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Martin Bernard "Grandpa" Lydon
Birth: Jun. 27, 1889
Adair County
Iowa, USA
Death: Jan. 28, 1970
Adair County
Iowa, USA

Bernard and Velva Lydon were richly blessed with 14 children -

Twin Louise Mary Bohan 10/29/1913 - 8/8/1990
Twin Lucile Josephine Johnston 10/29/1913 -
Leo Francis 5/7/1915 - 4/30/1980 - 1980
Martin Thomas Milton 1/4/1917 - 2006
Veronica Agnes Sloss 2/8/1919 - 2006
Ernest Edward 12/10/1020 - 2/14/1985
Gladys Irene Cox 4/24/1923 - 2007
Donald Bernad 7/3/1925 - 10/6/1925
Lawrence Clair 10/6/1926 - 12/2009
Arlene Marie Jensen 6/19/1929 -
Earl Duane 8/5/1931 - 10/2/1999 - 1999
Delores Ann Rogers 12/3/1936 - 1/12/1997
Lois Jean Pettit 9/27/1936 - 1/12/1997
Robert Dean 2/6/1940 -

Other Lydon family:

You are welcome Gary. Both Robb and his sister Kathy said they didn't think either father or son was called anything different from Wilber. I showed them a few things that showed both were named Wilbert. I definitely remember Lois calling one Wilber and one Wilbert. They told me to write the distinction like I did below. However Lois wrote on the back of the picture that it was at Wilber Dolan's house and that Wilber was beside J.S. Robb's description of the house's location was for the elder Dolan's place. Both Robb and Kathy said that was Loretta's brother pictured and since Lois wrote Wilber and she actually would have known.... My dad used to say 100 years from now no one will know the difference. As both you and I know as we do this genealogy 100 years later it matters and we do want to get it right. It is confusing though. I know you are dealing with Lydons so getting Dolan names correct in pictures is not a priority unless the Dolan has become a Lydon. But perhaps Arlene or Bobby actually knew the man and would notice if he was called by his son's nick name. I find the same thing as I try and document all of the relatives on my side of the family. Once I'm gone will anyone care? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But like you I want it written down so if anyone does, they will have the fruits of our labor and be able to know their roots.

You asked about other Lydon graves. We do not have a find a grave account or password. At Joe and Lois Lydon's gravesite in Calvary cemetery in Stuart are 3 children graves. Judith Ann Lydon is their daughter who was stillborn on October 18, 1948. She was past full term and actually smothered to death in the womb. So sad. Because of that both Robb and Kathy were delivered C-section. Beside Judy is a stone for our oldest child, Shawn Joseph Lydon. He was born on June 29, 1975 and died 2 hours later. He was a month premature and they told us he had heart problems so had he lived he would have had to endure heart surgery after heart surgery. On the other side of Joe and Lois' stone is a stone for Charles F. Hogan 1946-1950. Chuckie was the son of Joe's sister Rita and her first husband Dan Hogan. I do not know how long or when she married Dan-- just that Chuckie was the product of that marriage. He had hydrocephaly and died when he was 4 years old. Rita did not have a burial spot and Joe and Lois offered her the place next to them in their plot. I can guess though that the marriage didn't last long at all because Rita married Kenneth McKee on June 21, 1948 in Stuart and they had a daughter, Patricia Ann "Patty" in 1949. Do you know Mary Jane Lydon (dau of Thomas Edward Lydon and Sarah "Sadie" Smith on the Martin and Jane (Connolly) Lydon branch of the family)? She married Kenneth's brother, Raymond D. McKee. Maybe she would know more. I haven't talked to Mary Jane in years. Patty has pretty much disappeared and Mary Jane called Robb to see if we knew where she was. I did my best to track her down by contacting Phyllis' son and we passed along the limited info he had but in the end I have no idea if Mary Jane found her. I have no idea how long the marriage to Kenneth lasted either. My understanding was it didn't last long either. Sometime between 1958 and 1960 she married Les Bishop and they had a daughter Janet. For awhile Janet kept in contact with Robb's sister and Phyllis' son but both of them lost contact with her. We know she has been married a couple of time too. Rita died in 1977 and her husband Les pretty much lost contact with all of the Lydon family as far as I know.

