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Kathryn Madlyn "Kathy" Capomacchia Ainsworth
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Birth: Jul. 30, 1941
Cook County
Illinois, USA
Death: Jun. 30, 1968
Lauderdale County
Mississippi, USA

Although I do not condone violence or war, lest we forget the F.B.I. was judge, jury, and executioner. The plan was to leave no one alive, shoot to kill. So is this freedom and how our government should treat us. This is only one example of what happened during those troubled times of the 1960's. Over and over either military or police officials turned on our American citizens who were standing up for what they believed through peaceful demonstrations, and then it turned to violence. Look at how they acted to the recent peaceful demonstrations across the country, it's no different now as then. I watched it happen over and over with such brutality. Cover up after cover up went on within our government as they told lies to the American people. At the same time war was raging in Vietnam slaughtering our boys beyond comprehension fighting against Communism. Kathy became aware of the Jewish origins of Communism and their role in the civil rights movement in the South and their connections with the Jewish formed Anti-Defamation League. In her mind, she was fighting for the anti-communist groups in the South fearing the take over of communism in the United States. Communist spies have infillitrated our government at least since World War II, when Julius Robert Oppenheimer, a Jew, who was fired by Pres Eisenhower, who was the head of the Manhattan Project making the atom bomb, along with Albert Einstein, also a Jew, who was unable to obtain security clearance due to his membership in Communist organizations. All of the atomic bomb spies in this country were Jews, most of them from Harvard University. The English spies were not Jews but were almost all from Cambridge University. Both universities are now loaded with professors who claim to be progressive socialists, and used to be known as communists. The phrase Politically Correct came from the Communists and spread by the ADL. The White House, Treasury Dept and government were loaded with communist spies. We lost China to the Communists because spies in the white house convinced Roosevelt to send weapons to Mao instead of Chiang Kai-Shek like they had been doing.

Read, Hewitt Clarke's "War Stories from Mississippi" a southern Mississippi writer who entered the U. S. Army where he trained as an Intelligence Officer. He served in the far east as a special agent in the Army Counter Intelligence Corps, collecting information about the Communist party and its' activities around the world. In 1934 a young man named Morris Cohen graduated from Mississippi State College. It was Cohen's destiny to become a major atomic bomb spy for the Soviet Union, and this story takes the reader into the shadow world of Soviet spies and high level treason in the US Government. Morris Cohen, Miss State graduate, summer 1939: Semyonev held out a piece of broken comb, then Morris took out a piece of comb he had received at the spy school in Barcelona. The pieces fit together perfectly. It was Morris' first contact with an NKVD espionage agent.
His other books "Thunder at Meridian" graphic account of the sensational civil rights murders by the Ku Klux Klan in 1964, that was publicized by the fictional movie Mississippi Burning.

"The East End Tea Room" a true story about the citizens of Mississippi weathering the storm in the 1960's when hundreds of civil rights activists from the North invaded the state. It was during a time when black ghettoes in the civil rights worker's own backyards in Northern cities were about to explode in death and destruction. In one year, 67 race riots broke out in Northern cities. In Detroit alone, 43 people were killed and millions of dollars in property destroyed.And the nation may have noticed, but the media never reported, that none of these destructive race riots occurred in the South. Another favorite hang out of Alton Wayne Roberts was Ma Shumate's Norman Howell Hooten shot and killed Earl Bennett Warren in 1971. Norman was the deputy sheriff in Dallas who was "guarding" Jack Ruby after he shot Lee Harvey Oswald. Ruby wrote him a note claiming to be his last will and testament which was fought in the Dallas Co. Courts by Ruby's Jewish lawyer Jules Mayer, also a Russian Jew from Chicago.

