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Dawn Marie Birnbaum
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Flowers 1 to 50 (of 122 total)51 - 100 

 Added: Jul. 3, 2017
Never Forgotten ♡
- Autumn
 Added: Jul. 3, 2017

- Anne S
 Added: Jun. 24, 2017

- forever an angel
 Added: Nov. 12, 2016

- Lance
 Added: Aug. 14, 2016
Thinking of you today. Rest in peace, Dawn.
- Connie
 Added: Jun. 26, 2016
Thinking of you today. The last time I saw you was at your birthday party.I think it was your second You were so adorable with your blonde curls.We'd been friends with your family for years.Then we moved out of state. I'd found your mom and we talked on the phone.She told me what had happened and I was so sad for your family. See you in Heaven one day. Love and hugs,
- Barbara
 Added: Mar. 3, 2016
Sorry your life was so hard. You didn't deserve this.
- Tammy
 Added: Mar. 2, 2016

- Theresa Hernandez -White 💔
 Added: Feb. 29, 2016
Watched your story on ID tonite. I'm live in PA not too far from where you were found. This is such a sad story and should have never happened!!
- Kelley
 Added: Feb. 29, 2016

- Cataleya
 Added: Feb. 28, 2016

- KYCatMama =^.^=
 Added: Feb. 16, 2016

- Nick W
 Added: Nov. 26, 2015
Rest in Peace, Dawn
- Nirvana
 Added: May. 9, 2015

- Ariel <3
 Added: May. 4, 2015

- Barb
 Added: Feb. 10, 2015
Dawn, there is a memorial website for you that I put up at: I was a graduate student at Penn State when you were found in the snowbank that snowy day in March, 1993. What happened to you reminded me so much of my cousin, who had run away from home many times. She could have easily met the same fate as you did. Rest in peace amongst the angels.
- JBeveridge
 Added: Jul. 22, 2014
Thinking of you. Hope you are resting in peace sweet angel.
- Barb
 Added: Jul. 7, 2014

- Jamie reed
 Added: May. 21, 2014
Rest in peace.
 Added: Apr. 22, 2014
Rest in peace, my beautiful big sister-in-Christ. I love you very, very much.
- Pinoy Pride
 Added: Sep. 12, 2013
- Kathy Ng
 Added: May. 7, 2013
Hey dawn,I don't know why you crossed my mind today. Its kind of hurting a lot more then usual. In reading all of your messages and i hope and pray your getting them in body thinks there gonna be remembered after death, and here we are 20 years later. I wanna apologize because i knew when you walked out of the movie theatre what you had planned..i called the school to let them know u were gone shortly after..they didn't make u a priority! They should of made us all stop the movie and look for you! They would of made us looking other nite..i should of made them, in sorry dawn..i am so so sorry..i never felt guilt for you running away or like i could of stopped it..i guess over the years I've just been trying to understand it. I red the message from James Cruz straighten and to me, it looks like more then me could of prevented this. I understand why you came across his path was fate or maybe even destiny..u were put on this earth by god to stop this man. Well never know how many or even all the woman he murdered. I find it truly heartless and selfish that hell never get out but yet he still can't give any families closure..regardless of who they were or where they were from, the lives they lived..they will always be someone's daughters..most of there parents have already passed with out having there child's murder put to rest. The lord says to forgive? I forgive him for dawns murder..i know everything online is just basic info gathered..but Dawn was so much more then what they portrayed her. She was a smart ,beautiful, funny, strong willed young adult. She was a troubled teen that lived a rough live but had more then turned her life around. I believe she would of been successful in her adult life, but unfortunately she was blinded by teenage love when she decided to leave that nite. How are the other murders forgiven in gods eyes when the killer can't even be big enough to confess..i mean is he scared? He wasn't scared when he was choking my friend as she was taking her diein breathe..The bible says only God can judge, and one day his judgement day will come. I hope he gets a chance to ask all these family's forgiveness before then..again, dawn i love you and im truley sorry u had to be the one to stop him.
- melissa m
 Added: May. 4, 2013

