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Jessie Margaret Gorman Preston
Birth: Mar. 17, 1898
Providence County
Rhode Island, USA
Death: Feb. 23, 1969
Saddle Brook
Bergen County
New Jersey, USA

Daughter of
Charles Augustus Gorman and
Margery Hamilton MacDonald Gorman

Sister of
Richard F. Gorman 1885
Ellen (Nellie)Gorman McCarthy 1886
Jane H.(Jennie)Gorman Milrick 1887
Charles F. Gorman 1888
Mary Ellen (Mame)Gorman 1893
Margory A. Gorman 1894
Edward Anthony Gorman 1896
Baby Girl Gorman 1900
Baby Gorman (sometime between 1901-1910)
Baby Gorman (sometime between 1901-1910)

Beloved wife of
Percival "Bert" Preston

Together the parents of
Virginia Pruett 1921
Marian Curlee 1922
Dorothy Preston 1925
Jean Andrey 1930

Jessie was the grandmother of six-Marian, Karl, John, Eric, Jane and Sharon

Sadly grandson John has joined his grandparents in heaven.

John Clark Hammett 1952

Greatgrandmother of Donna, Robert, John, Gloria, Laura and Dale.

Great great grandmother of Taylor, Soren, Jonas, Zackary, Heather, Hannah and Marlo.

Jessie's Life

Jessie Margaret (Marie) Gorman Preston was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island to Marjorie & Charles Gorman. Their youngest surviving child. She lost her dad at age 13 when he passed away in a drowning accident. She met a young sailor by the name of Percival "Bert" Preston and they married on April 28, 1920. She was 6 years younger than her husband. I believe that my grandma, her daughters, husband and grandchildren always believed Jessie's middle name was Marie, but I found her birth certificate and she is listed as Jessie Margaret. Marie may have been her conformation name, but if that was the case her family never knew.

A year later their first child, Virginia "Ginny" was born. While Bert was still in the Navy, Jessie and their baby stayed in her family home with her mom and some of her siblings that had not yet married. Jessie and Bert were told that Bert's father was ailing back in New Jersey. Knowing his older brother intended on putting their dad in a home. Bert told Jessie. My grandmother was a loving and caring woman and she agreed that the best thing they could do for her father-in-law was to move to New Jersey to care for the old man. Jessie's mother was outraged that Percival was taking "her baby" from the big city of Providence to live with the chickens and cows in New Jersey. Which in 1922 wasn't so far off.

Jessie was again pregnant with their 2nd child but they moved to New Jersey. Settling into the old farm house Bert was born in. Their daughter Marian was born shortly after in August of 1922. Jessie cared for her father-in-law and her two daughters under age 2 while Bert was still serving time in the Navy. In October of 1924, Bert's father passed away. The following April 1925 Jessie's mom passed away in Providence. In July Bert and Jessie welcomed their 3rd child, another daughter, Dorothy into their home. All during Jessie's marriage to Bert he was in and out of the Navy. He loved his Navy life and Jessie loving him never stopped him from doing what he loved.

In 1927, their youngest daughter Dorothy got sick and she passed way in January. Both Bert and Jessie had lost two parents in the years before and now their baby Dorothy. During the depression Jessie did everything she could to make sure her daughters and husband were fed and cared for. She also would never turn away anyone in need of a meal. When Bert was between tours in the Navy he was a machinist so he could always manage to get some sort of work and when he couldn't he was such a handy man he would take care of things needing repair in their old house.

In 1930, Jessie gave birth to their fourth daughter Jean. When World War II started Bert was there to reenlist. Even though he was 50 years old he loved the Navy almost as much as he loved his Jessie. So off he went one more time. Leaving Jessie to care for two young women and a pre-teen. During this time their family home, the house Bert was born and raised in was taken for US HWY 80. Jessie moved her daughters into a 2nd floor apartment in a house. When Bert got out of the Navy Jessie had already found a new home for them to move into.

When Bert's ship, the USS Leedstown sunk in November of 1942. Jessie and her girls wondered for days what happened to Bert. She kept her family going and when the word came Bert had survived and was in a hospital in Ireland, Jessie knew he would be coming home to them.

The grandkids started coming in 1950 when their oldest granddaughter Marian affectionately nicknamed "Bobo" was born, In 1952, Karl "Corky" was born and later that year Johnny was born. In 1956 their grandson Eric was born on Bert's birthday. In 1955 their granddaughter Jane was born and finally in October of 1960 Sharon their 6th and final grandchild was born.

