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Charles Allen "Buckingham or Buck" Webb, Sr
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Birth: Jun. 24, 1886
Scotland Neck
Halifax County
North Carolina, USA
Death: Sep. 27, 1985
Roanoke Rapids
Halifax County
North Carolina, USA


Biography on Charles "Buck" Allen Webb, Sr. prepared by Robert Webb

SS 244-03-0940

Services at All Saints Episcopal Ch. Oct 1, 1985 2 PM Rev. William E. Smyth

Charles Allen Webb, Sr. was approx. 6'-0" tall. He was kin to Martha Washington. Charles was a Macon as was Martha Washington both descending from Gideon Macon. This is documented in a Book called "The Alstons and Allstons of North and South Carolina" published by Franklin Printing in 1901 and written by Joseph A. Groves, MD. Higginson Books in Massachusetts as of 2011 publishes modern copies.
Charles was born on "Little Webb Plantation" east of Scotland Neck, North Carolina. Area established 1722 by Scots Highlanders and Lord Nairn. They grew cotton and possibly tobacco. Webbs were kin to Josey Family and Joseys had established land for the Town and also a Cotton Mill. 1797 first Post Master Henry Baker. Scotland Neck was built upon 140 acres acquired from Napoleon Bonaparte Josey by John Hyman who conceived of the Town. When I was there before the house was demolished it was cotton. He then moved to nearby Roanoke Rapids, NC and lived there all his life with his wife Mary Caroline Lykes. He attended as a child Trinity Episcopal Church in Scotland Neck, NC and later All Saints Episcopal Church in Roanoke Rapids, NC. He was schooled at Vine Hill all male Academy in Clarksville nearby and on Roanoke River est. circa 1810. est. Marmaduke Norfleet There was also an 1891 Scotland Neck military Academy and I am not certain if Webb also attended that but he said he did attend Vine Hill. Halifax Co., NC formed from Edgcombe Co., NC was named for George Montagu-Dunk, 2nd Earl Halifax.

He resembled Barons Brownlow and especially Brownlow North. Brownlow and Cust is the same English family and Cust is actually the predecessor of Custis. Martha Macon Dandridge Washington was first married to Custis. C A Webb Sr was a Macon and so I am sure this is the correct general direction. C A Webb looked like Martha Washington.

For Martha Washington see Alston of Nayland England and Lady Elizabeth Chaplin daughter of Brownlow and the miniature painting at Burghley England. So at many connections it appears surely and w/o doubt we connect with Brownlow Cust in England and Lord Burghley, Tudor Dynasty and King James VI and I. The exact lineage we are researching.

Charles was near Littleton, NC and actually Georeg Fulke Lyttelton 2nd Baron Westcote of Ballymoe also looked like him. Lyttelton of Cobham. The Webb surname may relate to Cob ? This was a region of NC known for Halifax Resolves, the Declaration of Independence, Regulators and was visited by Marquis Lafayette and G Washington. It was filled with history and linked to England. Many Royals colonists here spreading the Royal Seed (semen). Many resembled Christ and Apostles.

These Webbs also go to Henrico Co and Henricus, Virginia.

Charles was a Royal and kin to Princess Sophie Saxe Coburg Saalfeld and German Royals, dukes of Mecklenburg, King James and Kin, early Royal seed and offspring of European Monarchy. He looked just like current Duke Michael of Mecklenburg. See also Josey Info to Europe.

Charles was an unusually aristocratic, charming and highly eccentric Southerner. He was the epitome of a country gentleman. He was so eccentric and mad that he was great fun to be around because he was such a character and page out of history.
He was a devout Christian and loved to sing hymns all the day. He was an Historian and very learned collecting family letters and American Indian artifacts his hobby. He read every day both the King James Bible and various history books. Also Book of Common Prayer and He also read "Reader's Digest" for passing time and the morning newspaper every day which generally either amused or upset him over Washington, DC politics which he abhored. He also fished and engaged in the North Carolina furniture business as a travelling salesman. He worked for the B. S. Webb Furniture Store which belonged to his brother Benjamin Sidonius.

Charles was the youngest of 7 children. The seven were: Benjamin Sidonius, Ethel Ann Jones, James McBride Webb, Maria Webb, Mildred Webb, Miriam Joseohine "May" Webb Courtney and Charles Allen Webb, Sr.

