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William Stickney
Birth: Sep. 6, 1592
Lincolnshire, England
Death: Jan. 25, 1665
Essex County
Massachusetts, USA

William Stickney, the first settler, was the ancestor of nearly all who have since borne that name in America. At what time he married, the surname of his wife, where he resided in England, and the date of the births or baptisms of his children, the name of the ship in which he embarked, as tradition says, at Hull, or the time of his arrival in Boston, New England, have not been ascertained. It is agreed that he probably came in 1637 with his first three children, Samuel, Amos and Mary and were among the original settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts. They were admitted to the First Church in Boston on the "6t of ye 11th moneth 1638". In the year 1643, streets were laid out and named. "On Wethersfield Streete, To William Stickney one lott containinge one acre and a halfe, bounded on the west side by James Barker's house lott and the highway, part of it lyinge on the north side of the streete, and part of it on the south side." Here he erected a house, on the corner of Bradford and Wethersfield streets. In his will, dated Jan. 21, 1664, it was conveyed by him to his wife Elizabeth, during her natural life; after her decease to go to his son John, he paying the legacies, &c."
"On the seventh of October 1640, Mr. Samu. Dudley, Josias Cobbitt, Edmond Gardner, James Barcker, Henry Sands, Rob't Hunter and WILLIAM STICKNEY, were admitted Freemen." [Colonial Records.]
WILLIAM STICKNEY was a member of an important committee in 1652, to draw up "a covenant and agreement" between the town of Rowley and the first settlers of the Merrimack lands, now Bradford. [See Rowley Records.] He was Clerk of the Market, and on Jury of Trails in 1653, Selectman 1656 and 1661, also in 1661 styled Lieutenant. The ancient possession books of Rowley, contain frequent grants of land to him, but the amount to which he and his sons became entitled in the right of their freeholds, and the offices they held, in consequence of the loss of a part of the early business records of the town, is unknown. There was granted to him, land in "Bradford Streete field," "Batcheler's Meadow," "Rough Meadow," "Hawk Meadow," and "Pollipod field."
February 16, 1661, "Voted that WILLIAM STICKNEY have the Gate on the Common laid out to him in the Rate of thirty shillings a Gate."
"At a legal town meeting in Rowley, November 26, 1662, voted that Richard Swan, Sam'l Brockelbank, Ezekiel Northend, John Pickard and WILLIAM STICKNEY should lay out sundry lots of land," one of which was "to WILLIAM STICKNEY on east side of Long Hill."
"Richard Swan, WILLIAM STICKNEY, and William Jackson, were appointed by the town in 1662, to see Trees in the Town street to such as design them to stand for use against their houses or lands."
"Feb'y 25th, 1661-2, The Selectmen for the present year Richard Swan, John Dresser, Thomas Tenney, Abel Longley, John Brocklebank, being empowered by the Towne for to Let or to dispose of the land that Mr. Rogers gave for the use of the Ministry. they have accordingly disposed of the same for the term of seven years as followeth. Imp's. To WILLIAM STICKNEY and Samuel Stickney the one half of the land, upland and meadow, they to pay 4 pounds rent by the year to be paid in Corne for the use of the minyestery and to be paid when the rates are paid, they are to put on land twenty loads of Manure during the terme of 7 years and to make and maintain the fences."
In a Tax List dated between 1660 and 1664, of an amount of 46 (pounds), 8 s. (shillings), 2 d. (pennies), his quota was 19s, 4d., and the whole number of
persons taxed was thirty-five.
March 1, 1660, WILLIAM STICKNEY and wife Elizabeth, of Rowley, sold to Jeremiah Elsworth, of the same town, land in Rowley, which they acknowledged, March 17, 1663, before Samuel Symonds. [Essex Deeds, 2: 186.]
May 27, 1662, he with wife Elizabeth and of Rowley, "for four pounds convey to James Barker of the same Town all that our proportion of land layd out to us in the land commonly called Merimacke land being by estimation forty acres, be it more or less, with the preveledges belonging thereto, as it lyeth bounded by
land of the sayed James Barker on the west, the east syde bounded by land of William Scales the northend butting on Merrimack river, the southend butting on Common land or the vilage line." Wit. Sam'l Brocklebanke and Jachin Reyner. Ack. July 22, 1662, before Samuel Symonds. [Ibid, 2: 165.]