They continued to live in their rented house with their daughters and later on their grandsons Corky and Eric and later with their granddaughters Marian and Sharon. Jessie loved her grandkids and enjoyed having them around. In the early 60's Bert was diagnosed with Cancer of the stomach. Many times Jessie was worried about Bert's health.

In 1964 she recieved a call telling her he would not survive the night. Her daughter Virginia and Jessie rushed to the hospital knowing that the end was near for her beloved Bert. But, even in a weakened body, Bert was a fighter and he knew he couldn't give up. Jessie gave up so much for him over the years, she left her family to come to New Jersey to care for his dad, she never stopped him from reenlisting into his other love the Navy, she worked and slaved to get them all through the depression and never complained. She knew it was her duty to her husband and family, so how could Bert give up and let Cancer win? He wasn't about to give up and weeks later he was home from the hospital.

Jessie was in a bad car accident after Bert was home and she never really felt well after that, she suffered dizzy spells and from high blood pressure. In 1969 the doctors told Jessie she had a hernia. At that point it wasn't really a major problem or something that had to be corrected, but she thought she would feel better and look better so she decided to go ahead with the operation.

At that time Jessie and Bert where sharing the house with their oldest daughter Virginia. Virginia's husband had passed away leaving her to care for her little girl. Jessie and Bert's youngest grandchild, Sharon. Their oldest, Bobo was also living there. Both Bert and Jessie enjoyed their grandkids. I think because so much was going on as their own daughters grew, Bert being away a good deal of the time, having their grandkids so much apart of their lives in their later years made them appreciate them all the more. Jessie wanted to feel good to share her golden years with her beloved Bert, she came so close to losing him just a few years before. Now she had her grandchildren to care for too and she was so looking forward to seeing them grow into adults.

Jessie's daughter, Virginia and Bert didn't feel good about her going into the hospital. They asked her to reconsider many times in the days leading up to her operation. Jessie thought they were overly concerned and went off to get a load of food in. A winter storm was coming and she wanted to be sure that Bert, Virginia, and her granddaughters had enough food while she was gone.

Jessie was assured by a doctor that she placed all her faith in that the operation would not be a big thing. He would be there doing it and would make sure everything was as she wanted it. After the operation Virginia and Bert found out that doctor left on vacation and another doctor Jessie did not care at all for did the operation. Not only did he repair the hernia, but removed layers of fat from her. The release form she signed only mentioned the hernia, nothing else was supposed to be done. Jessie came out of the operation on a respirator. She never woke up. Her daughters and oldest granddaughter noticed she was blue, but continued to breath with the machine's help.

During this time Bert took it very hard. Being as sick as he was for years earlier, being older than his beloved Jessie, he was supposed to go first. He believed that and when faced with the fact his wife was now being kept alive he started to fail fast. Not eating and blaming himself for not being more firm with his wife he pretty much lost his will to live. Jessie's daughters always seemed to be fighting over everything and anything but for the love of their dad rallied together. Knowing that their mom was already really gone and not wanting to lose their dad, they knew they had to end their mom's forced breathing and let her rest. On Sunday, February 23rd, 1969 days after the operation, Jessie was removed from the respirator, and she stopped breathing.

Jessie missed two really important events in the following year. In February 1970 just short of her year anniversary in heaven she became a great grandmother. Her grandson Corky and his wife had a little girl Donna. In April of 1970, Jessie and Bert would have celebrated 50 years as husband and wife. Two events that would have please her so very much. She loved her daughters, adored her grandkids and I'm sure having her first great grandchild would have made her the happiest woman in the world. Then sharing that special day with her Bert, after years of struggles, heart ache, good times and bad, and most of all love. Fifty years would have seen party and hopefully their family joining in the celebration. That day never came. Years later her grandson John would bless Bert and Jessie with more great grandchildren. Robert, John, Gloria, Laura and Dale.

Jessie the woman.

Jessie was a strong woman throughout her life. She helped set up the East Paterson American Legion Auxiliary and was the first president of the Auxiliary. She was so very proud of her Bert and all the years she shared him with the Navy. Helping a Veteran's organization seemed something she had to do.

Although she grew up in a home that didn't really think of pets as family, she grew to love all animals. My grandparents always had dogs, cats, and birds, they even had an alligator at one time. So many animals and my grandmother loved every one of them. There wasn't anything she wouldn't do to help an animal in need.

She was always available to help whoever needed it she never thought of herself first, always putting her husband, family, friends and even pets ahead of herself.