Ainsworth has been mentioned in conspiracy theories involving the assassinations of Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. Some have speculated Kathy Ainsworth was the girl in the polka dot dress. The polka dot dress girl of Robert F Kennedy's assassination is one with surrounded mystery. Two women came forward that they were the one referred to seen by two bystanders who claimed she was wearing a WHITE and BLACK polka dot dress. After an APB was put out about a week before, this article of June 22, 1968 appeared cancelling the APB. However, one girl ends up mysteriously dying of a "drug overdose" found in a motel and the other one testifies at the trial of Sirhan Sirhan for the prosecution in which the prosecutor stated "no conspiracy" existed and Sirhan was a lone gunman, her polka dot dress of GREEN AND YELLOW.

Date: Saturday, June 8, 1968
Paper: Morning Star (Rockford, IL)
Page: 1
NOTE: on the same page is a photograph of Arthur J. Goldberg, a Russian Jew from Chicago, U. S. Ambassador of the United Nations, standing at the head of flag-draped casket of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy in St. Patrick's Cathedral. He was involved with the civil rights cases of the 60's.
Missing Girl in Polka Dot Dress Found
Los Angeles-A girl who said she believes herself the "young woman in the polka dot dress" sought in connection with the shooting in connection with the shooting of Sen Robert Kennedy, came forward Friday. Kathy Fulmer, 19, of Los Angeles, called the sheriff's department and two deputies picked her up. She said she witnessed the fatal shooting and ran from the hotel shouting, "He's been shot." A Kennedy for President campaign worker, Sandy Serrano, 20, told a newscaster early Wednesday she had seen a dark-haired woman in a WHITE polka dot dress run from the hotel shooting. "We shot him." Police issued an all points bulletin for the mystery woman Wednesday but did not disclose the information until Thursday. Sheriff Peter Pitchess, said Miss Fulmer told deputies she was not wearing a polka dot dress but had a polka dot scarf.

Police Bulletin for Polka Dot Girl Canceled
Date: Saturday, June 22, 1968
Paper: Dallas Morning News (Dallas, TX)
Section: A
Page: 19
Los Angeles-Police Friday canceled without explanation an all points bulletin for a mysterious girl in a polka dot dress seen beside Sirhan B. Shirhan, the accused assassin of Sen. Robert F Kennedy. In other dramatic developments, Los Angeles Police Chief Tom Reddin and Russell E Parsons, the defense attorney for Sirhan, had their lives threatened. Homicide Capt. Hugh Brown, who signed the cancellation order on the bulletin, refused to comment on the reason for the action. He cited an order by Superior Judge Arthur L. Alarcon restricting comment on the case. At least three women were known to have been questioned and eliminated as being the girl in the polka dot dress. Two persons claimed to have seen the girl at the Ambassador Hotel the night Kennedy was shot. One stated the girl was standing beside the suspected slayer just before the shooting. The other contended the woman ran from the hotel shouting, "We shot him, we shot him...we shot Kennedy." Police had sought the young woman to try to learn whether more than one person was involved in the Kennedy slaying.

Date: Wednesday, February 19, 1969
Paper: Oregonian (Portland, OR)
Page: 4
testimony of Valerie Schulte age 22 who wore a green and yellow polka dot mini dress...the state sought to erase any thought that a conspiracy lay behind the slaying of the 42 year old Kennedy in the kitchen area off the Embassy Ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel. She was a Kennedy campaign worker (this is the one who testified for the prosecution at Sirhan's trial, bringing the dress with her in a bag. Obviously, she wasn't the one described by the bystanders)

Date: April 12, 1969
Paper: The Plain Dealer
Page: 6A
Girl Quizzed in RFK Death Dies of Drugs
Kathy Fullmer, 23, one of several girls questioned by police after slaying of Sen Robert Kennedy as possible "girl in the polka dot dress," has been found dead in Los Angeles motel....of what officers said was a drug overdose. She was going by the name Sunday Rossi, police said, and her occupation had been a go-go dancer. Miss Fullmer said she was wearing a polka dot scarf. She was found in a motel room. Police said she left a call at the motel for last Monday night, was found in a coma and died Tuesday.

