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Bennett Turk (#46555103)
 member for 14 years, 10 days
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michael stone
RE: Words
That was a shock! totally opposite from the other email. No problem. This is my last email to you. I will admire your posts in silence. You are the only one that leaves a post every day. I thought we had something in common, as in an email friendship. I was wrong. No need to reply, but you are welcome to anytime
Added by michael stone on Sep 11, 2016 8:19 PM
Anne Beckman
THANK YOU, Bennett, for you wonderful words!

All is very well, with me and my family!

Please forgive me if I am repeating myself; I

have e-mailed or written or phoned a lot of

people lately, it's difficult to remember

exactly what I've told which person. Bill and

I had a lovely Labor Day. We traveled to a

"frontier town" south of us, which is a very

popular vacation spot. We go there for a day

of refreshment, or a few days of vacation.

This place is so important to us, after we

pass away (I feel a bit silly telling you this

on findagrave!) we'll be cremated and our ashes

will be sprinkled on a hill there, where we

gaze into the woods and at the hills. We've had

picnics there. We would've stayed the whole

day, but one of my nieces' had a b-day party

so we HAD to be there, in the evening! There

is nothing as great as FAMILY having fun and


A SAD anniversary, today...15 years ago today

the United States of America was ATTACKED...

and we are STILL fighting the enemy. I am in a

wonderful organization named Soldiers' Angels,

which does many things for them (I am in a group

that writes letters)both the soldiers fighting in

while they are fighting, when they come home

and for all veterans of our past wars, who are

in any kind of need. It is one of the greatest

things I've ever done and I'll be in it for the

rest of my life...or until world peace! It was

originated by the grand niece of PATTON!

There is a CNN special, on 9/11 at 8pm tonight.

Bill and I will be watching, of course. Now, I

have been watching WEST SIDE STORY, on TCM...

another war. THANKS SO VERY MUCH for telling me

I am a true follower of Christ! It is HARD to

do...I have my "Strokes of the Cross" which are

bipolar disorder, cancer and the problems we've

had with money. I am still angry we could not

afford to take a cruise for our silver

anniversary and am praying we can for our 30th,

as Bill says we may be able to. WHAT A GREEDY

things to pray for! Being in CRHP and knowing

how BLESSED I am to have my husband and family

is Jesus telling me, "My Daughter, BE GRATEFUL

for what you have." CONSIDER THE LILLIES OF

THE FILED." I'm going to watch Reverend Billy

Graham's words, during the memorial service,

thanks to You Tube, now. What he said was SO

REASSURING, to all who BELIEVE. Also, I have

kept a clipping from the comics. I cannot

remember which it is: Non Sequitor or Mallard

Fillmore. It is of the towers crashing down...


WHO ARE IN THOSE TOWERS. His hands did the

same for all at the Pentagon, and Flight 93,

and any on the ground, then or later.




Added by Anne Beckman on Sep 11, 2016 2:55 PM
michael stone
You have the words in your heart, just have to courage to speak them. Like you just did. :)
Added by michael stone on Sep 04, 2016 10:05 PM
michael stone
She looked happiest at a set of drums :)
Added by michael stone on Aug 30, 2016 9:56 PM
Anne Beckman
Hi Bennett,

I pray this day finds you well and happy! I have

just left a prayer to Our Lady, for two nuns who

were slain, in a section of Mississippi, where

these angels did a great deal of work for those

who needed medical help, but could not afford it.

One was known for helping to control an outbreak

of tuberculosis in the area. Both were known for

being able to provide so many meals from a small

garden they had. Finally, as those who suffered

from Hurricane Katrina were suffering from losing

everything: these wives of Jesus lent their stove

to many, to cook on. WHY were they slain?

WILL there enormous amount of service be done by

those who struggle to cope with their grief and

are planning their funerals, and are trying to

replace them? I prayed to Our Lady (one of the

many names we Catholics have for the Virgin Mary)

for the work these angels did to be CONTINUED.

PERHAPS: as the entire state of Mississippi learns

of their terrible deaths, a great amount of AID

will come to the clinic they worked in and to

the poor they served. I've SEEN that happen!

ON A BRIGHTER NOTE: I probably told you of my

and my husband's silver wedding anniversary.

I think I told you of the family celebration.

I don't think I told you of the trip we took.

(We always take a trip to celebrate our

anniversary.) We went to Georgia, staying at a

lodge that was part of a resort named Calaway

Gardens, where I'd been with my family, when I

was a little girl. There is a renowned butterfly

museum there, which has a conservatory. WOW,

that place is a corner of HEAVEN! There are MANY

butterflies fluttering about, as well as many

trees and two waterfalls. I could have stayed

there for a solid 3 days! We had wonderful

"Dixie Fixin's at a country store like restaurant.