Charles' sister Ethel Webb had been interested in Webb History and in the 1920s donated at least part of the contents of the house to nearby "Cupola House" in Edenton, NC. I do know there was one valuable fall front secretary bookcase which was an original Webb heirloom. James McBride Webb another sibling had also written some history.
Charles Allen Webb, Sr. had only one known offspring my Grandfather, Charles Allen, Webb, Jr.
Valuable research has been contributed by David Gammon and also Charlie Dunn Alston. Some information is held at The Halifax Public Library in Halifax, North Carolina which has a Genealogy Library housed there.
Charles Allen "Buckingham" Webb, Sr. "Buckingham" was his nickname and we called him "Buck". He was named for Buckingham Palace in England. Buck was he told me involved in Espionage with British Intelligence in World War I. Charles was nicknamed "Buckingham" and we called him "Buck". He lived all his adult like at 430 Washington St. in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. Buck is buried at Cedarwood Cemetery in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina with his wife Mary Caroline Lykes. The Webb Family Bible is at the North Carolina State Archives and contains much family information.
Buck served in some capacity in World War I and he told me was involved in espionage with the British he preferred to the US and admired. His Military Draft Registration was dated June 5, 1917. He signed up in Roanoke Rapids, NC. While on paper he served the US Federal Government he most certainly did not serve it personally of his own volition, morality and belief system and this was out of legal necessity his responding to being drafted. He felt greatly compromised forced by unjust laws to serve an entity he despised. He detested the US Federal Government. If the Government thought he served it then it was grossly mistaken.
Later June 5th became my official birthday and June 5th references the Fall of Rome and also D Day Normandy Invasion and June 6th selected instead because of weather conditions. June 5th has been used all throughout history by new World Order Conspirators and even choosing this as a Draft Date is suspect. I interject this clue because it is curious Buck's draft date became my birthday and D Day.
The Draft Card says he was "tall" and "blonde" with "blue" eyes and not "bald" on page 2 line 1 and 2. All of this is important pertaining to even then the German master race eugenics ideas forming at that time. 1917 was the year Czarist Russia fell. He was a male physical specimen and very handsome. He could have had any lady he wanted and chose marrying for money. I suppose as the youngest member of a very old colonial family and after the losses of the Great Depression he needed it. He was the ideal male physical specimen and had pedigree being a Washington / Macon and very aristocratic from a prominent landed Southern American family.
Charles or "Buck" was b. June 24, 1886 and d. September 27, 1985 at the age of 99. I knew him well and we got along famously.
He was born on "Little Webb Plantation" in Scotland Neck, North Carolina and was the youngest of a large family. His father was Benjamin Davis Webb and his mother, Mariah Crowell Allen. His Mother died when he was young and he was raised by his Aunt who mothered him. "Little Webb Plantation" is in Scotland Neck, North Carolina. This was located on Route 903 east of Scotland Neck and west of Edward's Fork on the north side of the road. There is a colored people's General Store called "Webb Store" a country store run last time I was there by Webb Slaves. This was on the south side of the road. Negros were called colored. The house is gone. It had fallen into disrepair and was used as a hunting lodge and then burned and demolished. This area has deer for hunting.
Charles attended school at Vine Hill Academy a school in that area from 1812 - 1893. He spoke about this. I got the impression it was very strict. This was a very good education at the time.
He left the family farm and settled in nearby Roanoke Rapids, NC. There he gave up farming and engaged in the North Carolina furniture business. He collected time payments on furniture and also delivered furniture by truck. He had a blue and white Ford pick up truck as he liked Ford and early on a had a Ford Model T. The Webbs were in furnishings and there was a Webb Store in Roanoke Rapids, NC. He was a Salesman there and the store belonged to his brother Benjamin. He made deliveries and furniture was expensive and sold on time payments so he would deliver the furniture and then call on the families door to door monthly to collect a payment. He was very social and this for him was his social life. He continued to do this after Webb furniture store closed and worked for a store in nearby Weldon, NC.
Buck I believe knew Queen Victoria or King George V and The British Royal Family. He had an English chandelier in his dining room at one time said to be belonging to The Windsors and from Buckingham Palace.
Buck was a Macon/Washington and kin to Martha Washington. Buck was very aristocratic and deeply religious an Anglican Protestant Episcopalian. Church was the center of his life. He attended All Saints Episcopal Church in Roanoke Rapids and before that Trinity Episcopal Church in Scotland Neck, North Carolina.
Buck was a Southern Gentleman to the utmost and was the kind of man who would throw his coat down for the Ladies to walk across in the road on a damp day and not get their dresses dirty. He was very aristocratic and a gentleman and praised GOD for each day. He lived to be 99. He was extremely eccentric and a historian reading and knowledgeable about American and European History and interested in American Indians he collected their artifacts. Local Indians were Tuscarora. He hunted and fished. He collected arrow heads, tomahawks and American Indian vessels and the like. Many he found in the woods which was a hobby of is following old American Indian graves and trails in Virginia and The South.
Every morning without fail he drank at least one shot of bourbon whiskey with honey to him a medicinal mixture. He then proceeded to make a fresh cornbread, made eggs with brown eggs and bacon as well as coffee with milk and sugar. This was a ritual every day. It took 2 hours. He then read the paper till noon and after noon would fry a fish he caught and sometimes have potatoes or greens he called them. He loved catfish. He caught the fish easily with Catawba tree worms which the fish liked. He collected the worms himself tree by tree on drives in the country. He frequently skipped dinner and was very trim. When he did eat dinner it was frequently chicken which he never called chicken but always Gospel bird or just bird.