Good luck with all your projects. ~ Kathy

From: "sherri"
> To:
> Subject: Re: thank you so much
> Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2011 22:54:57 -0700
> Barbara,
> You are free to share any of this with who you choose. I would say Gary is
> your Dad's first cousin, so he is your first cousin once removed. I am
> trying to write a fictional story that features the lives of the women that
> comprise -so far- my mom's side of the family. Most of it goes back to the
> 1600's mostly Scotland, then N. Ireland and then Pennsylvania , and Conn.,
> N.Y., N.J., etc. The main surnames are of course from the husbands' family
> names, even many of the wife's (and so the mothers) are listed without a
> last name or even a birth date! Huh! Many of them had ten or more children!
> She should be acknowledged.
> One thing I can remember about Mary Hickey is that her dad was a Seaman and
> had sailed to China. He was Dad to Mary, her brothers Michael, Mathew, and
> Phillip. Her mom was Margaret Delaney, and she re-married to (Patrick ?)
> O'Meara and had at least another son, (Thomas?) O'Meara I do not have my
> files here to reference each thing though to double check. It quickly
> becomes very complicated. In Joliet, Ill. a John Hickey died (was working on
> a digging project and got sick? around 1839). Then a Margaret Delaney and a
> (Patrick?) O'Meara were married in 1844 at a church in Joliet, Ill. In the
> cemetery that your Grandpa Ed and Wayne visted, Margaret and Patrick O'Meara
> are buried with John and Mary Bohan! John and Mary Bohan stayed in Ireland
> until 1850/51, since her grandmother would have been all alone if she left.
> (Grandma Delaney or Grandma Hickey?) Mary was in a convent in Templemore, or
> was educated in the convent. She was well educated and could read and write
> English, (John Bohan could as well). She was born in 1833, married John in
> 1848. The first baby was a son, Patrick. The next baby was another son,
> John, born in New York in 1854. That is a long time between, so I suspect
> she lost a baby, maybe two. That would have been during the immigration and
> first settling in America. She was only 15/16 in 1848, her brothers were
> younger than her, so they were with her mom in America. The two youngest are
> in census records as being born in Upper Canada. (Many other Hickey
> relatives were also born those years in Upper Canada.) I found out that
> Upper Canada is now Ontario. then in the 1840's those same Hickeys were all
> in Joliet, Ill.
> John Bohan was born in 1824, (or 1822?) then his brother William, and a
> sister Mary. Patrick Bohan and Catherine Alicia Teirney were their Parents.
> Patrick Bohan died before Mary was born- 1827. I can't trace anything about
> baby Mary Bohan, (or how Patrick died.) Catherine Alicia Tierney re-married,
> to a Michael Delaney, in Ireland. (Was he Margaret's brother? Was Seaman
> Hickey his freind he introduced to his sister?Mary Hickey Bohan wasn't even
> born yet.) Catherine Alicia was called Alli. She had at least one more baby,
> Thomas Delaney (of Rowling, IA) born in Ireland. They also immigrated to
> Joliet, then Independence IA area.
> John Bohan and Mary left Ireland with Baby Patrick, 1851. Baby John was born
> in New York. John Bohan's brother William was working in Rutland Vermont
> driving an oxen team as a hauler (digging the canal?) and married to
> Catherine Devlin. Catherine had many sisters and they were pretty much all
> living in Seneca Falls New York. (In separate residences, and married) So, I
> believe that John Bohan, Mary and Patrick went there in the eginning,
> prbably up the Hudson by boat, maybe the mattress fell then. Mary had baby
> John there. Then they went to Joliet, to her side of the family, and that's
> where baby William Charles was born.
> The traditional pattern for how Irish people named their children is strong,
> and John and Mary followed it with the first three boys. The first Girl
> should have been Catherine, for his mother. Instead she is Margaret, for
> Mary's Mother. But her middle name is Alicia... for his mother? Did they
> have a baby girl before baby John, and named her Catherine but lost her? The
> next girl is named Mary then, named traditionally for the father's oldest
> sister.In his case, his only sister, and Mary Hickey only had brothers. The
> first daughter, Margaret Alicia was nick-named M. A . When she had her
> confirmation, she had her name changed to Emma. This is all still the
> 1850's. Baby John died young, age 17- no not a baby by then, -1871- but it
> gets a little hard when everyone has the same name!- and Patick was grown
> and worked in Independence, in a bank. When he was 22, he came home to
> assist with the harvest, got sunstroke and wasn't able to live independently
> after that. He lived until he was 77, and was known to collect Autographs,
> and had a collection of autograph books, He was also known for his own
> excellent Pennmanship.
> When William Charles got old enough, he and one of his Hickey cousins, left