J. Edgar Hoover Head of the F.B.I. The question arises on this thread almost at the bottom regarding her being involved in the murder of Robert Kennedy, being hired just as they hired Alton Wayne and Raymond Roberts and then exterminated in an ambush.

Date: Monday, July 8, 1968
Paper: Oregonian (Portland, OR)
Page: 14
husband knew she was in the Klan
Ainsworth's father said that the day before the violence, his son quarreled with her about attending racist meetings. Ralph, a military police sergeant in the National Guard, was in summer encampment at Camp Shelby near Hattiesburg when he heard a radio newscast reporting that his wife had been killed.

Tarrants had been identified as a prime suspect in at least a dozen bombings, burnings, and shootings that have occurred in the Meridian and Jackson areas in the last year. But until the violence here police knew little about Kathy's activities, only that she was a member of the Klan, and of a Klan front, the Americans for the Preservation of the White Race.

Found in Kathy's desk at the Ainsworth home were several manila folders bearing subject labels, including Klan, APWR, bombings, segragation, conspiracy, integration versus segregation, Cuba, and civil rights.

The files contained a thick manual used by the militant and heavily armed Minutemen, entitled "We Will Survive, by Art and Kay Esterman." It contains numerous hate messages against Negroes and Jews, along with voluminous instructions for bomb-making and use of firearms.

A page in the book lists "Arizona Newsletter, Post Office Box 288, Sedona, Ariz." as the address for use in sending for current materials for the manual. It lists the same address for "Liberty Bell Books."

Other material in the files included copies of Klan reports and newsletters, scare publications warning of communism and such fanatical hate periodicals as the Thunderbolt, organ of the violently racist National States Rights party.

Kathy taught Sunday School and sang in the choir at Coral Baptist Church in Miami before she left for Jackson to attend Mississippi College, a conservative Baptist institution.

Kathy moved to Mississippi in 1960

knew Adon Taft, an religion editor
Sunday, March 30, 1969
Paper: Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)
Page: 167
Teacher By Day
She was buried on a cloudless July morning on the outskirts of a tiny Mississippi hamlet called Magee. The mourners filing into the cemetery kicked up red dust on a path leading to the grave, where banks of white lilies and carmen roses flanked a mahogany coffin. A preacher in a blue suit said a few words and read a short passage from his Bible and then led the procession back to waiting cars, which quickly drove away across the stubby hills. One of the last cars, a white Cadillac, carried a sign in the rear window: "This Car is Protected by the Ku Klux Klan."

Two Negro workmen lowered the coffin and spaded sunbaked clumps of dirt into the grave. When they drove off in a pickup, all was finally quiet in the little cemetery which holds the graves of Mississippians who fought at Vicksburg and Shiloh. All that was left now was a red scar on the earth and a simple square of cardboard staked at the head of the grave.

Kathryn Madlyn Ainsworth
Died June 30, 1968
aged 26 years 11 months 0 days

In time there will be a fine granite headstone on the grave, but it will yield no further information.

Born in Chicago, Illinois to Antonio Capomacchia and Margot (Margaret) Marshon. Her father's naturalization papers 1950 in Florida shown her as Kathleen F Capomacchia born July 30, 1943 Chicago, Illinois.

A 5th grade school teacher, she was killed in a combined plot for hire to shoot to kill by local police, FBI and the Anti Defamation League in an ambushed death trap with Thomas Tarrants. They were both members of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