He did not over eat and ate what his body required. He then read till dark history and also Reader's Digest which then was the fashion. He did not buy any of this at the store except sometimes bacon. I suppose as they no longer had a smoke house. He went to the various family farms he bought eggs and milk directly from. He did also sometimes visit Ralph's North Carolina Bar B Q and was in part responsible for Ralph's fame. He then would sing the day away, or fish for the afternoon. He dressed in suit and tie with suspenders most days and certainly for Church on Sunday. He wore the big Windsor knot tie. He applied shaving cream with a brush and used after French Pinaud after shave. Wearing aftershave at Church when asked about it by me made Buck blush. His wife Mary had died rather young and Buck was single and Heterosexual. He was very charming and it was sweet to watch his crushes at Church. The Ladies would also bake cakes and pies for him and bring them by. He had a cake dish he displayed them on in the house and this flattered him. Sharing pieces with me brought me into his secret place and we laughed together over this. I do not know if he really had relations. I think he believed masturbation was sin but who knows if he had relations. He was always sure to have clean breath and kept the largest size Listerine bottle using it frequently and smelled of Listerine or menthol mints. These were kept on a sterling silver tray.

Otherwise he was in longjohns in the winter or white boxers and white undershirt in the summer. All socks were knee length black and he wore expensive English made shoes as important as the Silver in his class. He did also travel door to door again in suit and tie business like and collect furniture payments usually in the $5 dollar range to pay off furniture suites he sold.
At that time huge steamer trunks were used for travel and carrying one's belongings by steam ship to Europe and England and on the back of cars where they would strap on. Buck had some of these and in the dining room and later in the kitchen he kept a very large trunk in which he kept every single family letter he ever got back decades. It had old family letters and pictures and old stamps, etc. He would sit me down next to him as his great grandson and he would pull out things and read and show them to me which I found fascinating. I was very special to him and the only family member who would go there to NC to see him regularly. My Mom would put me on the Greyhound or Trailways bus from Washington, DC to Roanoke Rapids and Buck would meet me at the bus stop and I'd stay with him a week or more throughout my childhood.
He met his wife Mary Caroline Lykes on the "Olde Post Road" which was the major north - south roadway in America on the east coast at that time. As I recall it went from Columbia, South Carolina to Richmond, Virginia. From what I remember he drove there by horse and buggy or car to cruise the Ladies who were abundant there. He later bought a Ford Model T. Mary Caroline Lykes was from the distinguished Lykes Family. Lykes was a very prominent and rich Southern Family and Webb was also from a prominent family. At that time rich large Planter Families kin to Colonists and The Washingtons, etc. were the leading families. Times have of course changed but Lykes has retained its wealth. That was the culture at that time.
He was an extremely Patriotic American and utterly detested Politicians, the US Federal Government and Washington, DC which he considered Satan's Dominion. He had no respect for it whatsoever. It sickened him beyond what words I have to explain about this subject. Even mentioning the Government to him threw him into a tirade for hours till bedtime and he became physically ill over it. He would then several hours later laugh at himself, clear his throat after the ranting and raving and cry "Consumption" and then pray before bed at dusk. Webb was kin to Martha Washington and was a Southern Aristocrat with roots to King James, Richmond, Virginia, founding of America even before 1776 and The James River Valley in Virginia. These were the original cotton and tobacco planting families who founded Virginia even before North Carolina was formed out of Virginia territory.
