Společný Hrob Lidických Mužů

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Společný Hrob Lidických Mužů

Also known as Das Gemeinsame Grab der Männer von Lidice, Grave of Murdered Men

Lidice, Okres Kladno, Středočeský (Central Bohemia), Czech Republic
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This is a memorial in the town of Lidice, CZ. On the night of June 10,1942 Nazi soldiers came into the town and shot all 192 men and boys (the youngest boy was 14) behind the Horák farm in Lidice. A total of 203 women and 105 children were first taken to Lidice village school. They were then taken to the nearby town of Kladno and detained in the grammar school for three days. The children were separated from their mothers. Four women were pregnant and were sent to the same hospital where Heydrich died. Their fetuses were forcibly aborted and the women sent to different concentration camps. On 12 June 1942, 184 women of Lidice were loaded on trucks, driven to Kladno railway station and forced into a special passenger train guarded by an escort. On the morning of 14 June 1942, the train halted on a railway siding at the concentration camp at Ravensbrück. On their arrival the Lidice women were first isolated in a special block. The women were forced to work in leather processing, road building, textile and ammunition factories.

Eighty-eight Lidice children were transported to the area of the former textile factory in Gneisenau Street in £ódŸ. Their arrival was announced by a telegram from Horst Böhme's Prague office which ended with: the children are only bringing what they wear. No special care is desirable The care was minimal. They suffered from a lack of hygiene and from illnesses. By order of the camp management, no medical care was given to the children. Shortly after their arrival in £ódŸ, officials from the Central Race and Settlement branch chose seven children at random for Germanisation. The few children considered racially suitable for Germanisation were handed over to SS families.

The furor over Lidice caused some hesitation over the fate of the remaining children. However, in late June Adolf Eichmann ordered the massacre of the remainder of the children. On 2 July 1942, all of the remaining 81 Lidice children were handed over to the £ódŸ Gestapo office, who in turn had them transported to the extermination camp at Che³mno 70 kilometers (43.5 miles) away, where they were gassed to death in Magirus gas vans. Out of the 105 Lidice children, 82 died in Che³mno, six died in the German Lebensborn orphanages and 17 returned home.

The village of Lidice was set on fire and the remains of the buildings destroyed with explosives. Even those buried in the town cemetery were not spared. Their remains were dug up and destroyed. A film was made of the entire process by Franz Treml. A collaborator with German intelligence, Treml had run a Zeiss-Ikon shop in Lucerna Palace in Prague. After the Nazi occupation he became a filming adviser for the Nazi Party.

Altogether, about 340 people from Lidice died because of the German reprisal (192 men, 60 women and 88 children). Only 153 women and 17 children returned after the war. To add insult to injury, all the animals in the village—pets and beasts of burden—were slaughtered as well.

The small Czech village of Ležáky was also destroyed two weeks after Lidice. Gestapo agents found a radio transmitter there of an underground team who parachuted in with Kubiš and Gabèík. There both men and women of the village were shot, and the children were sent to concentration camps or 'Aryanised'. The death toll resulting from the effort to avenge the death of Heydrich is estimated at over 1,300. This count includes relatives of the partisans, their supporters, Czech elites suspected of disloyalty and random victims like those from Lidice.

Nazi propaganda had openly, and proudly, announced the events in Lidice, unlike other massacres in occupied Europe which were kept secret. The information was instantly picked up by Allied media

Some of the men and members of the Horák family were murdered at a separate location but will be included here


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