Milford Cemetery
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Milford Cemetery

Milford, Annapolis County , Nova Scotia, Canada


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The first known survey of this cemetery was done by Dr. Allan E. Marble on June 29, 1969. Dr. Marble did not give the cemetery a name but, per his usual custom, he assigned it an identifying number, in this case 91, and a location, Milford. At a later date volunteers transcribed his original survey notes and made them available online, citing the same location, Milford, but incorrectly citing the cemetery name as "Maplewood Cemetery". The only "Maplewood Cemetery" in Annapolis County is located at Maitland Bridge.

Lois Jenkins, a local historian who has written a book on the history of the people buried in this cemetery, offers this brief synopsis of the cemetery's beginnings. The community was originally referred to as Thomas’s Mills, named for four Thomas brothers who received land grants there in the 1850s and built saw mills. The name was changed to Milford at a public meeting on April 2, 1860 and soon after a piece of land 120’ by 180’ was set aside for a burying ground. The oldest burial is 1863. In 1910 the Trustees of the Burying Ground applied to the province for a crown land grant for a 2.34 acre piece which included the original rectangle, which was granted on January 31, 1912.

NOTE: The Annapolis County GenWeb Project, which predates Find A Grave, incorrectly named this cemetery in Milford as the "Maplewood Cemetery". Volunteers apparently confused the name of this cemetery in Milford with a cemetery in Maitland Bridge, which is correctly called "Maplewood Cemetery". The Milford Cemetery has never been known by the name "Maplewood Cemetery" and a great deal of confusion has arisen ever since those volunteers named it incorrectly and provided no means by which to submit a correction.

DIRECTIONS: The cemetery is located on Hwy 8 immediately adjacent to the driveway for Civic #5632.



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