He belonged to the entire circle of American Patriots who in The American Civil War sided with The Lee and Washington Family and against The US Federal Government paying for their freedom from US Tyranny with their lives. They really lived it and felt it knew the price they paid for it and stuck together against what they knew was their enemy and an enemy of GOD Almighty, the US Federal Government. They went to Church and prayed every day for its downfall and took up arms in defense of their lives, families and property against it. It was not a game to them it was a very serious matter of self respect and dignity as well as defense of one's life, land, livelihood and freedom from US Federal Tyranny. His Father Benjamin Davis Webb was named for Confederate US President Jefferson Davis. While Webb may have according to some served the Government according to paperwork it was because he had to out of legal necessity in World War I and not out of any personal conviction so he worked against the Government with his time and on their payroll. It was the way he could maintain his self respect. He despised the Government and this is why he aided The British. While he liked Democracy he was really a Monarchist and though it was problematic his allegiance was to GOD, Family and Country which he considered Crown Property even though King George II had problems in the Colony and did not agree with all his royal decrees and edicts. He was not against Democracy at all but most definitely considered Washington, DC, Politicians and the US Federal Government an abomination of The Lord and an utter disgrace to humanity.
I am sure he would have done anything to aid The British in returning America to them so long as Americans had a voice in a genuine Democracy. He believed in land ownership, family farms and values, GOD and country church and respect. I would say he was a model person in many ways though outwardly most would say not really a success. He disagreed with success and thought it a waste of time. His morality and value system was olde fashioned and really even using federal paper money at all was a concession for him. He did so out of legal necessity. He was very personable and loved to sing Hymns. He rejected all technological advancements as a trick of the Devil and Government control in person's lives. To him electricity, telephone, plumbing, television and radio were all valueless. He believed in farming and GOD. He did eventually give in to TV because his son gave him one and watched the weather channel to plan fishing around. He used the radio for Church Hymns and Government Broadcasts. The first phone his son bought and installed in the home Buck ripped out of the wall and discarded. He was made by The City to install plumbing in his house at 430 Washington St because they no longer allowed an outhouse in City limits. He still refused a hot water heater and heated his water on the stove even to bathe. He used the toilet inside only for bowel movements and urinated out back even after plumbing was installed because he preferred it and was accustomed to outhouses. Electricity to him meant a single light bulb and no fixture hanging from the center of the room. The exception was the dining room his wife decorated in colonial blue and the chandelier supposedly a gift from the Windsors in England. His wife was not like Charles. Charles was eccentric and simple. Caroline was gracious and extravagant and started to decorate the dining room and they hung tea cups on the walls from different tea services she collected. She also had some silver. To them this was extravagant living back then as things were scarce before mass production. These were real heirlooms.

There was a Victrola and that is because his wife Mary Caroline' Family was affluent and she liked music. I remember Strauss Waltzes.

There was some valuable colonial furniture there but it was from Mary Caroline's Lykes Family and probably Charleston, SC which made fine furnishings. These have been long sold in the 1970s as his son, Charles had no interest in it. Some Charleston furniture was actually made in new York like the satinwood classical pieces I recall. Ther was also German influence near Columbia, SC where Lykes lived. Also English chippendale influence.
Some of this furniture may have been made by Charleston cabinet maker Thomas Elfe. This needs more study but Elfe knew Alston in Charleston and there are two house museums in Charleston Alston Family marrying with Macon/Washington and Lykes. I suggest: E. Milby Burton's - Charleston Furniture 1700 - 1825 published by Charleston Museum. This would be a good start to rebuild or recreate a picture of how they lived.

At least one valuable Webb desk a colonial secretary fall front desk was donated by Buck's Sister, Ethel Webb to the Cupola Historic House in Edenton, North Carolina. Ethel was interested in genealogy and in the 1920's did work to gather up all relatives. This furniture was seprate and from either North Carolina and Virginia probably earlier things. James McBride Webb another relative followed through with this work.

