Sand Run Baptist Church Cemetery
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Sand Run Baptist Church Cemetery

Francisville, Boone County , Kentucky, USA


This active cemetery is located on the south side of the Sand Run Baptist Church on the northwest corner of the intersection of Sand Run Road and North Bend Road (Kentucky State Highway 237).

The Boone County GIS unique ID assigned to this cemetery is 149 (Sand Run Baptist Cemetery).

The cemetery has an index number of 151 (Sand Run Baptist) on the Boone County Kentucky Cemetery Map published in 2005 by the Boone County Planning Commission in conjunction with Johnson-Wilson Cemetery Stewards Association.
The cemetery is identified as Sand Run Baptist Church in the index and listed as Sand Run Baptist Church Cemetery on page 279 of the book “Boone County, Kentucky Cemeteries” by Stephen W. Worrel, M.A. & Anne W. Fitzgerald, B.S., © 1996.


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