Camp Date Creek Pioneer Military Cemetery

Prescott, Yavapai County , Arizona, USA

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Ft.Date Creek, also know as Fort McPherson & Camp Date Creek was a small post built in 1866 by the U.S. Army to protect the road from Prescott to Ehrenburg (ghost town now) for the settlers. It was 60 miles south of Prescott. Two Company's of the 4th Infantry were stationed here until 1874. There are 30 marked Military Graves, 22 unmarked caucasian men's graves and 7 unmarked Indian graves Indian Scouts. The graves are in layed out in order and it is possble that the rest of the graves were military also, including the Indians buried here.

Rumor was that these men were moved to a Military Cemetery, either at Prescott, AZ or San Francisco, California. However no Millitay Cemetery or anyother have them so it must be assumed that they are still at Camp (Fort) Date Creek.

There are still adobe walls standing at the Camp.

It is disturbing that no one has looked for these men. They died in the service of their country in the middle of the Civil War.

The 14th Infantry and the 23 Infantry went on to the Battle of the Big Horn a few years later.

Linda Doile Morris



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