Buck was a very bright man, great fun, eccentric and amusing. He was quick and a proud remnant of The Washington Family and King James royal descendants from the original American Colonists. He was very learned and scholarly. I loved him very much and learned much from him. He was one of the few relatives I genuinely loved and we understood each other. He never abused me as others did. He was a no nonsense man and very practical and nobody's fool.
Some Family information is at the Joyner Library at East Carolina in North Carolina, Trinity Episcopal Church in Scotland Neck, Halifax Genealogy Library in Halifax, NC, North Carolina State Archives and DAR Library in Washington, DC.
Charles Allen "Buckingham" or "Buck" Webb, Sr. was born and raised in Scotland Neck, Halifax County, North Carolina. His Mother died when he was young and so he was raised by his Aunt. He attended Vine Hill Academy established in 1811. Subjects studied there were: Latin, Greek, French, English, Geography, Math, Philosophy, Rhetoric, Belles Letters, History, Astronomy, Navigation, Spelling, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Surveying, Logic, Algebra, Chemistry, Astronomy, Flower Painting, Criticism, Botany, Oil Painting, Drawing, Theology.
William E. Webb his Great Great Grandfather was Principal of Union Academy also in Halifax Co., NC est. 1818. Webbs were interested in GOD, planting, America and education. They knew what guns were and that was for hunting for sustenance and protection from exploitation by Government no matter the brand they called it. Kinsman, Jesse Faulcon was on the Board of Trustees there. He was from Surry Co., Virginia area. Faulcon and Cocke were related families there at Mt. Pleasant Plantation and the Cocke and early Virginia Webbs were intermarried there. These Faulcons were also at Melville Plantation. This was the Webb Branch of a Giles Webb of Nansemond Co. and Grayson Co.'s, Virginia. The whole Webb genealogy needs much study and my work a theory because Webb was a relatively common English name. It meant "weave" in old high German and it was thought the Webbs may have kept the stables of King George in London earning favour or in some way were related. I do feel sure though because of numerous inter-family relations that this Giles Webb and his numerous offspring is the correct general direction for further research. The most promising research I have found to date is that of Ronald R. Turner who wrote: Webb Families of the Virginias (Fairview Park, Ohio, 1983,). This is housed at The Library of Virginia and also in Washington, DC at The DAR Library. It is a very useful work. It seems the Webbs I come from connect into those of King James and The James River Valley around Richmond, Virginia. These Webbs were involved in the founding of America and linked to the English and French Monarchies. The Webbs resemble King James and also some Jefferson Davis, First President of The Southern American Confederacy which had opposed Tyranny of US Federal Government.
Charles Allen Webb, Sr. attended Vine Hill. Charles married Mary Caroline Lykes a School Teacher and lived in nearby Roanoke Rapids, NC. I wrote more about him under his picture. He was a brilliant, learned, kind and Godly man. He worked as a travelling furniture salesman and for the B. S. Webb furniture store a Webb Family Store in Roanoke Rapids belonging to his brother, Benjamin Sidonis Webb. He was a highly social animal and so enjoyed this work for the human contact. The Webbs were in the North Carolina furniture business. They had been in cotton growing in previous generations. They were part of a group of Webbs in the Cotton Exchange that supplied cotton to England in colonial trade.
Webb were long time residents of Halifax Co. area and related to many local famlies. Of note were Macon, Alston, Allen, Person, Jones, Pittman, Josey, Bradford, Whitaker, Faulcon, Burgess, Atherton and there is a long list. These families all procreated extensively to expand family land holdings and most were original Colonial American Families which all stayed together. Many had been here in America well before 1776. They had relations with the English Crown and also were involved in politics and government here.
The best book I have seen which is a must have research tool is: The Historic Architecture of Halifax County, NC. by Henry V. Taves, Allsion H Black, David R. Black and edited by Drucilla H. York and J. Daniel Pezzoni. It is much more than an architecture book but a valuable tool. The Halifax Library in Halifax is also a great resource. Many have done work on the subject because of the Macon Family connection to Martha Washington. I also mention Rebecca Leach Dozier and her work on Littleton, NC Families which is very valuable research. Aside from Halifax Co., NC one needs to see Edgecombe Co. as Halifax and Edgecombe were combined. Virginia and North Carolina had also been one region and were separated. There is Warrenton Co., NC and particularly Macon, NC, Littleton, NC, Enfield, NC, Roanoke Rapids, NC and Scotland Neck, NC. There were others. There are also Counties in Virginia and particularly New Kent Co., VA, Surry Co., VA and possibly Grayson and Nansemond Counties, VA connecting with Giles Webb which is my theory. This group connects in with King Cotton of Corotoman Plantation and The Virginia Carters through Hannah Carter. Generally speaking it was a close family knit group and the Colonists stayed together marrying each other's families which was the practice to retain wealth, land and religion.
On August 22, 1774 John Webb was appointed Moderator of His Majesty's Council in Halifax County, NC as towns people declare allegiance to King George III in a matter of Regulators in nearby Orange Co., NC.
The Royal White Hart Masonic Lodge on David Street in Halifax was the local lodge and many were involved in freemasonry.
William E. Webb served three terms as a Representative in Halifax NC General Assembly.
In 1824 Marquis de Lafayette visits Halifax Co., NC. Marquis was an intimate friend of General George Washington. Washington's wife Martha was a Macon and the Macons were married with the Webbs. This was through Anne Hunt Macon. These were the Alston/Macon and lived in Littleton, Halifax Co., NC adjacent to Nathaniel Macon in nearby Warrenton Co., NC. They were in close proximity met and intermarried.
I have started to compile a List of Sources used for research. This is a partial list. I suggest the Mormon Library in that it is excellent. We are not Morman but they offer and excellent Library. I did submit our Family Tree to the Morman Library in Salt Lake City for safe keeping. Also the DAR Library, Library of Congress, National Archives.
Looking back on Littleton, NC by Rebecca Dozier
Town Leaders, Littleton, NC by Rebecca Dozier
Sketched of Old Warrenton, NC by A H Montgomery
100 Years (Halifax NC) by Alfred Cooke
Macon Co, NC Cemetery Records
Heritage Macon Co., NC by Jesse Sutton
Life of Nathaniel Macon
Webb Families of Virginia by Ronald Turner about Giles Webb 18th c. roots
The Historic Architecture of Halifax Co., NC
Henry Taves, Allison Black, David Black
Edited by: Drucilla York, Daniel Pezzoni
Linkage, The Study of a Family by Jo Smith Webb at DAR 1984
Lib of Cong: 84-40401
Keepsake Memories of the Merry Webb Families
by: Nonie Webb and Winnie Webb Whitaker
The Alstons and Allstons of North and South Carolina
by Joseph Groves
Beiman Otis Princ wrote:
Cemetery Records of Richland and Kershaw Counties; Those Fabulous Years about Richland Co., SC; The Speigner and Spigner Fanily of John George Speigner 1710 - 1783
The Geigers of South Carolina by Percy Geiger see Higginson Books
Gift of Heritage by Genevieve Parkhill Lykes
200 Years of Likes History by Homer Likes at Mormon Library
Easter North Carolina families by David Gammon also lists us 1997 Chapel Hill press chapel Hill, NC