We celebrated the anniversary in STYLE by dining

one night at the resort's fancy restaurant; the

bride had a glass of champagne! (The groom did

not: he hates champagne, and two sips gives him a

migraine. (He did force himself to have one, as

the toast was made, at the reception. He chased

it with a beer. (A BEER on our ELEGANT cake

table! I HATED THAT!) We toasted to 25 X 25

MORE YEARS! We also went to Atlanta, where this

Coca-Cola fan and her hubby visited The World of

Coca Cola, where we posed with the Coke Polar

Bear, tasted Coke's MANY products worldwide,

and learned so much of its history. Of course I

bought some things at the gift shop: a new big

Coke cup and a toothpick dispenser. If you wish,

a surprise comes with your purchase, depending

upon how much you wish to spend on it. Both of

ours were small: a Coca-Cola bottle opener.

We ended our Atlanta time with a visit to my

Grandmother's grave. Unfortunately, we got to

the general area, but not the grave! I was SO

UPSET! As I learned, Mom did not give us enough

information to get EXACTLY to the grave: she did

not know the last "step" of getting there. We

didn't get there within office hours, in order

to get help. THERE IS HOPE: A family reunion is

in the works for a few years from now: That same

resort may be the place! As we are WISER, we

could go again and get the office's help to

FIND IT! My grandmother was a very Special lady:

she was a nurse for a long time and a very loving

mother and grandmother. She died of the same

cancer I have, so knowing I inherited it from her

and remembering how BRAVELY she went through it

and how, as the treatment that keeps me alive

was not available for her, so she died when only

63, I try to follow her example and give thanks

for being so blessed with LIFE! I am going

through a rough time right now: My treatment,

which is called Zometa, which keeps my bones being

as strong as they can be (the cancer most recently

went into my bones, as it did with Grandma's)

which I get every few months, has worn off.

My bones hurt, but what the REAL BUGABOO IS: I am

in WITHDRAWAL, so my nerves are going wild, which

makes me feel itchy from head to toe. Also, I am

quite IRRITABLE! I get the Zometa on September


asked my Christ Renews His Parish sisters, who

provide great understanding and support. My family

and Bill are always wonderful. Swimming at our

YMCA helps, also. HOW ARE YOU? I pray for you

to be richly blessed, as you are such a faithful

follower of Our Lord! ANNE

Added by Anne Beckman on Aug 26, 2016 2:35 PM
michael stone
Always on my mind, always in my heart. Ain't it the truth. Good one
Added by michael stone on Aug 15, 2016 10:11 PM
michael stone
Disney characters
excellent. She loved those
Added by michael stone on Aug 10, 2016 9:06 PM
Anne Beckman
Hello Bennett,

THANK YOU for your wonderful letter!

What a gift that was, for my birthday and our

anniversary! Bill and I had a lovely trip to

the South, to celebrate our 25th. While we had

some difficulty finding the lodge we stayed in, as

it was late at night-DARK- when we got there, we

were guided by god to the right place. We saw so

many gorgeous pine trees and hills! The lodge is

part of a resort we enjoyed, especially a big and

breathtaking butterfly conservatory, which has a

"natural area" full of trees, waterfalls and a

LOT of these lovely creatures fluttering around!

IT IS A CORNER OF HEAVEN!!! I didn't want to

leave; thank goodness we have a fine new camera

to take a lot of photographs with. We also saw

FDR's Southern home, The Little White House, in

which he was posing for a portrait, while he had

the cerebral hemorrhage which took him to Our

Lord. It is well preserved, and has a museum.

We saw and learned so much! We certainly ate a

lot of delicious Southern fixin's, and bought

some lovely silver anniversary gifts for each

other, or for ourselves! Afterwards, we went to

Atlanta, to tour Coke World! (I am CRAZY for

Coca-Cola: drinking Diet Coke, other Coca-Cola

products, and to collect Coca-Cola memorabilia.)

That began when we visited a Coca-Cola display

at EPCOT, during anniversary trip #10. WELL,

I certainly got my fill at this place! I bought

a big sippie cup and a toothpick dispenser, as

well as my husband buying me a bottle cap re-

mover. (The kind you screw into a counter.) As

a surprise gift, that you can decide the size of

what you wish to pay, both Bill and I received a

hand held bottle opener. We posed with the Coca-

Cola Polar bear, (he is automated) and I blew

him a kiss, before and afterwards, which he

returned! No one else had blown him a kiss, I

noticed, so when I did it, and especially when

he RETURNED it, I felt as if he were ALL MINE!