> Iowa to mine for silver in Colorado. They did well too, and came home by
> train. Then the story goes, that as the train passed through Western Iowa,
> he, and his cousin, Martin Hickey, fell in love with the landscape, and when
> the train stopped in one of they little towns, they got off and went to the
> land office and each bought an eighty acre piece. (Adjoining eighties, 160
> acres is a quarter section, and section is a mile by a mile) They both kept
> it a secret from their parents all winter, and when Spring came they told
> them and took off to work their land. William's sister, Mary ran off with
> them and cooked and kept house for them while they each plowed and built
> houses. They also set out a corner of their pieces for a school, and Mary
> taught school in it. That's our relatives in Sanborn, IA (or Sheldon?) W.C.
> Bohan married and had a big family. Martin married and he and his wife never
> had their own baby. In 1998 I posted that I was looking fo any info on Mary
> Margaret Hickey, etc. One of the people that responded was a man named
> Donald Harrington. His father was Leo Harrington, son of Michael Harrington.
> Michaels wife was Martin Hickey's sister. She died in childbirth with Leo -
> 1890's- and Michael left the baby with Martin and his wife to raise. They
> did. Donald and I shared info, he even sent me photos, and quite a while
> into it, months I remember, I sent him the story of the boys going to
> Colorado, etc. He emailed me back --Dear Sherri, You have just about
> knocked my socks off!!! All these years (he was in his seventies) I've known
> the Bohan's as my great uncle's close nieghbors, but never has anyone
> pointed out the fact that W.C. and Martin Hickey were related. I never knew
> the Bohan's were my relatives for my whole life, until you sent me your
> information.--
> That is one of those great surprises that I find very rewarding. He really
> went gung-ho then and found alot of great info and mysteries solved. We
> corresponded often for a while. I think that was when Wayne's Barbara Bohan
> (Thompson) also was writing me too. I don't know what happened though, but
> after five or six several page letters she stopped and hasn't responded. She
> was last living near or in Soho, New York City.
> There are some other its I'll try to write about.
> ~~Sherri
> ----- Original Message -----
> From:
> To: "sherri"
> Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2011 6:25 PM
> Subject: thank you so much
> > Sherri,
> > You far surpassed my expectations with the information you provided. I am
> > so happy. Is it okay if I forward this to Gary Pettit who is the nephew of
> > my Grandma and Grandpa Bohan? His mom was my Grandma's youngest sister.
> >
> > I have long wanted to have more details about the Ireland trip and have
> > more of a feel for the trip now. And I'm glad to hear the family stories
> > again. That is so scary to think of a toddler nearly drowning. I know what
> > you mean about lines and missing names and knowing that this is bigger
> > than yourself. Just seeing a name of a relative is moving let alone
> > getting biographical information. On my Grandpa Rickels line of Holland
> > relatives, they mentioned in a family history book about someone signing
> > their mark after witnessing a wedding because they didn't know how to
> > read. I just can't imagine not being able to read. I'm glad I was born
> > when education is so available to average people. In the book, there is
> > also a vivid detailing of the voyage to America and the storm that nearly
> > consumed them at sea.
> >
> > I don't know if you have ever watched Generation's Project so I wanted to
> > send a link of the episode that I think is of Ireland. This is how I dream
> > it would be if I went there.
> >
> > You said that you are quite close to Wayne's Barbara Bohan. I have met her
> > and have longed to have more contact with her and not because we happen to
> > have the same name. If you could possibly forward my email to her or ask
> > her permission to write her, I would so appreciate it. I am in contact
> > with Wanda a lot. I would also like to be in contact with Connie as I have
> > enjoyed meeting her in the past.
> >
> > The link is below.
> >
> >
> >
> > Until later,
> >
> > Barb
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  William J Lydon (1898 - 1981)*
  Lauretta Grace Lydon Donahue (1905 - 1942)*
*Calculated relationship
aged 80 years
Greenfield Cemetery
Adair County
Iowa, USA
Maintained by: Gary L. Pettit
Originally Created by: FLH
Record added: Sep 29, 2009
Find A Grave Memorial# 42526698
Martin Bernard Grandpa Lydon
Added by: Gary L. Pettit
Martin Bernard Grandpa Lydon
Added by: Gary L. Pettit
Martin Bernard Grandpa Lydon
Added by: Gary L. Pettit
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- Barbara Bohan
 Added: Jul. 15, 2014
Happy Easter Grandpa. Love ya Gary and family
- Gary L. Pettit
 Added: Apr. 17, 2014

- Gary L. Pettit
 Added: Oct. 18, 2013
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