- Lance
 Added: Dec. 1, 2012
Rest in peace.
- VoodooQueen
 Added: Sep. 20, 2012
Its hard to believe how one so young may touch so many . I thought of you often as passed where you lay waiting to be found. You touched me in a way noone would ever believe . Thank you for the times . Your determination toward me taught me well, you never gave up.
- Hounddog
 Added: Jul. 5, 2012
Its hard to believe how one so young may touch so many . I thought of you often as passed where you lay waiting to be found. You touched me in a way noone would ever believe . Thank you for the times . Your determination toward me taught me well, you never gave up.
- Hounddog
 Added: Jul. 5, 2012
Saw your story. RIP
 Added: Apr. 15, 2012
Not a day goes by I don't think of my sister Dawn and my mom Nancy. Their lives were taken too soon. I am sorry for the family of the sick man James Cruz, but feel it a blessing my sisters life could end the horror he has caused so many. No one has to suffer any longer. It amazes me how many people have thought of her, our family. I never thought to simply put her name in a search engine and all of this would appear. Thank you to the kind people who have memorialized her this way. Though she was born a Birnbaum, she died as a Lindemann and is not buried in Bellefonte. I hope that people absorb what happens day to day, not take so much for granted, and squeeze their children as a blessing always!
- Carrie Lindemann
 Added: Jan. 22, 2012
I don't know what made me think of you at this very moment but I want you to know you are thought of often and will never be forgotten. I will never forget the day I heard about what happened to you. May you rest in peace sweet angel. Lots of love to you xoxo
- B. Irwin
 Added: Dec. 15, 2011
Dawn, The story of your life and unfortunate death has touched my life in so many ways.I am a Bellefonte native and was 15 years old in march of 1993 and like you i was a troubled teen bouncing from foster home to foster home and institutions for troubled teens wondering if anything will ever go my way or if i will even make it in life. I have made it my life long goal to succeed and to prove to other teens in my situation that life can only get better and that you have to hit rock bottom before you can reach the top. Unfortunately your hopes and dreams were ripped away from by the hands of a man that i cant even find the words to describe.Your whole life was ahead of you and the sky was the limit and everyday you could have been anything you wanted and your drive and ambition to make your life better would have taken you there .Rest in peace i live my life for you
- just a trucker
 Added: Dec. 10, 2011
dawn i saw your story on the fbi files i feel for you hon youre in a much better place these past 18 years may you your friends and family have peace ill see you in heaven dawn
- matthew barnes
 Added: Oct. 5, 2011
Dawn, I saw your story on an old rerun of the FBI Files. You were (and are) a beautiful girl. I was deeply saddened by your childhood and death, however I was also deeply touched when a Pennsylvania town decided to adopt you as one of their own, and you were able to briefly experience some happiness in your life when you met the man of your dreams. I have placed a Forget me Not to let you know that I have not forgotten about you and to let myself know how blessed I am to be happy on this Earth. May you R.I.P and be reunited eternally with the love of your life.
- Chetyu
 Added: Sep. 12, 2011
thoughts and prayers of peace to you and yours
- Leanne Keefer Bechdel
 Added: Aug. 2, 2011
