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Ashley (#47978316)
 member for 3 years, 9 months, 21 days
Blank memorials with photos of Ethel and her husbands' grave have been added on here:

Added by Carolyn on Nov 09, 2012 3:59 PM

RE: Continued message:

That is interesting about what info you found. I had only spoken to him a month ago, and he said he didn't know why William moved, that's curious. He did tell me one of the rumors about Sarah, though. But as I am descended from one of the children he was speaking of, I tend to have family that has more of the story. My grandmother's brother is still living, and I went back to the McAlester area in 2011, and he told me about Tommy Keefer being the biological father, and how some strangers and other family had made up rumors about Sarah. Unfortunately, back then, being unwed and having children was a big taboo, even if by abuse, and left people open for stories and not so kind treatment. Terri then looked through her mother's old number book, and called people, finally finding a lady old enugh to know what happened, and shed even more light on the matter, of Tommy's abuse to Sarah and his wife, Sarah's sister, Nancy, who later married a Mosteller. I found a photo online of Tommy Keefer (sometimes listed as Keffer), and I find this disturbing, but I can see a slight resemblance between my great-grandfather and Tommy. I am positive that's what happened. I wish it were an affair, because it wouldn't be so tragic, but I don't believe that was the case. Though I know nothing about William, so that's interesting. Was it supposed to be self-defense? Because this confuses me. My great-grandfather was for awhile, police/marshall, and my aunt at one time found something about it (though not sure what it was, and it was lost in the Greensberg tornado a few years back), so that proves the story of Edward Lee Baldwin working for the law, but he told my grandmother that he was inspired to do that by his father, that was as well. We sure have some mysteries ahead of us. Granted, William was not my great-grandfather's biological father, but he raised him, gave him his name, and was very good to him, so he might as well be his father in these matters. So I would still like to trace William. It is so strange, since I moved to Iowa, everytime I go to cemeteries here, and I see "Baldwin," I always wonder, "Are they related to William?"

Lois did pass away.

I don't know if your other side of the family has any Native American heritage, but my grandma did always say that it was said there was some type of Native American heritage in the family, but she said she didn't know by who - just that it was supposed to be her dad's side, which is the side you and I share. I wrote an accountance of Edward's life, which is interesting, I know he was married once to a Native American woman, as well.

I don't know if you've ever been to Blanco Cemetery, but one of Ethel and Edward's siblings, William Luther "Doc" Baldwin and his wife, Ossie, are buried there, and I noticed they died around the sametime, and they had a small, metal gate/fence around their stone. I found this very, very strange. I later find out that he was in the war, caught the Spanish Influenza, didn't know he had it, went on leave to see his wife, she caught it and they both died just days apart, not knowing the other was sick or had died. Then, I find out that's why the fence was around it, to keep people or animals from digging it up and contamination happening. Very out there.

Keep in touch!


PS- You can also contact me through e-mail, my address is: ; you are also free to add me on Facebook, if you have it. I uploaded probably about 100 old family photos in an album on there.!/carolyn.wilson.397

Added by Carolyn on Nov 09, 2012 3:46 PM

Continued message:
William Baldwin was born in Iowa; it's unknown who his parents were. He was a US marshall. My grandma said her dad was a US marshall at one time, inspired to do what his dad did. Edward was very close to William. I'm not sure what happened with/to William, but he completely cut his family out, and never spoke of them. I was contacted by a man in California, who was a grandson of Frank Baldwin's (Frank was a sibling of Ethel Mae's; he was the youngest child, I believe). He said when either his dad or granddad (can't remember which) was dying, he wanted to know about William's family, and why he moved, but he said no-one needed to know, and to "let sleeping dogs lie." Neither Terri, nor I have found any additional information of him, before he married Sarah, as if he were a ghost previously.

Terri's mother was Lois Mae Giraudo-Ceplina, which is the daughter of Ethel Mae Baldwin and Alessio Giraudo. She's a very nice lady. I met her a couple of years ago on Ancestry.

As for the lady that made the memorials for a lot of you and I's family on here, she is not related, as she uses very little info, and has inaccuracies in some, that family would know. I was the one that added the photo of Sarah. It is the only photo of Sarah that is known to be. No-one else has any, that I know of. It is small, and it's of Sarah holding my grandmother. I tried to make it larger, but it won't go without distorting it, unfortunately. And no-one has any of William, that I know of. My grandma's parents farm burnt down when she was 16, and the majority of the pictures had, I believe they had, and those were all lost.

I am glad that you contacted me. I never got to know any family from my maternal grandparents side, as some died, and then the fact that my grandparents moved far away. I always wanted to know family from her side, as I was very close to her. I have interests in genealogy, but also finding family.

I hope you keep in touch. Feel free to share any family info you have, if you like. Or ask for anything more. I do have further lines on Sarah, and know a little about some of great-grandpa Edward's siblings. Also have info on my great-grandfather, and my grandmother, if interested.

PS- I added the info in two messages, as I don't know how long these messages can be.


Added by Carolyn on Nov 08, 2012 2:17 PM

RE: William and Sarah Baldwin

I am glad you got ahold of me. It looks like we were in similar positions. See, my grandma was born and raised in Blanco, Oklahoma, which is a tiny farming town that just has a cemetery, some houses and a post office - it's about 20 mins from McAlester. But she and my grandpa and her children moved to Kansas in 1954, from McAlester, when my mother and her twin were 1 1/2, so I hadn't been to the area until most of the family and extended family had passed away, all that is left is grandma's broher, Edward "Bud," and his couple kids in the Blanco and McAlester area. Yes, our grandmother's would have to be cousins. You and I are related some how, but not sure what we would technically be, haha.

I don't live in Oklahoma. I was born in Kansas. I now live in the Des Moines, Iowa area. Sarah and William are mysteries that Terri and I had been working on a couple years, through research and talking to family that knew. Sarah's parents were Zachariah Collins and July Ann "Julie" Thomason. July Ann was born in Hall County, Georgia, and Zachariah was from North Carolina. Sarah was born in Arkansas, and her mother died in the same year; we believe she died from giving birth to Sarah. Sarah's older sister Nancy took care of her and pretty much raised her, and she lived with her after she married, and her dad died when she was around 12 we believe. Sarah had a hard life. When Sarah was a young teen, her sister married Tommy Keefer/Keffer, and he was violent and abused his wife and Sarah, his abuse to Sarah resulted in teo children: my great-grandpa, Edward Lee, and Annie. Sarah and her husband and Sarah ended up on the Collins farm in Arch, OK, that the Collins brothers owned. Their brother's finally beat Tommy up and ran him off for the abuse. A few years later, Sarah met William Baldwin and married him. He gave Edward and Annie his lastname and raised them as his own, and then they had the rest of their children, including Ethel Mae.

Added by Carolyn on Nov 08, 2012 1:54 PM

RE: William and Sarah Baldwin
Ethel Mae Baldwin was my grandmother's (Nadine Baldwin-Earls, there's a link to her on my profile) aunt. You must be a relative of Terri Gill's. She's a granddaughter of Ethel's. I would've added more info on Sarah Collins and William, but the lady that took photos of their graves and added the memorials won't transfer to anyone this distantly related, as me. Sarah Collins is my great-great-grandmother. What would you like to know? And yes, it seems we are related. =)

Added by Carolyn on Nov 07, 2012 7:59 PM


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