Woodlawn Cemetery
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Woodlawn Cemetery

Benning, District of Columbia , District of Columbia, USA


  • Get directions 4611 Benning Road Southeast
    Benning, District of Columbia, District of Columbia, 20019 USA
  • Cemetery ID: 104463

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) feature ID for the cemetery is 528698 (Woodlawn Cemetery).

Washington Times (Washington, District of Columbia)
- 04 Oct 1896, Sun
- Page 12

Woodlawn Cemetery, the latest to be adapted as a burying ground, is located three miles east of the city limits, on the Benning road. On the highest planes, directly in the center of Woodlawn, are still the breastworks of Fort Sedgwick, from which that section of the country was carefully watched when Jubal Early was making his raid on Washington. Woodlawn Cemetery consists of thirty acres, and was opened May 13, 1895. Its establishment was made necessary by the condemnation of Graceland Cemetery, over two years ago. The spot selected was in every way suitable. Its possibilities are great, and the lay of the land makes it easy to work out one of the most beautiful landscapes imaginable. There is to be an artificial lake between the two entrances, both of which are on the east side, and which will stand back a hundred yardsfrom the roadway against the high embankment. About the center of the main roadway and within a dozen yards from the vault is a spring of clear, pure water, an outlet for which will be made to the lake that is to be. At the present time only 550 bodies are buried there, the majority of which were moved from Graceland Cemetery, and in two or three cases from other burying grounds. The plans for the new cemetery are very elaborate and will be carried out to the letter as fast as the men employed can do it. Especial care will be taken to improve only that which really demands improvement, leaving the natural scenery as it is and disturbing it only when this cannot be avoided.



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