Halifax Co. History as relates to Webb

Halifax Co. was particularly important because of the Halifax Resolves of April 12, 1776 which lead to the US Declaration of Independence. It is a very historic quiet little town though un-restored like Williamsburg, Virginia is. It is largely forgotten although a key piece of US history. This event occurred in Halifax Co., NC. The link between Halifax, NC and Alexandria , VA is via the Lee Resolution of June 7, 1776 about declaring independence from England. Richard Henry Lee who wrote it was the Great Uncle of Robert E. Lee. Both events directly preceded and lead to the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Other notable family figures involved were Willie Jones, Halifax Delegate who was kin to Orlando Jones. Frances Jones was the daughter of Orlando Jones and Martha Macon. Frances was the Mother of Martha Washington. This is the same Jones Family of Jones Orchard in Halifax Co. as the Macons ran all through this area. There are also Matthew Ransom and Robert Ransom. These are Kin to Ransom McBride. Anne Nancy "Ellen" McBride was Benjamin Davis Webb's Grandmother. Willie Jones lived at "The Orchard" Plantation in Halifax Co., NC. This was also not far from other Macon and Alston Property in adjacent Warren Co., NC. This is how Alexandria, VA and "Arlington Plantation" of Martha Washington in adjacent Arlington, VA are related to this part of North Carolina. These key Colonial figures travelled all throughout and drank bourbon together at Person's Ordinary in Littleton, NC. There is also "Mosby Hall" home of Thomas Person. Originally this area of North Carolina and Virginia were one territory before a State Line was drawn. These were Macon historic homes including that of Nathaniel Macon, "Buck Spring". At that time most of these colonial families all intermarried and so familial connections are abundant.