On May 28, 1968 they bombed the
Temple Beth Israel Synagogue
in Meridian, Mississippi. Their bombing target on June 30, 1968 was the home of Meyer Davidson, the Jewish formed Anti-Defamation League (ADL) leader in Meridian, Mississippi. She held membership in the United Klans of America in Alabama and the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in Louisiana. On June 30, 1968, she and Thomas Tarrants drove to the home of Meyer Davidson planning to place the bomb on his front porch. The FBI had moved the Davidson family out of their home earlier and occupied the house across the street as a command post with 8 to 10 agents. That night 12 members of Lester D. Joyner "Joyner's Guerillas" wearing black polo shirts were hiding in the bushes across from the Davidson home. As she was leaning over to open the door for Tarrants she was shot in the back of the neck and her dying words were "I've been hit." She was three months pregnant at the time of her death. Alton Wayne Roberts and his brother, Raymond Roberts, other Klan members, received $36,500 in payment from the FBI for tipping them off to the ordered plan of Sam Bowers, head of the KKK, to bomb the Davidson home. An FBI agent who acted as intermediary received $2,000. More than $100,000 was raised by the Jews for this purpose. No grand jury was ever called to look into the involvement of the Meridian police or the role played by the FBI and ADL. Jack Nelson, reporter wrote a book 'Terror in the Night' showing her as "a quiet, sweet school teacher during the day and one of the Klan's best bombers at night."When Kathy Ainsworth's husband learned that his wife had been killed in the summer of 1968, he told a news reporter over and over again that "She was just an angel, an angel." Persons of Interest lists connections to Sidney Crockett Barnes, a suspect in the murder of Martin Luther King. Raised by her very odd mother, Margaret Capomachia, to supposedly hate Jews and blacks, she was very close to
Sidney Crockett Barnes, who gave her away at her wedding. She replaced Danny Joe Hawkins as Tarrants's partner-in-crime. Dr. William Pierce tells his story of "The Corruption of America's Police by the Anti Defamation League." Pierce states "Clearly the plan was to kill both Ainsworth and Tarrants, execution style, as a warning to the Klan not to mess with the Jews. And as I said, the ADL and the FBI together set up this murder trap: the ADL supplied the cash for the informants and provocateurs, and the FBI supplied the executioners. The killing of Kathy Ainsworth was nothing less than a planned murder by the ADL. This sort of criminal collaboration between the FBI and the ADL has continued to the present day. The ADL always has been an espionage organization, with much of its activity consisting in the gathering of personal information and the building of dossiers on everyone perceived as hostile to Jewish interests -- and also on tens of thousands of other Americans as well, that the ADL might want to apply pressure to at some time in the future." What Dr. Pierce states is confirmed by countless newspaper articles across the nation of the events in 1968, wherein New Orleans office of the ADL headed by Adolph Botnick, and the Jewish community raised funds for this purpose. Botnick even admitted it then later retracted his statement claiming he "didn't remember saying that." I have these newspaper articles in my possession.

Klan Confessions

Bending Toward Justice: John Doar and the Mississippi Burning Trial

Clarke County, Georgia
her mother's obituary
Margaret Capomacchia, 88, of 2320 Elder Road, died Monday, March 8, 1999.
A native of Springfield, Ill., Mrs. Capomacchia was a daughter of the late Johann and Caterina Madeline Maroshan and widow of Anthony Regini Capomacchia. She was a self-employed real estate agent a member of the Baptist faith.
Services will be at 4 p.m. Sunday at Lord & Stephens Funeral Home, West, with Dr. Glenn Doak officiating.
Survivors include a son, Tony Capomacchia, Bishop; a sister, Viola Brand, Hemet, Calif.; and two grandchildren, Nicola and Vincent Capomacchia, Stone Mountain.
The family will receive friends from 2-4 p.m. Sunday at the funeral home.

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  Ralph Ainsworth (1942 - 1998)
Magee Cemetery
Simpson County
Mississippi, USA
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Kathryn Madlyn Kathy <i>Capomacchia</i> Ainsworth
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Kathryn Madlyn Kathy <i>Capomacchia</i> Ainsworth
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Much to answer for . In your short shorts .
 Added: Oct. 2, 2013
In America , fortunately , this is exactly where hate speeches belong - in a virtual cemetery !
 Added: Jul. 7, 2013
RIP! You will never be forgotten
 Added: Apr. 23, 2013
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