Barnett-Smartt-Spratt Family Cemetery (now defunct

10526 Old Nations Ford Rd, Charlotte NC
Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, 28273 USA Add to Map
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This cemetery is defunct and was destroyed during demolition by new landowners, Vulcan Materials Inc, in late 1980's.

The cemetery was located on the 771-acre farm of John Barnett, and wife, Ann Spratt Barnett, both of whom were originaly buried there.

The street address of Vulcan Materials and the old Barnett farm is now 10526 Old Nations Ford Rd in Charlotte NC 28273.

The graves have been moved and nobody is buried there now.

The cemetery was located on the farm of John Barnett and his wife, Ann Spratt Barnett, which was off current Old Nations Ford Road in Charlotte NC. It was used for members of their family.

The earliest burial was that of the land's owner, Ann Spratt Barnett, who died and was buried in July 1801. The last burial there was her daughter, Susanna Barnett Smartt, who was buried in 1852 at age 91.

There were about 25 graves in this family cemetery which included members of the Barnett, Spratt and Smartt families who were some of the earliest settlers in Mecklenburg County NC.

They were distantly related to both President James K. Polk and President Zachary Taylor. One of their Polk relatives married Miss Mary A Easton, niece of Mrs. Andrew Jackson, in the White House on 29 Nov 1832 with President Andrew Jackson giving his niece in marriage.

If a historical marker does not exit at this location, the surviving family members should certainly request that one be placed there.

Old driving directions given before the cemetery was moved were: head south on Old Nations Ford Road and take the first dirt road to the left past the WBTV Studios (which are no longer located on Old Nations Ford Road). Then follow the dirt road to the end where there was a small building belonging to the City of Pineville Water Department. The cemetery could be seen to the right of that building in a clump of trees enclosed by a stone wall about 5 feet tall.

It is unknown how many times the land changed owners from the last burial in 1852 until it was sold to developers in 1988 but the cemetery and graves were undisturbed from 1801 until 1988.

In 1988, this plot of land was sold to a developer and the graves were moved by the families of those buried there to new plots in Sharon Memorial Park at 5716 Monroe Rd in Charlotte, NC 28212 which is on the corner of Monroe Road and Sharon Amity Road. Many of the descendants of these families are also buried at Sharon.

The developer then sold the land which included the farm and cemetery to Vulcan Materials, Inc which built their facility on the property and the 10526 Old Nations Ford Rd in Charlotte NC 28273 address was assigned at that time.

It is unknown what circumstances arose between the seller of the property and the developer and Vulcan Materials regarding the cemetery. Since the graves were moved and the wall surrounding the cemetery was destroyed, it is certain that Vulcan Materials and the developer had no interest in preserving the cemetery. The Memorial monument that stands at the Steele Creek Presbyterian Church cemetery where the original headstones now rest indicates that the removal of the graves and headstones was sponsored by Vulcan Materials Inc.

The old headstones originally on the graves could not be moved to Sharon Memorial Park because the park requires all grave markers to be flat on the ground to expedite the equipment used to maintain the lawns.

Therefore, a family member stored the original headstones in his basement for safekeeping from 1988 when the graves were moved until 2007 when an agreement was reached by the family with Steele Creek Presbyterian Church at 7407 Steele Creek Road in Charlotte, NC 28217. Since the Barnett-Spratt-Smartt family were active, prominent members of Steele Creek Presbyterian, the church agreed that their original headstones could be placed in the church cemetery there. The church is about 9 miles from the original family cemetery on the farm off Old Nations Ford Road.

Since the original location of this cemetery is now the private property of Vulcan Materials and the graves have been moved and the cemetery wall is no longer there, photo requests should be sent for current grave locations at Sharon Memorial Park.

Any requests for photos of the original cemetery sent here will not be honored since the cemetery is no longer there and Vulcan Materials did nothing to mark where the old cemetery was located and the public has no access to this private property.

FYI to Researchers: Members of the extended Spratt family encountered a similar dilemma when Vail Avenue in Charlotte was built near Mercy Hospital. Vail Avenue was built on land that went right through the old Spratt Cemetery (which is also now defunct) but the family was not given an opportunity to move those graves or tombstones before the road was built. For more information, look up Spratt Cemetery (Now Defunct) on this website. Also see In the Angle of the Woods: ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND HISTORICAL INVESTIGATIONS OF THE SPROTT CEMETERY (31MK1081**), by Hugh B. Matternes, Ph.D., Archaeologist and Co-Author Terri Gillett, M.H.P. , Historian and Co-Author Chris Espenshade , Principal Investigator; North Carolina Archaeological Council Publication Number 29, 2010

This is a partial list of those family members moved from Barnett-Smartt-Spratt Family Cemetery to Sharon Memorial Park in 1988 includes:

1. Ann Spratt Barnett - Find A Grave Memorial# 64667828

2. John Barnett - Find A Grave Memorial# 64666578

**John and Ann were husband and wife and Susanna Barnett Smartt is their daughter**

3. Susanna Barnett Smartt - Memorial # 64668536

**A daughter of John and Ann Spratt Barnett**

4. George White Smartt - Duplicate Memorials # 64669472 and 32617766

**George was the husband of Susanna Baranett Smartt**

5. Ann Eloise Smartt - Duplicate Memorials # 64670490 and 52921852

**A daughter of George White Smart and Susanna Barnette Smart**

6. George Albert J. Smartt - Memorial # 64672247

**A son of George white Smart and Susanna Barnett Smartt*

7. Thomas Barnett Smartt - Memorial # 64670998

**A son of George White Smart and Susanna Barnett Smartt**

8. Martha A. Smartt - Duplicate Memorials # 64672609 and 52921899.

9. Susan Smartt - Duplicate Memorials # 64672470 and 52921917

**Martha A. and Susan Smartt were the granddaughters of George White Smartt and Susanna Barnett Smartt through their son, George Albert J. Smart.**

Again, please note this is a partial listings only -- there were approximately 25 graves whose existing remains were moved to Sharon Memorial Park in 1988.

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