Important Notes:

In my research into the early roots of our Webbs before William Webb and his Father John Webb who were in Halifax Co., NC I had hypothesized that John came from the James River Valley in the area of Richmond, Virginia. This is apparently factual and now confirmed with DEEDS transcribed here below. This is very valuable research and has taken many years to figure out. In fact Benjamin Davis Webb resembles King James himself. This is the earliest Webb photograph we still retain.
Our Webb ancestral roots are to a John Webb born 1714 to John Webb, Sr and Mary Martin (or Hannah Carter), in Henrico/Goochland Co., VA. This is the well known Carter Family of Virginia and "Carter's Grove" Plantation. This is to Robert "King" Carter of "Corotoman Plantation". John Webb's brother James Webb b. 1717 is found in Orange County, NC in 1761. Henry Webb and John Webb of Goochland, VA are found in early Edgecombe (Halifax) Co, NC deeds for land on "Plumtree Island" of the Roanoke River. Henry Webb moved to Orange County, NC about 1752. Halifax Co., NC was previously part of Edgecombe Co., NC
Plumtree is thought to possibly be in the neighborhood of present day Roanoke Rapids, NC and borders Northampton County. Thomas Whitmell had the original patent land grant in 1720's and 30's. This location had to do with Indian trading with the Chickasaw and along the Roanoke River. I read the Alston family and we are Alstons were involved in Indian trading. There was trading along Roanoke and Peedee Rivers which may help explain connection in our family to South Carolina and Lykes as trading then was via boat. There is a type of plum tree in NC called Cherokee Plum or Chickasaw Plum. This is all extensively documented in a book by Scott Withrow called Carolina Genesis, Beyond the Color Line. There is also a Plum Tree Island National Wildlife Refuge in Poquoson, Virginia on the Poquoson River. This was not far from Roanoke River by those standards and as Virginia and North Carolina were originally one territory I not this as well. Perhaps there is more than one Plumtree Island ?
There is a DEED proving that James Webb of Orange County, NC is James Webb b. 1717 of Henrico, VA, son of John Webb and Hannah Carter. He is a first cousin of Henry Webb of Orange, NC. This DEED was is transcribed here below.

From Henrico County, VA Deeds 1750-1774, Transcribed by Gary M. Williams

p 774 31 January 1763 JAMES WEBB of Orange County, province of North Carolina, to Gerrard Ellyson of Henrico County, for 10 pounds, 62 acres on the south side of the Chickahominy Swamp, for the term of 99 years from date hereof, being the land devised to said James Webb under the will of his father John Webb, deceased, and to be held for 99 years as if granted by patent; said Gerrard not to be answerable for any action of waste whatsoever admitted.
---- Signed James Webb (mark, lower case f with curl underneath)
---- Wit Thomas Wooldridge, William Sheppard, Sr, Elijah Moxley (x)

JOHN WEBB b. 1693 d. 1736 Henrico
SO John Webb b 1659 mar Sarah Cocke
md Mary Martin b. 2-12-1712 St Peters Parish.
md (2) Hannah Carter, daughter of Theodorick Carter
---- Will dated April 27, 1736, divides land between John and James,
---- wit. James Cole, Theodorick Carter, Thomas Carter, John Carter

1) John Webb b 1715
2) JAMES WEBB b 1717 *
married Anne "Nanny" Dabbs 1749 in Lunenburg, VA
3) Giles Webb b 1720
4) Theodorick Webb b 1723
5) Henry Webb b 1723
6) Jacob Webb b 1730
7) Cuthbert Webb b 1733

Wentworth Webb b May 5, 1702 St. Peters Parish, VA

1) John Webb ba 1720 Edgecomb (Halifax Co, NC)
2) Henry Webb ba 1720 Halifax, Orange Cos., NC
---- In 1739 Wentworth and John witness a Henry Webb deed on Plumbtree Island of the Roanoke River in Halifax, NC.

Land processioning records in St. Paul's parish, VA (formed from St. Peter's parish), Dec 6, 1735, show John Webb with neighbors Gerrard Ellyson and Theodorick Carter.

James Webb apparently lived in Amelia Co., VA, Lunenburg Co., VA, Orange/Granville Co., NC (1761), Anson County, NC (1767), Rutherford Co., NC (1777), and SC (probably Greenville, Co.) (1778-1790).

James Webb probably had older children from a marriage prior to that of Anne Dabbs.

Possible Children:

----Granville, NC 1763 deed, 1769 tax list
----1778 Caswell deed, 1786 insolvant tax list for Tar River area, 1790 Rutherford Co. census
---- Rutherford Co. deeds, (see below)
---- Anson DB7-p 57 July 10, 1770 Joseph Dabbs (Jr) to James Webb, Jr and Francis Webb...goods and creatures are in possession of James Webb, Sr of Anson Co.
---- b 1740 Could belong to either Henry or James
---- Could belong to either Henry or James
---- Early settler in Rutherford Co.
8) JULIUS Webb
---- SCC 1765 Mecklenburg (Tryon) land survey
---- Could be a son or grandson
---- Could be a son or grandson


E1-26 Oct 6, 1788 JAMES WEBB, SR of SC to DAVID McDOW of Rutherford Co, NC, for 50 Lbs 150 acres, being part of a patent granted said James Webb dated 9 Aug, 1777 in Rutherford Co on Webb's Creek of the Second Broad River on both sides of said creek, adj. William Webb. Signed James Webb Wit: William Webb, Joseph Eakins, Burgess Liles
I feel that the following deeds prove that Henry Webb of Orange County, NC is a descendant of the John Webb/Sarah Cocke family of Henrico and Goochland Counties, VA. Other Webb families in Orange and Rutherford Counties, NC may come from the same source.


