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Ezekiel Ephraim Gaskins
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Birth: 1755
Georgetown County
South Carolina, USA
Death: Jul. 18, 1812
Flat Rock
Kershaw County
South Carolina, USA

Children of Ezekiel Gaskins and 1st wife Sarah J. Gaskins:
1.(Vincent)Vinson Gaskins b:1763 m:Jane Howell
2. Ezekiel Gaskins ,Jr. b:1764 m:Rebecca D. Eaddy
3. Samuel Gaskins b:1765
4. Catherine(Cathron) Gaskins b:Abt. 1766 m:John McAllister
5. Maith Gaskins b: Abt:1767
6. Charity Gaskins b:Bet. 1765 - 1768 m:James Kennedy

Children of Ezekiel and Tallitha Graham Gaskins:
David Gaskins b:1784 m:Isabella Peach b:1786 d:1857
Daniel Gaskins b:1789 m: Margaret Creighton
John Gaskins b:08 Nov 1789 m:Elizabeth ?
Dennis Gaskins b:1793 1st m:Nancy Drakeford
Margaret Gaskins b:1794 m:Harwell Gabriel Coates
Thomas Gaskin b:19 Mar 1796 1st m:Nancy Drakeford
2nd m:Sarah Drakeford
Darling Monroe Gaskins b:1801 m:Mary Polly Nelson

Excelent read.

The Gaskin name is a geographic or place name. The first Gaskins were Gascons who came from Gascony in Southwestern France. The Gascons were descended from the Basques, an ancient and mysterious race, who have lived in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain as long as history has been recorded. The Gaskins name began to evolve in England in the 12th century when Gascons began moving there. There are many variations of the name, but Gaskins and Gasciogne is the most common.

The first Gaskins to come to America, as far as is known, was Thomas Gascoigne, who came in 1636. His name eventually became Gaskins. His descendants married into the Lee family of Virginia. An oral tradition among Gaskins today is that the ancestor of the Williamsburg, Florence, and Kershaw County Gaskins came to South Carolina from Scotland with a brother (or brothers) and that they received grants of land from the King.

Records show that only two Gaskins received grants from the Crown before the Revolution. Ezekiel Gaskins received 100 acres on the Northeast side of Lynches Creek (now called river) in what was then known as Georgetown District, Prince Frederick's Parish, and Craven County. (The early Gaskins settlement was in Craven County, then in Williamsburg, and finally in Florence County.) The Gaskin cemetery at Hanna is believed to be the present-day site of that grant, though no proof has been found. The other grantee was one Amos Gaskins whose grant of 150 acres was situated on High Hill Branch. It would seem that he was a brother of Ezekiel Gaskins. Both had names from the Bible, something that was peculiar to almost all members of that family.

During the American Revolution Ezekiel Gaskins gave supplies of crops, food, and livestock to the Patriots, but apparently did not join in the fighting. Because of his contributions, his name is listed today in the Patriot Index of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). Amos Gaskins, on the other hand, served the King's forces as a captain. Francis Marion's group at Tear Coat Swamp killed him in 1780 while sitting around a campfire playing cards.

After the Revolution, in the 1780's, Ezekiel and his sons received state grants of land totaling around 2000 acres. These grants were located on the southwest side of Lynches Creek (river) on Lynches Lake (Lake Swamp), Camp Branch, and High Hill Branch. The greatest concentration of Gaskins settlement appears to have been in the area on Lynches Lake near the present-day sites of the Gaskins, Lee, Cockfield, and Carter cemeteries. Ezekiel appears to have moved there from the northeast side of the creek. Records show Ezekiel and his sons having lands adjacent to Josiah Cockfield and near Charles McAllister and the Kennedy family. Two of Ezekiel's daughters married into the McAllister and Kennedy families.

Ezekiel appears to have been married as early as 1764, or earlier. His wife's name is unknown. Their known children were Vinson, Samuel, Ezekiel, Jr., Catherine, Charity, and Maith (Faith?). Their dates are not known, but Vinson and Ezekiel, Jr., are on the records of landowners in 1786, making them adults at that time.

These male Gaskins are the ancestors of the Williamsburg and Florence Gaskins of today. Due to the loss and destruction of public records, little is known about them. Samuel seems to have moved away. Ezekiel's will made it seem that Vinson and Ezekiel, Jr. were both dead by 1810. His will left money only to their heirs. Vinson may have been the oldest son. He already had land when Ezekiel, Jr., was receiving a state grant. Vinson and his family seem to have been the wealthiest group. Practically nothing is known about Ezekiel, Jr. For some reason, the Williamsburg Gaskins seldom got on the census records. Their father, Ezekiel, was always listed all his life. Neither Vinson nor Ezekiel, Jr., left wills.

Ezekiel Gaskins' first wife died around 1780. He then married Tallitha Graham. Their known children were Daniel, David, Dennis, John, Thomas, Margaret, and Darling Monroe. There is some doubt among some people that Ezekiel had two wives, but the records are pretty clear. In his will he speaks of his first children by name as "my children". In speaking of his younger children by name, he called them "my children" and "her children" (Tallitha's). In her will Tallitha does not mention the older children at all, but the young children are all referred to by name as "my children".