Dawn, As the years pass we grow older, life has taken us in many different directions,children have been born, ppl have died too. We have all lived many lifetimes after we got home from Maine. I'm sure you know that Elan is closing on 4/1/11. It's a bittersweet victory. So much was lost there, so much gained. In the end its how we live NOW, its the love we show, the compassion we have for our fellow man & animals too. The forgiveness in our hearts for those who wronged us,the understanding, the choices we make, the mistakes we try to correct, the ppl we share our lives with, the tears we cry, the laughter heard around the world, all of us are unique & flawed. We are perfect creatures but do not know how to tap into that perfection, we need to experience life. EXPERIENCES make us who we are, for better and worse. Perfection would be boring. Many HATE HATE HATE the man who took you from us so long ago. I know I do. I question why, I pray you did not feel any pain, I pray you knew you were loved. I feel sad and helpless. Many do. We miss you. Whether we knew you for 1 day or 2 years or longer, you made an impact on our lives. I have awesome, fun memories with you. Trips we took together, jokes shared, poems you wrote for me, conversations, silly things we did and saw and said. I miss you dear girl. I am saddened you are not here now so I can laugh with you on Facebook, visit you with Joe and Cori. We often take ppl for granted in our lives until they are gone forever then we regret not spending more time with them. Please watch over me, watch over our mutual friends, know you're loved and missed. It was NOT in never was in vain..
- Fairy76
 Added: Mar. 30, 2011
Dawn, thinking of you on the 18th anniversary of your untimely death. Rest in peace.
- JBeveridge
 Added: Mar. 25, 2011
Hello Dawn, You don't know me , but I know you very well, see I was the Step Daughter of the man who murdered you, I was your age at the time and I want to tell you that he My stepfather was one sick individual.I am so sorry and it hunted me for years because I was told by my mother that we were next on his list of many!!!My mother has raised 4 wonderful ,beutiful children alone and by herself who have this man as there father, I prayed everynight that they would not have the same sickness as him and for the most part they seem to be wonderful!!Of course they have not seen there dad since they were all very small.I just wanted to say that I am so very sorry and I wish that the Welfare and the children services would of listened to me , for if they had he would of been in jail years before your death!!I am so sorry and You are always on my mind.
- Jennifer Benner
 Added: Nov. 29, 2010
Hi dawn its Lisa your cousin.. i miss you very much. I remeber when i was staying at aunt nacey"s house and i was crying cause i wanted my mom.. and you came over and took care of me.. and when you passed away i was soo sad that day.. but then when i went to bed that nite i had a dream and there was a angel and i couldnt make it out at first who it was.. but then it came closer to me and it was you and you smiled and thats all i remember but i know what you were trying to tell me that you were ok and safe now.. Now im a mom to a little boy, who is 2 now.. and now i know your up in heaven with your mom (aunt nacey)... tell her i said hi and i love her and miss her soo much and glad you guys are together now.. but wish it wasnt this way.. we all miss you dawn marie and love you very much... not a day goes by that i dont think of you... love you dawn and aunt nacey miss you guys a lot... love your cousin Lisa
- Lisa lindemann
 Added: Oct. 21, 2010