1) 1739: Brothers Henry Webb and John Webb move from Goochland county to Edgecombe District (Halifax County), NC. Wentworth Webb witnesses a Henry Webb deed in this area.

2) 1752: Henry Webb is found in Granville (Orange County area), NC on the Flat River.

3) 1756: Henry Webb dies leaving wife Elizabeth and children John (will), Wentworth (will), Ann (guardianship), Thomas (guardianship), and William (child or close relative?) (sues Elizabeth, adminx of estate, 1762).

5) James and Jeremiah Webb appear together in Northern Orange County during the 1760s (see my other posts). They then appear in Rutherford County, NC in 1778. Jeremiah has a son named Merideth Burton Webb.


From Goochland County, VA Deed Books
( 3 books combined into one book. )

pg. 251 Oct 7, 1739 John Webb of Goochland County, VA to John Bernard of same , for L 20/10, land on south side of the said john bernard, with all houses, etc. Wit: Robert Atkinson, Henry Webb, William Alford

pg. 264 Feb 17, 1739 Power of Attorney from John Webb of Edgecomb, NC to brother Henry Webb of Goochland County, VA

Wit: Taleton Fleming, Isham Randolph, and Fra. James


Edgecomb County, NC deeds, pg 31 16 Jan 1741
Samuel Cobbs and Edith Cobbs of Amelia County, VA to Henry Webb of Edgecomb Co., planter, for 100 Lb lawfull English money, 630 acres more or less on the south side of Moratock (Roanoke) River, joining William Green in Plumbtree Island and Captain Gaddis (now Maraduke Kimbrough)
Signed Samuel Cobbs, Edith Cobbs
wit: John Webb, George Walker, Wentworth Webb

Note: Plumbtree Island is thought to be in Halifax County (formed from Edgecomb in 1759) near present day Roanoke Rapids, NC.


pg. 239, 29 Apr, 1752
Henry Webb of Flatt River in Granville Co. to William Eaton of Granville Co., 640 acres in Plumbtree Island joining John Gaddis, William Green, and Plumbtree Gut.
Signed Henry Webb Wit: Barnaby Pope, William Reed

Note: Orange County formed from Granville Co in 1752.


John Webb b. 1664 New Kent, VA
mar Sarah Cocke

1) Elizabeth Webb b. Apr 8, 1588

2) James b. June 25, 1690 died infant

3) John b. 1693 mar Mary Martin Feb 2, 1712
-John 1714
-James 1717
-Giles 1720
-Henry 1722
-Theodorik 1723
-Jacob 1730
-Cuthbert 1733

4) William Webb b. 1694 mar Jane Martin

5) Henry Webb b. 1695 mar Agnes

6) Jane Webb b. 1697

7) Abraham Webb b. 1702

8) Wentworth Webb b. May 5, 1702 d. 1747 mar Mary Burton
-John b ca 1720
-Henry b 1722 mar Elizabeth
-James? b 1720s (1748 Lunenburg Va, 1750s Orange Co, NC)
-Jeremiah? b 1730s, 1740s

Mary Burton Webb mar (2) Theodorik Webb

9) Mary Webb b. 1703 
Family links: 
  Benjamin Davis Webb (1846 - 1924)
  Maria Crowell Allen Webb (1857 - 1890)
  Mary Caroline Lykes Webb (1887 - 1957)
  Charles Allen Webb (1916 - 2008)*
*Calculated relationship
Cedarwood Cemetery
Roanoke Rapids
Halifax County
North Carolina, USA
Created by: Robert Webb
Record added: Dec 02, 2011
Find A Grave Memorial# 81421977
Charles Allen Buckingham or Buck Webb, Sr
Added by: Robert Webb
Charles Allen Buckingham or Buck Webb, Sr
Added by: Robert Webb
Charles Allen Buckingham or Buck Webb, Sr
Added by: Robert Webb
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