Records show that Ezekiel left Williamsburg in 1795 and moved to Sumter District (now in Lee County) where he purchased 455 acres on Horse Pen Branch and Scape Ore Creek. Highway 34 from Camden to Bishopville crosses Scape Ore at that point today. He seems to have lived there with his younger children until at least 1803, farming and operating a gristmill. Between 1795 and 1803 he purchased several hundred acres of land along the north prong of Black River near the site of present-day Wilsacky, SC. In 1803 he sold all of his Black River holdings and purchased hundreds of acres in Camden District near Westville, between Camden and Kershaw. The land on Horse Pen Branch was kept until 1810. At Westville, Ezekiel continued to farm and to operate another gristmill. In several of his land transactions in Sumter and in Kershaw District, he is referred to on record as a miller. Almost every piece of land he acquired in that area either had a millpond or a place suitable to build one. At least one of the pieces of property in Williamsburg had a millpond in later years, indicating that he may have been a miller even before going upstate.

Ezekiel Gaskin is said to have died on July 18, 1811. He left a fairly large estate for a man with no education and poor origins. It totaled more than $5,000 in disposable property (including seven slaves) and about 2,000 acres of land. On all his deeds and papers in lieu of signature he made a big "E" or "X". Tallitha made her "T". Tallitha lived on until May 1840, when the Camden Journal gave her age as 85-90. Ezekiel and Tallitha lie lost in unmarked graves in the woods on property belonging today to the Herb Young family. Very few Gaskins live in the area today.

Above article written by James M. Gaskin and taken from the above online site.


From Tammy, 25 JAN 2004

I have a copy of a book called "Gaskins/Gaskin Family:

Williamsburg and Kershaw County South Carolina" by

Muriel K. Hanna and Gale Stanley Grainger. Muriel is

my cousin and it is from him that I have most of my


Ezekiel Ephraim Gaskins Sr

Born Abt. 1747

Died July 18, 1811 in Kershaw County, SC

Married 1st to "Name Unknown" in abt. 1760, she was

born abt. 1745 and died abt. 1780.

Married 2nd to Talitha Graham abt. 1789, she was born

abt. 1755 in SC and died May 22, 1840 in Kershaw

County, SC.

Craven County, 1768. Ezekiel Gaskins, a grant of 100

acres on NE side of Lynches Creek, bounded on all

sides by vacant land from George III. (Possibly the

land located today at the Gaskins Cemetery at Hannah,


Ezekiel appears to have participated in the

Revolutionary War by giving supplies of crops, food

and livestock to the Patriots, but apparently did not

join in the fighting. Because of his contributions,

his name is listed in the Patriot Index of DAR.

In the 1790 Census, Ezekiel is in Prince Frederick

Parish, Georgetown District with self and 5 free white

males under 16, 2 white females and 6 slaves.

In 1795, Ezekiel left Williamsburg and moved to Sumter

District (now in Lee County). He seems to have lived

there with his younger children until at least 1803.

It is said, the reason he left Williamsburg ws to get

his second family away from his older children because

they could not get along with his new wife, Tallitha.

He was a farmer and a miller.

Ezekiel and Tallitha lie lost in unmarked graves in

the woods on property belonging today to the Herb

Young family.

Will: February 22, 1810, Recorded March 10, 1812.

Tallitha's date of death is from the Camden Journal,

May 30, 1840 and states that she died May 5, 1840,

85-90 years old.

Children of Ezekiel and 1st wife are

1. Samuel Gaskins, born abt 1761 in Williamsburg

County, SC; died abt. 1850. Married Name Unknown and

had one son, James.

2. Vinson Gaskins, born abt 1763 in SC; died abt 1811.

Married Jane Howell and had 4 children: John, Samuel

Joshua, Howell, Elias Vinson.

3. Ezekiel Ephraim Gaskins Jr., born abt. 1764 in SC;

died bet. 1788 - 1789. Married Sarah ? and had three

children a son and two daughters.

4. Caherine "Cathan" Gaskins, born abt. 1766 in SC.

Married John McAllister and had 8 children: John,

Charles, William, Ann, Sarah, Ezekiel, Samuel

"Samson", Mary.

5. Faith Gaskins, born abt. 1767 in SC. As of 1812 in

Ezekiel's will she was still single.

6. Charity Gaskins, born abt. 1768; died aft. 1840.

Married James Kennedy abt. 1790 and possibly had

around at least 6 children with at least 3 sons and at

least 3 daughters.

Children of Ezekiel and Tallitha are

1. Daniel Gaskins, born abt. 1780. Married Margaret

Creighton and had 4 children: Nancy, Thomas M., Mary

Ann, Cynthis Jane.