Jessie was a wonderful wife, and mother, and grandmother, but she had one God given talent. She had the ability to hear a song and sit down at the piano and play that same song perfectly. She loved her piano and people enjoyed hearing her play. She only shared her talent with her family and friends and that is sad because she was extremely talented. Some of her favorites were Cole Porter's "Wunderbar". "Always" and near the end of her life, Engelbert Humperdink's "Please Release Me" She loved music, she even played the violin during her life, but her piano was the joy in her life.

She loved playing Parchese and Solitaire and her favorite pass time was Bingo. She loved to go with her friends and oldest daughter Ginny. Saturday night was their night to go out and enjoy themselves while Bert was home with the grandkids.
Memories of Jessie.

From her son-in-law Jackie McFadyen. I don't know anyone that didn't think my grandmother was a wonderful lady. She gave of herself and put herself out to help anyone. Even her sons-in-law loved her. Her first son-in-law Jackie thought of Jessie as his mom. When he first started dating Jessie's oldest daughter he found out "Mrs. Preston" was born on St. Patty's Day. That year and every year after, through this courtship and marriage and even divorce of Ginny and even at her funeral he gave her green carnations, she would be doing her housework and the door bell would ring with a bouquet for her, it made her feel so special and every year looked forward to her birthday gift. That tradition lives on in her granddaughters Sharon and Marian. We love them and know our grandmother gave us that joy.

From her husband Bert. She gave up a fur coat one time to a family pet that had died. The dog ended up buried in the fur. I remember my grandpa telling me of her love. He had gone hunting once with one of his dogs, this was back when northern New Jersey was rural and hunting could be done only miles from our home. Grandpa came home without the dog. He had gone out early for the hunt and during the day the dog took off, he searched and called for hours but the dog never returned. When my grandpa got home he told gram about losing the dog. She ended up walking back to where grandpa had last seen the dog and calling and calling. The dog knew her voice and came running to her. She wasn't going to let one of her babies out there lost. She just had a warm and loving heart when it came to animals and people.

From her granddaughter Sharon. I was only a kid, but in the days following my grandma's death I learned how much my grandpa loved her, and learned how strong and tough my mom was. I pray when I'm faced with some of the same trials in my life, my grandpa's love and my mom's tenacity shine through in me.
I was so young at her funeral. I remember the flowers though, the room was overflowing with them. Even though a blizzard had occured shortly before, the flowers just kept coming. There were 4 flower cars to take the flowers to the cemetery, at a time when all the flowers were placed on the graves, they piled higher than the snow. I don't think there was anyone that didn't love my grandma. She had the respect and love of all her friends. She gave of her heart in every way and every day. She would never let anyone go hungry, even in the days of the depression there was always room for someone else at the table.
She told me once when I got into some trouble not to lie to her, I was maybe 7 and so afraid of getting into trouble she promised me I never would if I would tell the truth. I did and she kept her promise. Never a spanking or a harsh word, she would just sit me down and explain what I did wrong and why I shouldn't do it again. She knew that was enough to keep this kid in line.

From her grandson, Eric. When grandma's operation was over the family wasn't expecting grandma to not come out of it alive. Jessie's oldest daughter called her sister Jean to tell her things were not good. Jean wasn't home but Eric was, at 13 years old he was home sick with the chicken pox. He got the call and Ginny told him to find his mom. He decided it was important for him to say good-bye to his grandma so he dressed and walked about 2 miles to the hospital. As sick as he was through the snow because he loved her that much. He sneaked in and held her hand for a while before he was caught. Later the nurse that scolded him and called his aunt ended up with the pox. He may have been sorry about that, but not for taking his final chance to be with his grandmother.

From Eric, Corky, Bobo and Sharon. Thanksgiving at grandma's. The bread had to be toasted just so and put in a brown paper bag over night so it would be ready for the dressing. We all remember the Wednesday night before the holiday. We each held the job at one time or another of toasting the bread.

From her granddaughters Bobo and Sharon. We loved our grandma with all our hearts, but oh my how she loved that Bell Seasoning. She would put boxes and boxes of it in her dressing...too spicy. The boys may have liked it but the girls didn't. But we loved you gram.

Update on Jessie's family

Jessie had lost her sisters Nellie and Jennie before she passed. Her oldest brother Richie and her sister Mame died shortly after Jessie and later her brothers Charley and Eddie. She had stayed in contact with all of them over the years and even though was miles away, she always had the connection with them.

