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Richard Schultheiss (#47217682)
 member for 5 years, 4 days
Kerry Moser
I am wondering if you are related to the Schultheis' in Whitman County, WA ?

Added by Kerry Moser on Dec 10, 2014 7:44 AM

Michelle Centers
William B Prater
Did you put all the information on it in regards to the different William Prater's and their wives? if so do you still have some of the documentation that you cited? if so would you be willing to send me a copy of those documents? I also descend from this William and have been confused by the various William's and want to have proper source citations when I put it on my family tree. Thank you.


Added by Michelle Centers on Nov 20, 2014 10:18 PM

Michael Duerksen
Is This The Real Chloe M Donoley Boone or should we look for another?

................................This is in reference to Chloe M Donoley Boone Fraley the wife of my 5th great grandfather Frederick Britton Fraley ( Froehlich ). Since she is my 5th great grandmother,I want to offer my position about her relationship to Col Daniel Morgan Boone. After viewing records on her for nearly two years I have come to believe that she was possibly the sister of Daniel Boone, the legendary fronstiersman and at least a close cousin. The dates, times and locations of their proximity to one another indicate that there is a more than accidental relationship here. Also I do not believe that Gov George Law Curry's wife of Chloe Donoley Boone was the real Chloe Donoley Boone, but that she was one of the Chloe Donoley Boones and one that appears to have been related to Daniel Boone. "Curry married Chloe Donnelly Boone in 1848, the daughter of ferry operator Alphonso Boone.[1] Alphonso operated Boones Ferry and was the grandson of Daniel Boone.[1] Curry and Chloe had five children...." ( Wikipedia ) . While Gov Curry's wife was a descendant of Daniel Boone she must have derived her name from someone we would have all known, and that would be two other Chloe Donoley Boones: One is Chloe M. Donoley Boone born in Rowan NC in 1733 and the other was her daughter Chloe Fraley Womack born abt 1760 in Russell co, VA. I have search record after record on the Boone-Fraley relationship and have come to observe that this Chloe M. Donoley Boone is defined as such: 1. She used the initial in her name of " M" sometimes without the benefit of her full name ,and the M appears to correspond with a record that I found on that represents the position that her parents were Father: Maj Squire Boone or Nathan Squire Boone and her mother is always listed as Sarah Jarman Morgan...the parents of Daniel Boone. 2. There is reason to believe that they did not include her name in some of the Daniel Boone family records of his siblings. 3. She was born in Rowan NC where Daniel Boone did marry Rebecca Bryan and she married and then did live in the same county where Daniel Morgan Boone lived for several decades, her husband and Boone did build and work out of Ft Moor together, Frederick Fraley and Daniel Boone also did land speculations together including the exploration and mutual purchase of Shenandoa Valley. By all accounts both men were close. The " M " in her name appears to have stood for either Modridge or Morgan, but she used it fairly consistently. I have seen many records on her and she is mentioned in the Yahoo records as being on the Boone-DeBohun ( De Bohun is the origins of Boone ) family ancestral records. She is believed to have been the daughter of a sibling of Maj Squire Modridge Boone, the father of Daniel Boone and that as such her heritage goes back to the De Bohun family earls in England...Modridge being he mother of Squire Boone a family in England believed to be Barons. Daniel Boone was born in 1734 and Chloe in 1733. record: "Frederick Froehlich Fraley
Birth: dd mm 1725 - Germany
Death: date - city, Russell, Virginia
Marriage: date - Rowan, North Carolina
Spouse: Chloe M F: Fraley

M: (Name Unknown)

Riffe/Stephens Family Tree
Public Member Tree
9 attached records, 10 sources
Frederick Froelich Frily Fraley
Birth: dd mm 1725 - Donnersbergkreis, Germany
Death: date - city, Russell, Virginia, United States
Marriage: date - Rowan, North Carolina, United States
Spouse: Chloe Boone surname F: (Name Unknown)

M: (Name Unknown)

Wright Family Tree 1
Public Member Tree
4 attached records, 6 sources photos
Frederick Froelich Frily Fraley
Birth: dd mm 1725 - Donnersbergkreis, Germany
Death: date - city, Russell, Virginia, United States
Marriage: date - Rowan, North Carolina, USA
Spouse: Chloe F: (Name Unknown)

M: (Name Unknown)

King Family Tree
Public Member Tree
5 attached records, 6 sources
Frederick Froelich Frily Fraley
Birth: dd mm 1725 - Donnersbergkreis, Germany
Death: date - city, Russell, Virginia, United States
Marriage: date - Rowan, North Carolina, USA
Spouse: Chloe Donoley surname F: Henrich Valentine Britton Fraley

