Wolf Cemetery

Also known as Hervin Cemetery , Saint Francis Cemetery

Liberty County , Montana, USA


This cemetery was created in 1917, with land donated by the Herman Wolf family. The cemetery was originally named St. Francis Cemetery, and it was intended for use as a burial site for the Catholic congregants of the Marias Mission Church. This mission church was served by the priest of Our Lady of Ransom Catholic Church in Hingham, Montana. The cemetery soon began allowing non-Catholic burials. The name that appeared on death certificates then changed to Hervin Cemetery, based on the historical township in this area. It was also commonly known as Wolf Cemetery, due to the fact that it sat on the Wolf homestead at the time burials were taking place. The most prominent grave in this cemetery is that of Mary Wolf (1916-1917), infant daughter of Herman and Otillie Wolf, which is a tall wrought iron cross perched on a concrete pedestal. One section of the cemetery is bordered by stones and appears to be an infant burial space. There are also several "unknown" graves still present. From burial records, it appears that many of the original graves never had headstones placed.

This cemetery is located on the southeast corner of the intersection of Moffat Road and Dugout Coulee Road, nestled next to the power station. It is surrounded by a barbed wire fence with a gate.



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