Glasnevin Cemetery
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Glasnevin Cemetery

Also known as Prospect Cemetery

Glasnevin, County Dublin, Ireland


Glasnevin Cemetery, also known as Prospect Cemetery, is the main Catholic cemetery in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. It first opened in 1832.
Before the establishment of the Glasnevin Cemetery, Irish Catholics in Dublin had no cemeteries of their own. This was due to the repressive Penal Laws imposed on the Irish by the British who had placed restrictions on the public performance of Catholic services. Glasnevin Cemetery contains many historically interesting monuments as well as the graves of many of Ireland's most prominent national figures — Charles Stewart Parnell and Daniel O'Connell as well as Michael Collins, Éamon de Valera, Arthur Griffith, Maude Gonne, Kevin Barry, Sir Roger Casement, Constance Markiewicz, Brendan Behan, Seán MacBride and Christy Brown.
The cemetery also offers a fascinating view of the changing style of death monuments in Ireland over the last 200 years: from the austere, simple, high stone erections of the period up until the 1860s, to the elaborate Celtic crosses of the nationalistic revival from the 1860s to 1960s, to the plain Italian marble of the late twentieth century. Glasnevin Cemetery has grown from its original nine to over 120 acres.

The cemetery in the main lies on the north side of the Finglas Road but the small St. Paul annex is found on the south side of that road.

Glasnevin Cemetery is the largest in Ireland, it is 1km long and ½km wide with 1,500,000 burials. If you do not provide a specific plot location, it will be almost impossible to fulfill any photo requests. Plot numbers can be looked up directly on the cemetery website



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