Bayeux War Cemetery
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Bayeux War Cemetery

Bayeux, Departement du Calvados , Basse-Normandie, France


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Bayeux War Cemetery is the largest Commonwealth cemetery of the Second World War in France and contains burials brought in from the surrounding districts and from hospitals that were located nearby. It is situated in the south-western outskirts of the town of Bayeux, in Normandy, which lies 24 kilometres north-west of Caen, just off the D5a by-pass, which is named Rue de Sir Fabian Ware (Ware was the man chiefly responsible for establishing the Imperial War Graves Commission, later the CWGC). On the opposite side of the road from the Cemetery stands the Bayeux Memorial to the Missing.

There was little actual fighting in Bayeux after the Normandy invasion, although it was the first French town of importance to be liberated.

Bayeux War Cemetery contains 4144 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War, 338 of them unidentified. There are also over 500 war graves of other nationalities, the majority German. The Bayeux Memorial bears the names of more than 1800 men of the Commonwealth land forces who died in the early stages of the campaign and have no known grave. They died during the landings in Normandy, during the intense fighting in Normandy itself, and during the advance to the River Seine in August.



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