Bill designed a Coke bottle, using a computer,

I wrote "a letter to Coca-Cola" describing my

favorite Coke experience, using a special key-

board (a little messy, I'm sad to say, due to my

rushing it, as there was only one, and it is so

noisy and crowded in there. This is a building,

not a park, so all the noise is enclosed! I

wrote of my most special Coke experience beginning

my memorabilia collecting experience at EPCOT,

which has grown! There is a hallway that shows

the history of this most famous soda, beginning

with a bronze of John S. Pemberton, the Atlanta

pharmacist who invented the formula, at the lovely

marble soda fountain. (Bill and I are going to

the Hook's Drugstore, which is 100 years old, at

least, Sunday! It is now on the Indiana State

Fairgrounds, and only open then. A good thing

for our bodies: the ice cream creations are so

delicious there, we'd weigh 300lbs each if it were

open all year. The rest of the store is so fas-

cinating, with goods and doctors' tools of the

time. Also, Coca-Cola memorabilia! I hope they

wil have a discounted Sundae on Sunday! There is

a film of all the commercials and a huger room

where you can have a taste of EVERY Coca-Cola

owned product ON EARTH!!! My favorite is the

pineapple FANTA from Argentina. (I did not know

how many products (Minute Maid Lemonade, Seagrams

Ginger Ale, FANTA, HI-C {Which Mom and Dad always

had for us when we were little, the orange flavor}

and a certain brand of root beer, I don't remember

the name of, maybe HIRE'S, until I used a Free

Style Coca-Cola machine, a few years ago. Our

area's brand new Meijer's has one: discovering it,

I was in HEAVEN!!! I knew, from the EPCOT display

and the Coke World website, there would be one,

but not that it would be so HUGE! DELICIOUS!!!

BIll, being a German, did a lot of mixing formulas

in a liquid smorgasbord...he is a great cook, and

likes very much to EXPERIMENT! OF course I ADORED

the gift shop. I'd already bought several of the

things there, which helped my pocketbook. Some

things were just not po$$ible for our pockets!

Others, I've learned, have to be bought from

the company, online. RATS, I DO want an ice

crusher, some day! You DO get a FREE little

bottle of either Coke, Diet Coke, or Coke Zero,

(the new bottles you see in the cashier's aisle,

at the drugstore or grocery store, 12 oz) AND

when you are leaving, you get a FREE original

Coca-Cola bottle, the 8oz. it all began with.

DID YOU KNOW: Coca-Cola was once DELIVERED, by

truck, as milk was? We saw a truck!

One thing, sadly, we did not see, was my grand-

mother's grave! She is buried in Atlanta. My

mom gave specific directions, burt left out an

important part! I was so upset, but Mom did


God led us safely home and there was a LOVELY

surprise waiting for us: a beautiful Happy

Silver card, with a VISA card in it, from a

relative. That made getting back to reality

a lot easier!

I am still praying we can go on a cruise, as we

did on our honeymoon, not just for the fun of it.

All the driving is hurting my husband's knees, and

finding things in the dark is difficult and it

was sometimes a bit dangerous (We got ourselves

into some CRUMMY parts of town. Not Deliverance

territory, but close enough...and it makes us so

irritable, tired and snapping at one another.

Considering our tight circumstances, this trip

WAS A GIFT from the Lord and my family who

certainly provided fund$$$$!!! I believe HE did

reward us for staying together throughout hard

times, for 25 years, depending upon HIM!

Bill just left to do his witness for the men's

group of our parish's Christ Renews His Parish.

PLEASE pray for him: he has the deepest faith,

but he is not at all good at writing or speaking.

I do believe God swill have this child "Shining

Through" as He does for ALL His children who

follow His Word! He's been asking me to pray

a lot for it, so I know he is worried and nervous

about it.



Added by Anne Beckman on Aug 09, 2016 4:51 PM
michael stone
Your email :)
Wow! :) Bennett, thank you very much. I live in the country (Rural). I sit in my truck at night in the dark and listen to Karen's songs. It's my time alone with her and it ministers to my soul. I think back when the songs first came out and remember. I remember she made me feel and when i first saw her picture. My older brother had the first 8 track i ever saw. She was pretty, had a smile that melted my heart. She had the nice girl next door look. Totally different from all of the musicians of the day. She was better than Olivia Newton John, in personality and her presence. Karen was/is a nut and fun. I wanted to meet her. I wondered if anyone read them or what people thought of my comments. It means alot to me that my comments make a difference in someone's life. I'm sure you know they are from deep in my heart. I guess it shows. Thank you so very much. Mike
Added by michael stone on Aug 07, 2016 9:05 PM
michael stone
Bennett, excellent picture. Mike
Added by michael stone on Jul 18, 2016 10:22 PM
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