2. David Gaskins, born abt. 1784; died abt. 1856 in

Kershaw County, SC. Married Isabella Peach and had 6

children: Isabel, Tabitha, William D., James M., John,


3. John Gaskins, born Nov. 8, 1789 in SC; died January

3, 1855 in Pickens County, AL. Married Elizabeth ?

(she was born June 22, 1794 and died November 20,

1852)and had 9 children: Michael L., Tamzy Caroline,

William A., Milly Louise, Cynthia, Elizabeth, James

W., Mary, Nancy L. John was in the War of 1812 as a


4. Dennis Gaskins, born abt. 1793. Married Mesurah


5. Margaret Gaskins, born abt. 1795 in SC. Married

Howard Coats.

6. Thomas Gaskins, born March 19, 1796 in Kershaw

County, SC; died Oct. 10, 1874 in Kershaw County, SC.

Married 1) Sarah Drakeford Dec. 31, 1818 in Kershaw

County, SC and 2) Nancy Drakeford abt. 1855. Had 10

children with Sarah: James, Ann, Margaret, William

Ransom, Nancy, Mary, Richard, Dennis, Harriet,

Charles. Had 2 children with Nancy: Rebecca, William


7. Darling Monroe Gaskins, born abt. 1801 in Kershaw

County, SC; died abt. 1873. Married Mary Polly Nelson

and had 11 children: Ruth, Sarah, John Darling,

Elizabeth, Mary Dorsey, Seaborn G., Martha, Isabel,

Benjamin, Temperance "Tempey", Daniel Monroe.

I have your John Gaskins listed as the son of Vinson

Gaskins, who was the son of the Ezekiel above.

The information I have on him states

Born Nov. 15, 1791 in SC and died May 27, 1872.

Married 1) M. Elizabeth Singletary abt. 1839. She was

born abt. 1797 in SC.

Married 2) Mary Elizabeth Bigham abt. 1860, daughter

of John Bigham and Margaret Howell. She was born

August 22, 1833 in Marion District, SC and died July

2, 1898.

John and his second wife Mary Elizabeth are buried at

Lee Cemetery, Lake City, SC.

He had 2 children from marriage 1: Agnes J., Sarah


He had 2 children from marriage 2: John Henry Vincent

"Shoat", Seymore.

My cousin Muriel is descended from Ezekiel through his

son Vinson and Vinson's son Samuel Joshua. He entered

the Sons of the American Revolution via this line, so

I am pretty sure of his research (having been

scrutinized in order for him to be approved entry into

the organization due to the extensive documentation

they require).

Ezekiel Ephraim Gaskins may have been the first born

son of Charles Richmond (or Richard) Gascoyne and

Sarah Tipper. His siblings are Amos, John Richmond,


Amos fought in the Amer. Rev. as a captain in the

King's Forces (a Tory) and served with Col. Samuel

Tynes. Gen. Marion learned of Col. Tynes location and

surprised them with an attack on Oct. 25, 1780. Among

the dead was Captain Amos Gaskins who was especially

disliked by the Patriots.

John fought in the Amer. Rev. as a private in Gen.

Marion's Brigade in 1782.

William enlisted and served in the 1st Regiment on

Apr. 20, 1777 (NA853)

The name was Gascoigne/Gascoyne had changed to Gaskins

by 1750.

Charles Richmond(Richard) Gascoyne was the son of

William Gascoigne and Catherine Dunbar. William came

to America about 1734 from County of Middlesex,


Now I am unsure of the accuracy of the year of

immigration and others. Some information has it that

Charles was born bet. 1725 - 1727 in New Windsor

Township, but that date is before his father

supposedly immigrated to America. They both can't be

right. I did think that maybe it was a typo in the

book and Charles was really born bet. 1735-1737 due to

the fact that William was going for land in New

Windsor around April 23, 1738, but that would have

made him around 10 years old when Ezekiel was born.

Also Charles married Sarah on July 25, 1744 in St.

Philips Church, Charleston, SC by Rev. Alexander

Barden (or Carden). So either the immigration date is

wrong or that Charles was born in New Windsor is

wrong. That remains to be decided.

Family tradition says that Ezekiel Gaskins came from

Scotland with a brother or brothers. State and local

records show Ezekiel's movements between 1768-1812.

Now I know back to Ezekiel has documentation for
Muriel to enter the SAR, but any farther back then
that is probably not proved as evidence by the
discrepancy I pointed out above as well as family
tradition (which at times can be wrong or might be
right). So it must be taken with a grain of salt and
looked into further by yourself or others.

Family links: 
  Tallitha Graham Gaskins (1755 - 1840)
  John Gaskin/Gaskins (1789 - 1855)*
  Darling Monroe Gaskins (1801 - 1861)*
*Calculated relationship
Non-Cemetery Burial
Specifically: Ezekiel and Tallitha lie lost in unmarked graves in the woods on property belonging today to the Herb Young family, South Carolina.
Created by: C. LATTA
Record added: Nov 11, 2011
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My 5thGGF - you will not be forgotten.
- Jeannie Cann
 Added: Dec. 10, 2015

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- Lanie
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