M: Anna Barbara Stegen ..Chloe Donoley Boone
Birth: dd mm 1733
Death: date - city, Russell County (Russell), Virginia, United States
Marriage: date - Russell, Virginia, United States
Spouse: Frederick Fraley F: (Name Unknown)

M: (Name Unknown)

Patricia's Branches
Public Member Tree
4 attached records, 5 sources
Chloe Boone
Birth: dd mm 1733 - Rowan County (Rowan), USA
Death: date - city, Russell County (Russell), Virginia, USA
Marriage: date
Spouse: Frederick Fraley F: Nathan Boone Squire

M: Sarah Jarman Morgan

...;M: (Name Unknown)

Tabor or Taber Of Henry Co In.
Public Member Tree
3 attached records, 4 sources photos
Chloe Donoley Boone (*)
Birth: dd mm 1733 - Rowan, United States
Death: date - city, Russell, Virginia, United States
Marriage: date - Rowan, North Carolina, USA
Spouse: Frederick Fraley ( * ) F: Squire Maugridge Boone

M: Sarah Jarman Morgan

Chapin Family Tree
Public Member Tree
2 attached records, 3 sources
Chloe Donoley Boone
Birth: dd mm 1733 - Rowan, USA
Death: date - city, Russell County (Russell), Virginia, United States
Marriage: date
Spouse: Frederick Froelich Frily Fraley F: Nathan Squire Boone

M: Sarah Jarman Morgan

Public Member Tree
1 source
Chloe Donoly Boone
Birth: dd mm 1733 - Rowan
Death: date - Russell, Virginia, United States
Marriage: date - Augusta County (Augusta), Virginia
Spouse: Frederick (the immigrant) Fraley (Froelich) F: Squire Boone

M: Sarah Morgan
So you have a lady born in 1733 in Rowan co, NC close to where Daniel Boone was married to Squire Modridge Boone and Sarah Jarman Morgan, who's husband, Frederick Britton Fraley ( Froehlich...Jewish ) and Col Daniel Morgan Boone were business and military related close associates and the like. It clearly appears that Chloe M Donoley Boone Fraley 1733 is the first and the very real sister of Col Daniel Morgan Boone, and that the later Chloe Boone did copy her name herself appreciating the relationship that the first Chloe M Donoley Boone had to Daniel Boone, legendary fronstiersman. Also the surname of Donoley is another identifying characterictic that leads to prominent families in England that must be associated with the Boone family. In order to understand the progression of going from Chloe M Donoley Boone and Frederick Britton Fraley to myself it follows as such: one of their sons was Jessie Sr Fraley and his wife Mary " Polly " English. One of their sons was Jesse Jr Fraley and his wife Barbara " Barbary " Trout ( French ). One of their sons was Daniel Boone Fraley and his wife Milly Marian Evans. One of their sons was Lois Lewis Henderson Fraley and his wife Cynthia Ann Lewis. One of their sons was Andrew Phillip Richards Fraley and his 1st wife my grandmother was Alma Gullatt Kirby Rollins or Alma Gullatt Rollins for short and her daughter my mother was Carol Lynn Fraley Duerksen the sister of 1st Lieut ( and attorney ) Robert " Bob " Fraley. It might be interesting to know that on this Gullatt line via my 3rd great grandfather 2nd Lieut James Madison Gullatt and via his daughter my great grandmother Jane Gullatt the wife of John Parks Kirby, Alma Gullatt Rollin's grandfather, that there is another Boone family marriage and that from James Madison's sister Julia Ann Gullatt-Gillette in 1833 to Israel Boone, the son of Daniel Morgan Boone. Julia Ann Boone died in Missouri after what I understand was her second marriage to Israel's brother Jesse Boone. Another Boone family marriage of merit to my family is that to the Kirby line of Samuel Kirby and Hannah Boone in the early 1800s. I hope that you find this interesting. These family lines of Fraley, Kirby, Gullatt are punctuated with Cherokee and I believe also Seminole Indian blood lines directly to myself. I can prove the presence of Cherokee blood and I can see the Seminole lines in some of the family members. On my dad's side, that is Dr Dean F Duerksen, we are related to the Apaches and Shishonee tribes of Oklahoma via marriage. Thankyou. Sincerely, Michael Duerksen


Added by Michael Duerksen on Nov 17, 2014 1:53 PM

Kevin Scott Foster
RE: Cain Family
Tried to look you up on Ancestry with no luck for some odd reason. I am listed under Kevinscottfoster. Try finding me and lets see if that

Added by Kevin Scott Foster on Nov 10, 2014 4:58 AM

Kevin Scott Foster
RE: Cain Family
I may have some burial locations, or clues on LAINHARTS and others connected for you in and around Jackson County Ky. and Estill Co. Ky. I started researchig 20yrs ago, and have a few notes passed onto me by older researchers at that time. Maybe we should connect on, I am sure we have crossed on there before.