May 27, 1662. He buys of William Scales and Ann his wife of Rowley, their proportion of land laid out to them, "in land commonly called Merrimack land being 40 acres, bounded by land laid out to WILLIAM STICKNEY on ye west, on east by land laid out to Lieut. John remington now Peter Nash's, south end on village line, north on Merrimack River" &c. Wit. Sam'l Brocklebanke and James Barker. Ack. July 22, 1662, before Sam'l Symonds. [Ibid, 67: 185.] In 1660, he, with James Baley, testifies in regard to the sale of half a corn-mill by Richard Dummer, of Newbury, to John Pearson, of Rowley. [Ibid, 6:9.]
March 29, 1664. He gave in his deposition before Robert Lord, clerk, in regard to the settlement of the estate of "Ann Lum the mother of John Pickard." [Ibid, 2: 197.]
In the Town Books of Rowley, it is recorded, that WILLIAM STICKNEY was buried January 25, 1664-5. He left a will, the original of which is still preserved (folded and filed) in the Essex Probate Office at Salem, of which the following is an attested copy:
"I WILLIAM STICKNEY, of Rowley in the county of Essex in New England, being weake of body, but of perfect understanding and memory, do make and ordaine this my last will and testament.
First. I will and commit my soulle unto God that gave it; and my body unto the common burying place, in the hope of a blessed resurrection. And as for my outward estate, after funeral expenses discharged, I will and
dispose as followeth.
Imprimis. I will and give unto my well beloved wife Elizabeth Stickney the benefit of my dwelling house, out houses, barne, orchard, land and meadowes that are or lie within the five mille bounds of the towne of Rowley with all the privileges belonging unto those lands, as also the meadow in Ipswich west meadowes, as also one third part of the househould stufe which she shall chuse for convenient and ncessary use, as also two cowes; and all this I give her during her natural life.
As for my son Samuell Stickney, I having bene at certain cost toward his settling, therefor I will and give unto him but ten pounds more out of my estate, and that to be his full portion, and I will him to be satisfied therewith.
As for my son Amos Stickney, he having at noe time bene beneficiall to my estate, and I having procured him a trade and given him some part ye estate toward his settling. I therefore will and give unto him but five pounds more out of my estate, and that to be his full portion; and I will him to be satisfied therewith.
As for my other sixe chileren, John, Andrew, thomas, Mary, Faith and Mercy, I will that they have the rest of my estate equally among them, as followeth:-I will and give my sone John stickney the inheritance of the lands and meadowes and houses that I have given unto my wife during her natural life, to be his possession; provided that he pay out of it, it being a greater part than there wilbe for any of the rest, soe much of it as will make the portions of the rest equall with his portion; and I will that he selle and improve this land as his owne, paying unto his mother yearly during her life three pounds ten shillings and carefully winter her two cowes yearly, and she to injoy one of the roomes for her owne particular use during her life.
Unto my son Andrew Stickney I will and give him for his inheritance of my lands my land at Merrimacke; and if, in its vallueation it amounteth to more than his equall share with the rest of his brothers and sisters when my estate is divided, then I will that he pay some thing backe to equallize them; and if it be vallued at lese than his equall part, then it to be made up unto him. As for my three daughters, I will, that they have their portions out of my estate in moveables, or if they fall short to be made up out of the overpluse of their three brothers' lands, so as that they may be made all equall allike, and
that they have their portions payed unto them as they come of age or at marriage.
I will and appoint my well beloved wife my solle excequtorix of this my will. And I desire my trusty friends Maxemillion Jewett and Samuell Brocklebanke to be my overseers;-and this my last will I signe with my owne hand this 21 of January, 1664.
Signed in presence of
William (by his marke) STICKNEY
Proved in court held at Ipswich the 28 of March, 1665, by the oath of Maximillion Jewett and Samuel Brocklebanke. ROBERT LORD, cleric.
As attest, A true copy as on file, Attest, NATH'L LORD JR. register." [source: Stickney Family by Matthew Adams Stickney, 1869]
"An Inventory of the estate of WILLIAM STICKNEY.
Imprimis. In his purse 0 10 09
Item. One sarge cloake 1 02 06
one sarge suit 1 00 00
One cloath coate jacket and breeches 1 05 00
One red waistcoat, a light colored jacket and breeches 0 18 00
One paire of boots 0 12 00
One paire of shoes 3s - two hats 11s 0 14 00
The best bed with all the furniture to it 12 00 00
One carpet 14s one coverlet 1 1 14 00
Three paire of the best sheets, 3 - give sheets of the