- Sarah Gruwell
 Added: Oct. 3, 2010

 Added: Sep. 24, 2010
Hello Dawn, I seen your story on AMW, few years ago. I sat back and took notice because you and I share a friend, John Hoffpauir. I had been looking for him for the past 3 years when your story came across my TV. I have been searching for this story ever since. And today I found the story and you. John was my first love, never forgot his wonderful personality and his kind eyes. He drove a gold trans am and asked me out on our first date when I was working the window at Mc Donalds, in a green striped outfit. From my understanding he passed 7 months before yourself. I am still searching for him. If anyone has any information that would be so wonderful. I would like to put my mind to rest. Dawn, I am sure you are resting in Peace and I wish your family peace. For I too know what it is like to lose a lost one. I lost my son of 20 years old this year 9/11 in Afghanistan, Matthew Martinek. Now that I have found you or you found me, I'll ask you to give them all a really big hug and let them know how much I Love them and you too baby girl. I am sorry for your family's loss. God Bless and thank you for letting me find you.
- Cheryl
 Added: Nov. 1, 2009
- Leanne Keefer Bechdel
 Added: Aug. 1, 2009
 Added: Mar. 20, 2009
Pansies for thoughts. Thinking of you, Dawn, and your mother, Nancy Lindemann. I didn't know she had also passed away until I read the other posts on this site. My deepest and most sincere condolences to the Lindemann family.
- JBeveridge
 Added: Dec. 31, 2008
Hello my Dawn, I just wanted to say I miss you sooo much, but at least now I know your mom is there with you. I know that you two are together and she is finally resting she has missed you so much, knowing this helps me get through this recent grief. I look forward to seeing you both again. I love you both so much.
- lylascfl
 Added: Dec. 5, 2008
They say that life is fleetingI know that this is trueI left this world so quicklyWith no goodbye to you.I know how much you miss meYour tears fall ever lightThe pillow where you lay your headIs wet with them at night.I know your heart is hurtingThe words we left, unsaidI love you's left unspokenAre spinning in your head.The strength that I have carriedThat served to make you wholeRemains to make you strongerWithin your grieving soul.For you see, while you were weepingOn the day I passed awayAt the gravesite near the flowersWhere my loved ones knelt to pray.An angel came to see meShe took me by the handShe led me to a kingdomIn a very distant land.As I look down from the heavenAnd see you standing thereYour heart so ever burdenedWith more weight than it can bear.I long to bring you comfortI long to give you peaceI long to hold you closelyCause all your tears to cease.The joy I've found in heavenGoes far beyond compareThe love that's so elusiveCan be found here everywhere.The light is softly shiningThere's no storm clouds here or rainThere's no teardrops found in heavenThere's no suffering, there's no pain.You needn't be so troubledStay close to God and prayThat someday we'll be togetherOne bright and glorious day.So my love, you shouldn't questionMy dear you need not cryI've gone to be with JesusI really didn't die.
 Added: Oct. 20, 2008
Happy Halloween Dawnie! It has been so long yet it seems like just yesterday we were friends. So young, so full of P&Vinegar..LOL..Maine taught us a lot of lessons about life & growing up, lessons we did not need to learn that quickly.I get so mad at you when I think of how you ran away that cold day, I wondered why, what demons were haunting you that made you flee, I know where you were at for I was there too my dear friend.I remember that colorful sweater you wore that day waiting to get on the van to go to the movies I was picking up lunch & I remember that sweater so vividly. I like to think I was meant to be there that day to see you & to remember how you last looked before you went to Heaven.You smiled & waved, you seemed so distracted but happy at the same time.You tasted your freedom I suppose. I would do pretty much anything to erase that day, I would of made it so you had to stay behind, given you a terrible headache or cold or anything to keep you from leaving us so soon.Your friends & loved ones will always remember & love you! Please keep looking in on us from time to time, let us know you're there & always remember we are there too!One fine day we shall meet again & I am looking forward to it!
- Fran
 Added: Oct. 11, 2008
I will never forget this case when it was aired on AMW, I am also from Pennsylvania.Thank God for the use of forensics, and that one single strand of hair this animal is behind bars. It is sad that he was not caught sooner and more lives spared.May you be at peace. God rest your soul Dawn Marie.
- Renee Pattillo
 Added: Sep. 8, 2008
I am so glad that you are you are in heaven Aunt Dawn, because now I know that you are safe, and unharmed. My Grandmother, Nancy Lindemann; age:52 (your momther) is missing you terribly. Even though i never met you, you are still my aunt, and that will never change,and i will always miss you. I know now, why i cry at random times.It's because, i was thinking of you.And wishing, that we could have met. Aunt Dawn, I want you to know that i will always love you, and never forget you.I wish that I could have met you. ILY AUNT DAWN!! R.I.P. You are missed, but never forgotten. <3xoxo your neice, Rebecca A. Lindemann Age:13
- rebecca lindemann
 Added: Aug. 7, 2008
Aunt Dawn, I want you to know that I love you so much, and so does my dad, and my sisters. (your neices.) We all miss you, and we love you very much. Grandma misses you too. I hope that you will always think of us, and miss us as much as we miss you. I love you Aunt Dawn.
- rebecca lindemann
 Added: Aug. 7, 2008
Flowers 1 to 50 (of 122 total)51 - 100 

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