad took, back in 1958, when our family was a camping trip to Pennsylvania and New York. This photo shows the graves of Thomas and Estella (looking like they do in the 1972 photo) but it also shows two more graves to the right. It's hard to read but the first one looks like it says "Margaret, Wife of (can't read) Stranahan". Well, if this is our Margaret Patterson, then we know Thomas and Estella are buried at Mercer Citizens Cemetery, like Margaret. The larger grave to the right of Margaret's is probably Andrew II, her husband.

Yes, I found Thomas' obit on GeneaologyBAnk just now, and yes, I see it says he was buried in Mercer. Just as I thought!

Where are you anyway? My husband and I have lived in Eureka, CA since 2000 but we are both from the Cleveland area originally. Me, from Willoughby in Lake County and my husband from the west side of Cleveland.

I will try and call the Chamber of Commerce to see if I can find any way to get a caretaker or phone number for the cemetery. Other than that, I don't know what would be next other than flying out to Pennsylvania (which isn't going to happen any time soon!).


Added by Susan Moskaly on Apr 25, 2017 2:11 PM

Brian McCullough
RE: Luther Gaylord #38742342
Rob, I am writing because only now, all these months later, did I find your question about my 3 greats grandfather. He was the younger brother of William and Elijah, as you suggest.

I'm unsure if I responded in any way last year, so if this is a repeat, please accept my apology, as well.


Added by Brian McCullough on Apr 25, 2017 11:54 AM

Pam Shenefield Long
Thomas Dillard Stephenson
currently researching Stephenson family.
Do you know who the parents of Thomas Dillard Stephenson are??
I am researching a Nancy Stephenson md Richard Long 1796, Orange Co, VA.
I think Thomas Stephenson and Nancy could be siblings. feel free to email me direct
rplong at comcast dot net

Added by Pam Shenefield Long on Apr 24, 2017 11:22 PM

Susan Moskaly
Burial Location of Thomas & Estella Stranahan
Hi Rob,

Thanks for all your helpful suggestions. I recognize the names of the 6 folks buried at that cemetery in Cuyahoga County -- all are relatives or spouses of Alva and Vernon. Their brother, Ian, by the way, was my paternal grandfather, and he was buried in Englewood, Florida.

I don't mind calling that cemetery in Cuyahoga County, but I am pretty sure Thomas and Estella (parents of Ian, Alva, and Vernon) are buried in Mercer County. (Thomas did die in Cleveland, however.) That photo I have showing the gravestones of Thomas and Estella was marked by my father as having been taken in Mercer County. Thomas was born in Mercer County and lived there until his marriage in 1888. Estella was born in Pittsburg in 1868 but her family moved to Mercer County some time in the early 1880's when Estella was a teenager. Thomas and Estella met in Mercer County and married there. I will take your suggestions (which I highly appreciate) and see if I can discover if and where they are buried in Mercer County.

By the way, you say you are very, very distantly related to the Stranahan's. I am curious where in the tree you fit in. Care to tell me?

Susan M.

Added by Susan Moskaly on Apr 24, 2017 10:24 PM

Susan Moskaly
Sorry I messed up!
Hi Rob,

Yes, sorry I messed up! I am usually pretty darn good with details (used to be an accountant with British Petroleum) but I went down a road whilst wearing thick blinders! As soon as I saw the rejection and even before you wrote me, I realized what I had down. Thanks goodness, someone was still awake here.

Harry Lawson Stranahan is NOT the son of Margaret Patterson, despite me trying to tell you otherwise.

Susan M.

Added by Susan Moskaly on Apr 24, 2017 5:07 PM

Susan Moskaly
The Stranahan's buried in Mercer Co.
Hi Rob,

Thanks for your excellent work and prompt response!

If you wish you could transfer the Stranahan's to me. Do you live in the Mercer Co. area? If so, that would be my only hesitation as I have no easy way of visiting Mercer Co. graveyards as I live in California.

Thanks for adding Andrew Stranahan II to Find-A-Grave. I so wish someone could find the grave of his first wife, Jeanette Parsons Stranahan (1838-1877). You would think she would be buried next to or near her husband, Andrew II, in Mercer Co. somewhere. Or maybe she is buried in nearby Clarion County, since that is where she was from originally.

Back in the 1970s, my dad went to Mercer County (from our home at the time in the Cleveland area) and took pictures of the graves of Andrew I (father of Andrew II) and of Thomas P. Stranahan (Andrew II's son) and Thomas' wife, Estella Schriner Stranahan. I would love to see them added to Find-a-Grave but I do not know in which cemetery in Mercer Co. their graves are located. Is that something that you could help with by any chance?

