Waldeck West Cemetery
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Waldeck West Cemetery

Also known as Waldeck Line Cemetery

Waldeck West, Annapolis County , Nova Scotia, Canada


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This cemetery was surveyed by noted genealogist Dr. Allan E. Marble on April 17, 1976. Per his usual procedure, he did not give the cemetery a name but instead assigned it an identifying number. For this cemetery, the number was 129. He recorded the location as Waldeck Line. He transcribed 10 headstones containing 21 inscriptions. The oldest identifiable stone is from 1872. This is an active cemetery, so the number of headstones is now greater than the 10 headstones surveyed by Dr. Marble in 1976. At that time, he noted that the headstones were in good condition. He also noted: "Found with the assistance of Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Spurr".

*DUPLICATION NOTE: Dr. Marble seems to have not recalled that, on July 31, 1971, he had surveyed 7 of those 10 headstones. In the 1971 survey he assigned identifying number 106 to the cemetery and he cited the location as Bear River East. Even though it was the earlier survey, its contents should be mostly ignored because the survey is short by 3 headstones and the location is incorrect. There is one definite exception (1) and one possible exception (2) to the recommendation to ignore the 1971 survey. (1) In the case of John N. Trimper, the 1971 cites the correct year of birth as 1890. According to his death registration, he was 27 years of age when he died on March 6, 1918, making his year of birth about 1890/1891. By comparison, the 1976 survey cites the headstone year of birth as 1898, which appears to an incorrect reading of the headstone because it does not align with his age at death (as given in his death registration). This inscription should be checked in person to verify exactly what the headstone has as his year of birth. (2) For Eliza A. Trimper, both surveys cite her year of birth as 1892. The 1971 survey states that her year of death was 1898, which would make her about 6 years old. The 1976 survey cites her year of death as 1908, which would make her about 16 years old. It is uncertain which is correct. The headstone should be carefully examined to determine the correct year and, if possible, other documentation found to verify the correct year.

These two cemeteries, #106 Bear River East and #129 Waldeck Line, ended up being replicated online at Rootsweb.

Genweb volunteers transcribed Dr. Marble's notes for the 1971 survey with its 7 headstones, giving it the name "Waldeck West Cemetery" and the location as Bear River. In the Rootsweb cemetery index, however, the cemetery is listed simply as "Waldeck West" and the location is listed as Bear River East, which is not the same as Bear River. By contrast, volunteers transcribed Dr. Marble's notes for the 1976 survey with its 10 headstones, giving it the name "Waldeck Line Cemetery" but, in the Rootsweb cemetery index, it is simply listed as "Waldeck Line". The location is cited as Waldeck Line.

So, as you might well imagine, a great deal of confusion has been created by the duplications and the variations in cemetery names and locations.

Present day, the community in which the cemetery is located is known officially as Waldeck West and the cemetery is known as "Waldeck West Cemetery". The property is a little more than one acre in size.

DIRECTIONS: The cemetery is located on the west side of Purdy Road opposite Civic #613.



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