Added by Kevin Scott Foster on Nov 08, 2014 11:42 AM

Kevin Scott Foster
RE: Cain Family
Would you consider transferring William CAIN & Elizabth LAINHART over to me, since I am their gr gr grandson, from the area / location of grave yard and many of my direct family members buried here and still live near location?

Added by Kevin Scott Foster on Nov 08, 2014 8:40 AM

Kevin Scott Foster
RE: Cain Family
Hi Richard, Thanks! William and Elizabeth / Martha Elizabeth Cain that founded the grave yard are my and I grew up in the area a mile or two away from it. How do you come to be part of this place / family?


Added by Kevin Scott Foster on Nov 03, 2014 2:49 PM

James Cope
RE: Jackson County Cemetery Records
All I have is the Jackson County Cemetery book. It doesn't list A C Lainhart. It does list A B Lainhart in Billy Lainhart cemetery at Hisel.
Sorry I can't help more.

James Cope

Added by James Cope on Nov 02, 2014 6:25 AM

ღ ~ Carolina ~ ღ
John W Brock - 52111795
Could this be your John William Brock

If so he could of possibly died in the War of Spain?

Could you get back to me on this if you find anything out.

Thanks Richard!


Added by ღ ~ Carolina ~ +... on Sep 26, 2014 7:52 AM

Jane Lane
RE: John Byrge
Sure I understand. When I get the chance I'll get in my records and see what all I have. I'll pass what I have (if you don't already have it.) along to you. Talk to you soon. Jane

Added by Jane Lane on Jul 25, 2014 1:22 PM

Sydney E. Key
RE: Emily Jane Pieratt
Contact me via e-mail at for chat

Added by Sydney E. Key on Jul 20, 2014 9:08 PM

Rita McKale
Mary and Holly Carpenter
Hi Richard,

Thank you again for fulfilling my photo requests. You have posted so much for our family you have my gratitude.

Rita in South Carolina

Added by Rita McKale on Jul 16, 2014 3:17 AM

Randall Blecha
RE: Pieratt Family

I do have many photos to choose from. I will get started tomorrow.


Added by Randall Blecha on Jul 07, 2014 11:48 PM

Randall Blecha
RE: Joseph & Minnie McDaniel
Hi Richard,

Don't worry. I won't change anything you've done. Over the years, you have contributed so very greatly to all the families that came out of Kentucky.

Thanks a lot.


Added by Randall Blecha on Jul 07, 2014 11:47 PM

Janice (Teel) Crites
Joseph DeWitt #29356449
I just now added a tombstone photo for his memorial.

The engraving doesn't show well at all, but with the light shining on it just right, I was able to make it out.

Sorry it isn't a better photo. I photographed the Eureka Cemetery sometime ago, but couldn't read it on that day.

Added by Janice (Teel) Crites on May 18, 2014 8:43 PM

Random Bailey
Family History
Hello I'm researching my dad's side of my family and I was absolutely elated to see a record for my great grandpa John! I haven't been able to find much information on the Bailey side. I was wondering if you might have any information about Lula Jones, John's wife. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Added by Random Bailey on Feb 24, 2014 10:27 AM

Jackie Gaumer
Kelly Family
My name is Jackie Gaumer,& I believe that Samuel Kelly may have been my 4th great grandfather. I see that you have two of his son's, & their cemeteries. Do you know anything about Samuel Sr., & his wife Elizabeth (Polly)Ford, Kelly? They both died in Estill Co.
Thank You,
Jackie Gaumer

Added by Jackie Gaumer on Feb 02, 2014 1:24 AM

Jackie Gaumer
Kelly Family
My name is Jackie Gaumer,& I believe that Samuel Kelly may have been my 4th great grandfather. I see that you have two of his son's, & their cemeteries. Do you know anything about Samuel Sr., & his wife Elizabeth (Polly)Ford, Kelly? They both died in Estill Co.
Thank You,
Jackie Gaumer

Added by Jackie Gaumer on Feb 02, 2014 1:21 AM

chris haney
bethie n. henry 1874-1911
richard, bethinah was born bethinah haney. daughter of greenberry elvin haney. she married james henry 1894 morgan co. ky. she and james are buried in the henry cem. in index near the high school. you have them listed there. chris haney