Her husband Percival "Bert" died in 1979 and her daughter Virginia in 2000. Daughter Jean in 2002. Daughter Marian died in 2011.

Over the years since our grandfather died, Jessie's grandkids separated, pretty much having limited if any contact with one another. In 2008, Find A Grave had a big part in reuniting the Preston Grandkids. Eric had not seen or spoke to me since our grandfather's death. Not because of any problems between us, but because life goes on. He was searching the Net for anything on our grandfather and found my Find A Grave memorial to our grandpa. He emailed me. From there within the week I had reunited with him and his brother Karl "Corky". I had still been in contact with our cousin Jane and when Eric and Corky invited me to come to Corky's home I asked if I could bring Jane. So after almost 30 years 4 of the 6 grandkids were reunited. We enjoyed old family stories and spent a day of swimming, bbq and old stories as the day passed so quickly. We couldn't help but wonder about our two missing cousins. A few weeks later I called our oldest cousin Marian "Bobo", she moved to California and has been living there for most of her life. She did contact me after my mom died, but at that time I was overcome with grief and just never returned her call. Our cousin Johnny has not been found yet, but we hope one day he will join in our little stories. One thing the Preston's instilled in four of their grandkids was the love of history, genealogy and for each other. As of this post we are sharing family photos and stories. I see my cousin Corky several times a month, speak to Marian several times a week and got to enjoy Eric's wedding day in May. We lost so much time together and don't want to lose contact ever again. We've learned that our grandparents were loved by all of us and we now keep that love alive in our chats and times together. When I first added my grandparents to Find A Grave, I felt as if I was the only one that would remember them. I am honored now to share the Memorials with my cousins. Many of the new photos came from Bobo, sorry cousin I can't say Marian, it doesn't seem natural.
I told all the grandkids that even though I created this memorial and the one to our granpa, it belongs to all of us, we shared the love of Jessie and Bert and I know they would be glad to know we are keeping the memories alive. They were great people, simple, loving and most of all..ours. Grandma on behalf of Eric, Corky, Bobo and me. We love you, haven't forgotten you and will always remember you with love.

Another update, Jessie's great grandchildren have blessed her with great great grandchildren. I know I'm going to mess up the names they will be added one day. Donna had a little girl, John has 2 boys, and Laura has 3 daughters. Grandma, don't worry Bo and I will make sure they know you.

Jessie was our beloved grandmother

Family links: 
  Charles Augustus Gorman (1856 - 1911)
  Margery Hamilton MacDonald Gorman (1861 - 1925)
  Percival Preston (1892 - 1979)
  Virginia Marie Preston Pruett (1921 - 2000)*
  Marion Preston Hammett Curlee (1922 - 2011)*
  Dorothy Caroline Preston (1925 - 1927)*
  Jean Muriel Preston Fortsch-Andrey (1930 - 2002)*
  Baby Gorman*
  Baby Gorman*
  Richard Felix Gorman (1885 - 1969)*
  Ellen Gorman McCarthy (1886 - 1956)*
  Jane H. Gorman Milrick (1887 - 1967)*
  Charles Francis Gorman (1888 - 1971)*
  Mary Ellen Gorman (1893 - 1969)*
  Margory A Gorman (1894 - 1895)*
  Edward Anthony Gorman (1896 - 1983)*
  Jessie Margaret Gorman Preston (1898 - 1969)
  Baby Girl Gorman (1900 - 1900)*
*Calculated relationship
Cedar Lawn Cemetery
Passaic County
New Jersey, USA
Plot: Section 16, Lot 562
Created by: An Angel Above
Record added: Jan 10, 2003
Find A Grave Memorial# 7067927
Jessie Margaret <i>Gorman</i> Preston
Added by: An Angel Above
Jessie Margaret <i>Gorman</i> Preston
Added by: An Angel Above
Jessie Margaret <i>Gorman</i> Preston
Added by: An Angel Above
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- Dennis Alan Deel
 Added: May. 8, 2016
Happy Mother's Day Grandma. You were such a great lady. Someone that devoted their life to your husband, daughters and grandkids. I am so thankful to have you as a grandma. We didn't have a lot of time together, but even after 47 years you are still someo...(Read more)
- Sharon
 Added: May. 8, 2016
I hope you know Grandma that you are loved and missed every day since you left us. 47 years ago. It doesn't seem possible. I hope your Angel Day has you celebrating with grandpa and mom. Give them both hugs and kisses from me. And the puppies too...ok and...(Read more)
- An Angel Above
 Added: Feb. 23, 2016
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