Susan Stranahan Moskaly

Added by Susan Moskaly on Apr 24, 2017 4:50 PM

Susan Moskaly
Re: Margaret Patterson Stranahan #148242319
Hello YankeeGraver,

I have submitted to you two edits concerning Margaret Patterson Stranahan (#148242319) and Harry L Stranahan (#148246553), both of whom are distant relations of mine.

Margaret Patterson married Andrew Stranahan, but she was his second wife. Andrew's first wife was Jeanette Parsons (who apparently is not on Find-a-Grave). Anyway, I submitted an edit to correct Margaret's name, removing "Jeanette" as her middle name. As far as I know, the only Jeanette was Andrew's first wife.

Andrew and Jeanette had three children: Thomas, Elizabeth, and Harry (#148246553). Andrew had no children with Margaret, his second wife. I submitted an edit to you to correct the name of Harry's mother; Harry's mother is not Margaret Patterson (Andrew's second wife), but is Jeanette Parsons (Andrew's first wife).

Hope this makes sense to you!
Susan Stranahan Moskaly
Eureka, CA

Added by Susan Moskaly on Apr 22, 2017 5:06 PM

Dan Smith
RE: Calvin F Davis #117477863
No relation. Just researching and hate throwing anything out that might help someone else.

Added by Dan Smith on Apr 14, 2017 4:05 PM

Pat Ash
RE: Adler (Carl F Hermann)
I got a message from my contact, and she said that Mary (Saidler) Adler is buried at Oak Grove, and that what was Medford is now Fordville.

They are going "home" in July and will see what they can trace. Thanks for asking the question -- it is always nice to have one more piece. Herman Adler lived with my great-great grandparents, Joseph and Marie Louise ADLER Collier in the 1860 US Census in Champaign, Champaign, Illinois.

If I find some more information about the Oak Grove Cemetery, including they are looking for records, I will share them with you, and Find A Grave.

Pat Ash

Added by Pat Ash on Apr 12, 2017 11:19 PM

Pat Ash
RE: Adler (Carl F Hermann)
After the two messages, I see that you live in Seattle, as do I.

Pat Ash

Added by Pat Ash on Apr 12, 2017 11:39 AM

Pat Ash
RE: Adler (Carl F Hermann)
I sent my response to you yesterday about Herman and Mary (Saidler) Adler, and that it is my best assumption, given Mary's biography, that they are buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Fordville, Walsh, North Dakota - - there are 8 ADLER graves there.

Also, Herman and Mary's daughter, Albertina married Charles Wilson Dodge, and he is buried at Oak Grove.

Their daughter, Olive P. Dodge married Edward G. Nicholson, and they are both buried at Oak Grove.

I have sent the question about Herman and Mary Adler, and if they don't know, they still have family in Ramsey, North Dakota, who may have that information.

Pat Ash

Added by Pat Ash on Apr 12, 2017 11:34 AM

Pat Ash
RE: Adler (Carl F Hermann)
I believe that Carl Friedrich Hermann ADLER is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Walsh, North Dakota, as is his wife. Sophia Marie "Mary" SAIDLER Adler. His date of death is as Jan 1907, and her's is 27 Jun 1940.

They lived in Lawton, Ramsey County, North Dakota, and looking at a map, the line from there to Medford is a straight line between the two places.

Mary (Saidler) Adler wrote her 1937 biography that they had moved to Ramsey County in 1901 due to Herman Adler's failing health. She gave his date of death as January 12, 1907, and that he was taken to Medford for burial.

There are several ADLER and ADLER-connected family buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Fordville, Walsh County, North Dakota. I am guessing that Herman and Mary (Saidler) Adler may be buried there, but there are no headstones, and if there are records, I have not accessed them.

I have a cousin who is from there, and they may have information as to where Herman and Mary Adler are buried. I will ask them.

Pat Ash

Added by Pat Ash on Apr 12, 2017 12:16 AM

Sam Fletcher
RE: RADM Claude Philip Ekas, Jr
Will be happy to take over Bud's wife and try to find more family and career info. Have found Bud's parents on Find A Grave in Kilgore Texas. Have added the only photo our A6 group in my file. God! we were young then - I'm probably the only survivor of the lot.

Added by Sam Fletcher on Apr 09, 2017 12:42 PM


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