Added by chris haney on Feb 01, 2014 1:02 PM

Nancy Meadows
Boggs stones moved
Hi Richard,
I had requested a photo for your John Boggs in the Boggs Cemetery, and just have heard from someone who sent a link about James and Phoebe Boggs' stones being moved to Richmond Cem. You may already know about this but thought I would pass it along just in case.
Nancy Meadows
Ashland, MO

Added by Nancy Meadows on Jan 29, 2014 11:32 AM

Glenna Hollon
Loucinda Hollon Sewell
I thought you may want to add this to your site:

The following article, "The Family of Lucinda Hollon Sewell" by Bill James, appeared in the Wolfe County News from Wolfe County, Kentucky, on August 30, 1991:

"Lucinda Hollon, sixth child of John Hollon, Jr. and Elizabeth (Polly) Gibbs Hollon, was born in 1849 at the old Hollon homeplace on Holly Creek (present-day home of Mrs. Mattie Graham, but not the same house). Lucinda married, at the age of eighteen, James A. Sewell in 1867. They made their home on the Spring Branch of Holly Creek and lived there all their lives, except for a time in the 1890's when they moved to Campton, Kentucky, for the purpose of educating their children. Lucinda grew up, along with her sisters learning the most important things for young girls of their day, housekeeping and home-making. She attended the free schools for a few months each year and at home learned such arts as spinning, weaving, quilting, and preserving foods, and according to her children and her nieces and nephews she had this down to perfection. James A. Sewell was born in 1837, the son of Joseph and Nancy Thompson Sewell, of Breathitt County. He served on the Union side, in the War for Southern Independence (commonly called Civil War) as a Captain in the Eigth Kentucky Infantry, United States Army. This is very interesting as the Hollons were known to be Southern sympathizers, having one son and several cousins and nephews fighting on the Confederate side. My grandmother, Zerilda Perkins James, told me that "Uncle Jim" was a good man, reserved and very dignified and that he was a farmer and storekeeper and a good provider for his family. One of his daughters told me that many times he would leave home in the winter months to find work to supplement his farm income. He was of the Baptist faith, loved good music and saw to it that his children had piano lessons. The eleven children of James A. and Lucinda Sewell are Fanny Jane, born 1868, died 1872, at four years of age; Florence, married Millard Horton of Campton, Ky.; John Logan Sewell, married Florence Lovelace; Benjamin, married Sarah Byrd; Zerilda, married Clayton Centers, of Hazel Green, Ky.; Caroline, married John B. Cornett of Winchester, Ky.; Thomas, born 1885, was a Colonel U.S. Army, married Mary; Edward, married Sarah Brewer; Bradley, born 1890, unmarried, died 1959. Uncle Jim was carried to Abraham's bosom in 1912 and Aunt Lucinda followed in 1929. They are buried in the Gibbs Cemetary on Holly Creek in Wolfe County, Ky. All of their children have passed on, but there are many descendants living all over the United States, and here in Wolfe County. It was my privilege to know five of the above children, and it was a pleasure to visit them in their homes and enjoy the warmth of their hospitality and listen to stories of times long since passed, and the things that they remembered about their Grandpa and Grandma Hollon. Time and space will not permit it all, but maybe someday there will be a book compiled to tell the story of the Hollons of Holly Creek, Kentucky."

Added by Glenna Hollon on Jan 05, 2014 12:56 AM

gregory allen king
RE: Allen Lyons
Anytime, glad I could of been assistance to you :-)

Added by gregory allen king on Nov 12, 2013 7:54 PM

RE: Sallie Strange
While I was in the lot I photographed the stones of Robert L Rodgers, Jr; Eugene Clarence Rodgers; and Corinne Rodgers and posted them to their respective memorials. Were they Sallie's children?

Also in the lot is an upright marble Veteran's marker of David Greer; you can see it on his memorial page.

I'm glad to add some photographs to a very good collection.


Added by slkunze on Oct 29, 2013 7:30 PM

Long Black Veil
RE: John Rose
Thanks. I wonder where the person/persons who put the info in the cemetery book, got the info from John D Rose' stone or from hear say.

I'm afraid to use so many of the listing on Find A Grave, unless a photo of the stone is posted or Kendal recorded the memorial and Kendal has not turned the memorial over to another person.

Do you know where or what cemetery was called Jeff Rose Cemetery, located on Lacy Creek, in Wolfe Co.

God Bless

Added by Long Black Veil on Oct 28, 2013 5:08 PM

Nora & Obe Barker
Thanks for the transfer of my husbands great grandparents and thanks for creating and managing their memorials.

Added by uclenks on Oct 28, 2013 11:01 AM


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