Gora (Znin) R. C. Parish Cemetery

Brzyskorzystew, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
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Memorials posted in this Find A Grave cemetery are for some known decedents of historic Gora (Znin environs) Roman Catholic Parish. These individuals' deaths and burials are amongst those documented in records of the rural parish as having taken place there. Whether any of these decedents today has a surviving marked grave at this location has not been determined.

In several memorials, an estimated birth year, based on indicated age at death, is presented. (Age was not always accurately and reliably recalled or known by an informant of personal details.) When a full birth date appears in a memorial, a Gora Parish birth/baptismal record has been found that documents the stated specific date.

Note that the marked map position is for one of two cemeteries that are equal distance from the former village (today a suburb of Znin) of Gora. The other local cemetery, southwest of this one, is sited nearer to the centre of Znin, in a much more built up area, and seems somewhat less likely to be where the Gora Parish burials would have taken place. However remain aware of both locations, either which could be the relevant place.

FYI: This Find A Grave cemetery is posted as having a Brzyskorzystew location, though actually Brzyskorzystew is a village, miles away, falling within the administrative district of Gmina Znin, in Znin County; Brzyskorzystew is secondary to the town of Znin (located approximately four miles to the southeast of the mentioned village), which has greater area significance, as well as is considerably closer, to the location of this cemetery, and of historic Gora (Znin) Roman Catholic Parish.

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GPS Coordinates: 52.84923, 17.76097

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