second sort 1 10s 4 10 00
Seven sheets of the next sort 1 15s-three paire of
other sheets 1 4s 2 19 00
One table cloth napkins and pillow bears 1 15 00
One trunke 5s. two boxes 2s 07 00
One bed and all the furniture to it in the parlor chamber 9 00 00
One small feather bedd 2 - one yellow rugge and two
pillowes 1 15s 3 15 00
One trunnell bed with all belonginge to it 3 10 00
One other bedsteade with the beddinge 3 05 00
A piece of white cloath 1-twelve years of cotton and
towe 1 2 00 00
Towe yarne 13s 4d-sheepe wooll cotton yarne 1 15s 2 17 04
In yarne and flax 2 05s. In curtains 10s 2 15 00
One paire of oxen 12 10s. one pair of oxen more 14 26 10 00
the younger paire of oxen 13 10s-two three year old
steers 7 10s 21 00 00
Two two yearinge steers 5 - one two yeare old
bull 2 7 00 00
Three farrow cowes 12. one red cowe and her
calfe 4 5s 16 05 00
One younge red cowe and her calfe 5 05 00
Two steers of one yeare olde 3 10s - one heifer of
a yeare olde 2 5s 5 15 00
One horse 5 10s. one mare 6 - one younge
horse 5 16 10 00
One younge mare of two yeares olde 4 00 00
One yearinge coult 2 5s. In swine 5 15s 8 00 00
One dwellinge house and barne and orchard with
the land below the barne 50 00 00
Three acres of land above the housae 15 00 00
An acre and halfe of land at Pollipod lots 2 00 00
Two acares and halfe of land in the common field 7 10 00
An acre and halfe of land at New Plaine 6 00 00
Six acres of land neere the longe hill 9 00 00
One hundred and seaven rods of land at
Mr. Domer's farme 0 15 00
Six gates upon the common 6 00 00
One acre of meadow in Batchellers meadow 5 00 00
Two acres of meadow at Cowe bridge 6 00 00
One acre of sault marsh at Mr. Dommer's farme 3 00 00
Three acres of meadow at the great meadow 6 00 00
Eight acres of mewadow at the West meadows 12 00 00
Seven score acres of land at the village 35 00 00
Forty acres of land at Merrimacke 20 00 00
In wheate seven bushells 1 15s. Rye fourteen
bushells 2 16s 4 11 00
Indian twelve bushells and a halfe 1 17 06
Wheate two bushells and a halfe 0 12 06
One bushell of pease and three bushells of mault 0 17 06
In Bacon 2 5s. In provision 10s 2 15 00
In spinning wheels and cards 10s. In pewter 3 10s 4 00 00
In Tinn vessels 3s. In Brasse 4 4 03 00
One mortar and pestell with the iron pots 1 10 00
Smothinge irons 3s. 1 friinge pan and two spits 10s 0 13 00
The iron tonges and the implements about the fire 1 05 00
In Milke vessells and beare vessells 1 10s.
In Books 12s 2 02 00
One greate table 10s. In chairs 8s 0 18 00
Six cusions 8s. In weights and weights 8s 0 16 00
In Measures 0 01 06
In Earthrnware 5s. In guns 3 16s 4 01 00
Three swords and bandalers and other amunition 1 12 00
In Bags five shillings-and sithes and sickells ten shill. 0 15 00
In Axes and howes and other implements 1 10 00
One pannell, pillyon and bridell 0 10 00
One cart with the plows, two sawes and other tackling 5 15 00
One sled and the forks 0 05 00
In riddells and sives 0 03 00
One shovell and spade 2s 6d-one grindstone 5s 0 07 06
In hay 2 10s. A debt due upon a bill 10 12 10 00
More 2. in leather 14s 2 14 00
A beetell with the wedges 0 07 00
----Totall 416 14 01
This inventory was apprised by us whose names are hereunder written. Mr. PHILIP NELSON, MAXIMILION JEWET, SAMUEL BROCKLEBANKE, JOHN BROCKLEBANKE
Proved and recd. in court held at Ipswich the 28 of March, 1665. ROBERT LORD,
cleric. A true copy as on file. Attest, NATH'L LORD jr. register. Debts owing
from the estate.
At Ipswitch 2 08 00
In Rowley..... 3 07 00
A true copy as on file. Attest, NATH'L LORD, jr., register."
[Stickney Family, Matthew Adams Stickney, Essex, 1869]

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*Calculated relationship
West front:
Born in
Frampton, England,
A. D. 1592,
was, with his wife
of Boston, In N. E. in 1638,
of Rowley in 1639,
where he died
A. D. 1665.

North front:

By his Descendants,
Josiah Stickney
of Boston,
Matthew Adams Stickney
of Salem,
Joseph Henry Stickney
of Baltimore, Md.
Rowley Burial Ground
Essex County
Massachusetts, USA
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William Stickney
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William Stickney
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William Stickney
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Also in memory of the author of the info that is posted for William, Matthew Adams Stickney memorial 146490632, Author of The Stickney Family Genealogy c1869
- Jesse & Dianas Line
 Added: Sep. 30, 2016
Rest in peace, William. With love from the descendants of Marshall D. Stickney, from your son Amos' line.
- Jesse & Dianas Line
 Added: Sep. 30, 2016

- Carolee McGill-Barker
 Added: Aug. 15, 2016
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